A silk road (from r/OddlyTerrifying

  1. It keeps weeds from growing. I used to work at plant nurseries and in horticulture and they put down old carpets everywhere that they don't want weeds (or anything) to grow

  2. pretty sure the photo takes place in Russia, weed freely grows on certain parts of countryside. The real reason is most likely making a pathwalk over muddy and slippery road after falls rainy weather.

  3. I was thinking cheap alternative to gravel to keep the ground from eroding away or forming ruts in rainy seasons, especially if this is In an area with a lot of poverty. You would be surprised how easy it is to find old cheap rugs or even just gross old rugs people don't want anymore

  4. I have carpet all over my fairly large garden, it's free compared to expensive weed proof membrane, and doesn't look much worse

  5. It also keeps the path from getting too muddy in the rainy season. Thick mud can suck the boots right off your feet.

  6. I am a horticulturist no we don't do this we use landscape fabric.....carpets would leech things we don't want in soil and kill micro bugs. This is a gardener who doesn't under leeching

  7. I guess mosses, mold and liverworts should be able to grow on it quite easily, but they're fairly colonist species

  8. Yeah this has got to smell absolutely horrendous. My basement flooded while I was away and my Turkish style rug soaked up a lot of water and smelled like a million sweaty socks covered with mildew and it took weeks to get the smell out of the air.

  9. Thought the same thing. Until I realized the person standing in the middle of the sidewalk is actually another pigeon facing right towards the camera

  10. Yeah. I suspect that this has been a ruined carpet somewhere, mold in a block or a hotel, and someone has seen a second use for it to kill down weeds. All in all, ugly, but I am not sure I mind.

  11. They will most likely sell these rugs to tourists. This way they lay it down and give it an old and authentic look

  12. I not an expert, but I believe those are priceless Persian rugs, perhaps some are even invested with magical qualities for flying.

  13. "OddlyTerrifying" for thee, but daily life for me. The "carpet path" near my khrushchyovka is not so epic tho

  14. Nah, in Eastern Europe you buy those for a few euro a piece at street markets from elderly people selling out to survive. There is unlimited supply of those.

  15. To people saying it's because of weed - it is not, it's clearly a walkway, the weed would not grow on a path where people walk. The rugs are there because of mud, especially in winter when ther is a slushy snow on walkways which makes for lots of mud.

  16. The pigeon in the middle should be wearing pointy grey hat 🧙‍♂️and wizard's staff while booming

  17. They could have painted traditional oriental rug patterns on concrete or made a tiled mural and it might have looked pretty cool, but this just makes me uneasy, like I'm the one who will have to dust and clean it just for having looked at it.

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