Best meat market?

  1. This probably doesn't help but I'm in Utica and every so often I'll take the trek to Big Body Butchers in Colonie. Yeah, it's a trip but hands down you will not find better cuts of meat than this place. Well worth the trip but bring some $$$.

  2. I really like Hapanowicz in NY Mills! Also a good spot in Rome called Mazzaferros if you don't mind the drive.

  3. They are disgusting especially their nasty old smelly deli meat. They will touch raw meat then deli meat without changing gloves. Nasty food.

  4. People will laugh, but here goes. About 20 years ago we were having a big summer cookout. I was in BJ's buying paper goods and I checked out the meat department. They had super thick and very fresh sirloins, I talked to the butcher and he said this was some of the best steaks he had seen that summer. I bought a couple dozen and man they were perfect, well marbled, 10in by 1.5 inch. Amazing flavor, hit of the party.

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