Do I need a vpn for movies

  1. For online streaming, most likely you don't. In most countries what's illegal is distributing pirated content, while if you're only streaming it you're not distributing anything.

  2. I’m just saying because it’s like everything I look up shows up on my ig Pinterest and almost every account as an ad. face palm

  3. I do use a VPN for that matter, but still it is very unlikely to get cought i think. At best get Ublock Origin and noscript and block the google scripts. Also, if you decide to use VPN it is very important to turn off the Geolocation feature aswell as webRTC since these things will give away your real location. Also at best, don't use chrome. I like firefox but many also recommend brave or whatever. Changing your user agent can make tracking you down harder, but really this is just my paranoia. Lets just say it like this, the more privat you gonna make your browser the more uncomfortable it is going to be to use it(although you can make it somewhat more privat while having a balance between comfort and privacy).

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