Vpn for mobile hotspot?

  1. I have only ever used apps on Android that require root access. I use VPN Hotspot. Others here say it is possible without root, I haven't found apps that work without root for this. iOS I have no idea about though as I don't own, nor will ever own an Apple product.

  2. Hi! I work on hotspots as well. To deal with this, I just use a VPN app on whatever devices are connected to the hotspot. You can also enable VPN on the hotspot if its configurable or a mobile phone. Each VPN provider might have some information pertaining to this on their blog or website somewhere.

  3. The carrier will always know how much data is being used over the cell connection no matter that you do. So unless you have an "unlimited" data plan or understand your data limits if you don't then you probably won't want to use a hotspot. And even with "unlimited" data some carrier will throttle after so much data is used.

  4. I want to use a vpn because i have an unlimited att hotspot for business use only and if they see im using it for anything besides business use that will be an issue. Id like to use the hotspot with a VPN so they dont know.

  5. I have been trying to work out that puzzle, in my head, got close to a year, and I can’t come up with the solution. Not to say there isn’t a solution. I even grilled a IT with my carrier service, and even with his knowledge, the answer was no VPN will not cover my mobile hotspot.

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