5.12 Chamber changes

  1. I'm not convinced this really changes much about his tp being untradable and obnoxious but I do think it's a pretty solid start.

  2. Crazy but necessary, I think he will still be on other sentinel levels now. + Next agent is due to be a sentinel so a lot more variety in that role

  3. honestly i dont even know when the next agent will release at this point, it would make sense that we get another map or some big changes to existing maps before a new agent. i could see getting another initiator before another sentinel considering these chamber changes could shake up the meta enough without having to add another sentinel character

  4. The problem with Chamber being on all the other Sentinels level (excluding Sage in this) is that the other sentinels are both extremely weak. cypher is inherently weak and Killjoy was an originally very powerful agent who was brought down to cypher’s level similar to what’s being done to Chamber now.

  5. As a KJ main I find the Trademark change to be pointless and detrimental to the Sentinel role. This change will just increase the likelihood of future Sentinel agents to be limited by range. I was hoping they would nerf Chamber’s TP and maybe reduce the slow on the Trademark so KJ could at least get unlimited (or increased) range on the alarm bot but looks like that won’t be happening. Sentinel mains are hurting :(.

  6. Holy moly, the one Rendezvous is going to be so weird, no more toss it down and teleport half the map away. The increased range should still allow early engagement but won’t give as much freedom to go super far since your anchor still needs to be safe.

  7. Solid changes! Chamber is more difficult to play now... but still can be strong in the hands of a good player.Finally on par with the rest of the viable agents.

  8. they've done it holy shit. really nice that it took over a year to apply a range restriction to chamber trips as opposed to how long it took for kj alarmbot and turret lol.

  9. unpopular opinion but i think cryo and yay. they're still gonna be superstars, but i can't see either of their teams putting them back on jett duty

  10. Height restrictions being gone and the radius still makes Chamber a strong agent IMO. Still going to be main op agent after the nerf.

  11. I was looking at the clips of the nerf from the article and I still see potential of how he could be used. He'll be usable, but Chamber will feel like a more niche agent now if that makes any sense

  12. The height restrictions are barely a buff and are more a function of how the one-anchor system works. You used to be able to teleport from the ground up to heaven on most sites with one anchor on each; now you can still do that with just the final anchor.

  13. I don’t think it was. killjoys pickrate was never low because of Chamber, it was low because her nerfs were far too aggressive. On maps where her nerfs didn’t cripple her too badly, like Ascent, she still competed with chamber pretty decently. Cyphers pickrate was affected because of Chamber because Cypher is simply a weak agent irregardless.

  14. This is a navi buff. They lose ardiis, who was a beast on chamber and they nerf chamber. Now cned can play jett and farm everyone, suygetsu can go back to playing real sentinels

  15. Rito, after months of trying to balance the guy, decides to outright remove all of his identity and lethality, and just make him uh...a guy with a deagle and an op.

  16. There's still a cool down after he tps but if you don't tp I guess you can just keep placing it down and picking it back up for free...

  17. When I read that at first I thought it meant you could just chain tps as fast as you can recall, but I think it’s actually still the same amount of cooldown, like if you tp you can tp again in 40sec (30?) but if you recall it in that time it doesn’t restart the timer.

  18. If I’m reading it right there is only one Rendezvous which lets chamber teleport to it within 26m. So If he tp he can’t go that far anymore. So um yah I think no cooldown is fine.

  19. Especially with only one anchor. If you throw a raze nade or something where you think the anchor is chamber will have to decide between being stuck in his current position or losing tp for the whole round.

  20. While a lot of these nerfs bring Chamber to a better state in Valorant as a whole, am I misunderstanding the TP change as having no effect on his ability to play a hyper aggressive angle, and be untradeable? Seems like he can still have the same impact on a game like pre-nerf Jett, which is what most folks have an issue with. Sure, he can't TP as far, but there's still no counterplay or timing to his aggression. Do I have it wrong?

  21. We can’t pretend Chamber pick decision will always boil down to his TP because everyone will need to play attacking side at some point

  22. It absolutely crippled his ability to hold many of the angles he could before. You can’t walk up, gain space get back to safety. Solo hold an aggressive angle on site such as Yellow on icebox will be pretty difficult as you can escape the angle but mo the position overall.

  23. Yeah I think you're right but his tp is in the center of the 26m diameter so you really only have 13m radius to peek and teleport.

  24. When I read it seems he only has one anchor point now and can teleport only in the range. So chamber can’t tp far away. Sure he might still get a un tradable kill but won’t be relocated to a far location.

  25. The fact that he can't tp to the other side of the map anymore is a goos thing but yeah this doesn't actually stop him from holding aggressive angles. Still think making it so Chamber has to be stationary for 2 or 3 seconds before he can activate his teleport would have been the best nerf.

  26. I wonder if teams will be able to figure out common anchor positions and will use lineups to effectively eliminate his ability to TP within a round

  27. It’s also good for KJ because it’s at least on par with her stuff rather than being an almost objectively better version for info gathering

  28. Love the changes tbh, I could still see him being picked on some maps in some comps but this is a massive change for sure gonna put him way down in priority.

  29. People are saying he's dead but I'm gonna call that he still ends up being one of the more popular ranked Sentinels and likely a good pick in pro play, though likely not must pick every map.

  30. looks like the chamber TP nerf will make it feel more like a slightly further reyna dismiss now. still going to require util to force him out but can be punished much easier at least, good change.

  31. These are great changes. The op and the trademark will let him play how he was initially designed and the tps will make it possible more often to get punished if Chambers are too aggressive on defensive peaks rather than tping to spawn or somewhere safe every time. Chamber will still be really strong, but these changes were really necessary.

  32. Wow they went ham on these changes. They seem massive, but maybe that's because Chamber is massive. Guess we'll have to wait for more data to see how it plays out. Now please make KJ's alarmbot global or at least have more range

  33. There is a typo in this, it should be diameter 26 not radius. The distance is extremely small that he can tp to

  34. Well there wouldnt be a need for that because the triple initiator thing was started to root out chamber’s aggro positions right?

  35. before if you tp'ed and fully went through the cooldown, then tried to recall a tp after it would put you through the entire cooldown again. its probably addressing that

  36. The Op fire rate reduction is needed, but I still have no idea why the Headhunter pullout time being incredibly fast still remains. The missed Op shot-> Headhunter headshot at close range value still seems pretty strong and is one of the things I see pros complain about a lot

  37. with the increase in headhunter spread, if you're able to one tap with it after an op shot, then you deserve that kill. It rewards good mechanics which is exactly the niche chamber is supposed to fit in

  38. Cool nerfs tbh. I like them, and they are pretty justified. Still gonna play him for the headhunter tho, that shit's awesome

  39. between Rendezvous and Trademark nerfs they’re REALLY hammering well that he’s supposed to hard hold one area/site (you know, like a sentinel). It may be heavy handed nerfs to some but that’s kind of what was necessitated by chamber’s existence, presence %, and accustomed play style. Really solid changes that will see huge gameplay implications, maybe players and teams like yay and c9 still keep him a bit on some maps but for the majority, he’s moved to sentinel players unless teams have a really good flex entry (think teams like ardiis FPX with zyppan, c9 with leaf + yay, 100T with cryo asuna, and sentinels with zekken tenz).

  40. I don’t know if he’s completely shit. Holding an unreadable angle and having eco help to get an op faster are still strong on paper and he keeps his identity. This is a huge nerf but it’s hard to say how bad this makes him, especially when he was so strong to begin with.

  41. These are fantastic adjustments for both those who dislike Chamber and those who main him. Somehow, Riot was able to effectively nerf the TP without ruining the agent.

  42. Navi is not complaining with cNed as the worlds best Jett and Suygetsu as their sentinel, thats for sure. Liquid might be pleased aswell, although they got great chambers too.

  43. It’s really not a buff. Anything that looks like it is mostly just to make single anchor not as much of a nerf.

  44. Agent's gutted and I couldn't be happier. Christmas came early this year. On a less biased note, I'm happy about the new teleport mechanic. The range seems somewhat small but having one anchor instead of two is just so much more flexible, and it removes half the headache it is to play him. Having to constantly picking up and dropping them left and right is no fun.

  45. What's the current max distance between his tp anchors? Trying to judge how much of a nerf 26m is.

  46. No I think its addressing how in current patch when you don't tp but recall the rendezvous you get hit with a cooldown

  47. It works like he did when he first released. If it’s on cooldown after a tp, a recall doesn’t reset the timer but you have to wait the same amount of time as if you left it in place.

  48. I understand it as you can recall the anchor whenever but still need to wait 30s to use it again

  49. God Navi is going to be unstoppable aren't they, especially if Zypaan is willing to(and it seems like he is) take up more initiators outside of Kay/O

  50. finally, finally, the ult's fire rate is nerfed. that thing was faster than a scout with the damage of an awp

  51. I misunderstood the tp changes for a buff first and thought he was ok, but after reading it again he's a total garbo, his tp is a Jett dash that can be used in a small area only, his trap is a budget KJ trap and his ult is a slightly better op that can fuck himself or his teammates up, his deagle on save rounds is the only good thing about him now.

  52. 30s cooldown after Trademark recall seems like overkill on top of everything else. If the design goal of Trademark is to allow Chamber to watch his own back, it's weird that he's sharing mechanics with KJ, who's entire kit is designed to heavily lock down a single site.

  53. It needs some cooldown, this is a buff from not being able to recall at all. You could always just leave it there. It could probably come down to 20s to match KJ but the cooldown is usually fine because by the time you’re ready to place it again it’s usually close to being up

  54. Yes, which is what his identity was. This should further push him towards being good at that and just that.

  55. I think there was a small amount of time between when the trip was placed and when it could trigger, basically preventing using it to clear an angle. It should only matter if you place it very aggressively mid round

  56. I think teams will try to bait chamber tp early more often knowing that he is basically no longer a threat later in the round

  57. How are verticality set ups going to work now? You’d have to place the anchor up high, teleport to it, and then pick it up. The furthest you can put it away from yourself while up there is the placement range. Any vertical off-angle set ups like icebox b-main or on top of breeze pyramids aren’t really viable anymore.

  58. Unlike what a lot of people are reading rn, this hurts most vertical setups. It still works to get up to heaven but overall doesn’t allow for a lot of the wild off angles to total safety setups

  59. I like these changes. I feel like he'll plummet way too much but they've created more ways for them to buff/nerf him in the future with these changes. Basically more levers.

  60. It gives it a little more resiliency to aoe util like raze nade or dart so you can’t just clear the whole site/choke at once. KJ needs a little of this too. Imo the point is you can still one shot it with a gun

  61. I’ve actually just taken a break from playing val just because of how un-fun it was to face chamber. I vowed to come back once he got nerfed, so this news really brightened my day

  62. Oof the nerfs sound pretty extreme. Mained chamber for the most part since he came out, I’m gonna miss playing him.

  63. I know it’s was about time but chamber was a fun agent to play regardless of the frustration of playing vs him, way more fun than cypher or KJ lol.

  64. lol the takes on the changes have been so wild. I think he's still fine, just not viable to 1 trick anymore. He'll be worse on larger maps which is kind of ironic given he's a Sniper specialist agent.

  65. Never understood why chambers trap had global range when functionally it gave the same info as KJ alarm bot. It should have always had a range component to it.

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