All the left has some serious Brain rot.

  1. Honest to fuck, some people flat out refuse to see market socialists as anything other than soc-dems, and its frustrating.

  2. These people like the types who would call Sweden socialist. Totally disconnected from reality and based on a faulty, bad faith or even outright dishonest premise.

  3. Yeah. It doesn't matter what the system is, we still need people to work. Do these people think that they can all just sit around and jerk off all day after the revolution? What do they think we mean when we say "the workers should seize the means of production"? What do they think will happen if nobody worked? I really hate lefties who think that jobs won't exist under socialism.

  4. There are an unfortunate amount of lefties that are just very edgy, disaffected NEETs that want part of any system where they just don't have to do anything. If they won the lottery tomorrow, they'd be capitalists. If they inherit an unexpected windfall, you'll never hear of them again.

  5. I think this comes from the fact that many self-described leftists don’t think of socialism as a set of characteristics to be employed via policy; they see it as a magic fix-everything spell that will instantly remove all economic issues in some extremely vague way. So when a market socialist comes out with a more coherent plan and says “okay so socialism is essentially democratization of the economy, which means that we should have all workers control their workplace in a worker co-op system where decisions are made democratically and managers are elected but there is no bourgeois class and therefore the profit generated by their work goes to them and the community as a whole rather than being syphoned off at the top”…they freeze up because to them, the sheer fact that it can be articulated into policy makes it sound like liberalism. That, and they need to justify their pre-existing hate-boner for Vaush that Twitter/Reddit told them to have.

  6. Well you see, Market Socialism proposes something that can exist, and Liberalim exists, therfore Market Socialism=Liberalism

  7. This actually pretty accurately describes his positions except that they say it will happen by a revolution, it will instead happen by voting blue no matter who

  8. Yes but at a certain point you also have to acknowledge that just because you change the way a market allocates resources and how people are incentivised to be productive, the same productivity still needs to occur if people want the same level of comfort as we have in the current system. Why would some revolution that means workers own the means of production or that an economy is centrally managed or any socialist reorganization that you personally believe should manifest. People would still need to do work that they might psychology eventually feel alienated from.

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