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  1. Surely it isn't that simple though. A lot of Latino people are Trumpers, do they hate themselves? I would posit that people are complex and support for political figures often requires compromise, meaning they often explicitly disagree on a lot of those political groups values (look at the number of homophobic democrats or even queerphobic lefties, their existence suggests the existence of queer accepting righties). This all or nothing, with us or against us and we should kill you, pro-echo-chamber view is super common, impractical, not something most people can actually afford to do in their lives where they rely on community, and out of touch.

  2. Uh have you met a poc Trump supporter?? They're just as annoying, but still, people suplort him for all kinds of (moronic) reasons besides just bigotry

  3. I was best friends with some guy for 13+ years, gaming together and talking literally almost every single day. I completely cut him out of my life when Trump lost the election and he started ranting about how "Anyone that didn't vote for him should be drug out to the streets and hanged for being traitors!"

  4. Ok, but do you really know that? I've been in religious groups where my sexuality was brutally discriminated against and yet I still not only will maintain ties to individual members of such a group, but understand and respect the value they find in it. I'm white, but the classes I took in school were probably majority Asian (I didn't take a head count, but I'm pretty sure it was a mass majority). I live in a conservative area and many who lived in forgotten neighborhoods, many who had lived through some of the hardest discrimination people in wealthy countries can, were perfectly able to stomach those who disagreed, many were moderate to extreme conservatives, many supported Trump.

  5. i personally would but a lot people never speak about politics to their friends so if the topic never comes up there are no fights so the friendship goes on

  6. A vast majority of people don’t pay as much attention to politics as we do. And those that do, some are probably conservative. I wouldn’t be so quick to make their ignorance seem intentional

  7. I'd be homeless if I had cut out my family for being conservative. Their politics are bad but not actively malicious, just stupid. I mean, where would I have turned to? Leftists? A group of jackals ready to turn on one another the moment they have a slight disagreement or like the wrong content creator? No thanks, I'd rather stick with my conservative family.

  8. It's a pretty sentiment and all, but I'm assuming no one in that poster's family is LGBTQ or of a different ethnicity. Speculation on my part.

  9. That's what I was about to say. Wait until one of their kids turns out to be gay or trans. That's when their friends will show their true colors.

  10. This actually happens now and then. Sometimes people can be bigoted except for people they know. They just see them as an exception. Or don't approve but remain nice etc. Not great, but you can live alongside such people.

  11. these friendships are good, it can be a good way to slowly pull people out of being trump supporters and even into the left wing, however, if op is making no effort to challenge the ideals of their friends, i wonder how different their views actually are

  12. Yeah this, I have some right-wing friends but I'm constantly calling them on bullshit. It can be frustrating but at the end of the day we choose to move on from the topic if it gets too much. Ive had a noticeable impact on them, and I have to admit they've caught me in some bullshit too.

  13. This is privileged ass shit, why the fuck would I be friends with someone who thinks people like me crossing the border is going to ruin the country.

  14. While there are some people who want to ban Hispanic immigrants, I think that a large block of voters just want to allow legal immigration, but not people coming across the border without any attempt to follow the legal process.

  15. Sometimes they're just idiots who've voted Republican for the last 20 years because "something something, bootstraps." That doesn't forgive any of it, they still vote for people that want me dead and I'll never support that. But I think it's fallacious to act like they all participate in hatred, partly for the same reason I think it's wrong to characterize all nazis as angry, hateful monsters.

  16. Just curious on what about being a Nazi means to you. I mean, the guy wants gays murdered and Jewish people murdered but he delivered the mail. Cool.

  17. Not quite, breaking off relationships that have been built up over years can actually have a greater emotional impact on you than otherwise shorter ones, for a lot of things the sunk cost argument is fallacious but for relationships of different kinds it gets more complicated

  18. I don't think it's ok to not challenge people who are ok with sitting by and allowing all the shit conservatives support. Even if they're like "but my taxes" or whatever weak excuse they come up with for why they don't support everything but are still voting for him. It's not an exaggeration at this point to say it's similar to Americans who thought the German fascists in the 1930s were alright.

  19. Honestly sometimes I’ve met people who are honestly just super great and kind people, but when politics come up they are REALLY fucking dumb and/or totally misguided. Im not saying I can be friends with every Trump supporter, in fact I think the vast majority I wouldn’t be able to be friends with.

  20. I get what you're saying and living in a red state I do agree to a point, but we especially (since we are in the belly of the beast) need to remember that they are still operating on their worst impulses basically all of the time. The fear and hatred and disgust had to be there first for the propaganda to work. They could be good people, they really could, but if they are currently embroiled in all of the groomer/veiled white supremacy talk, then they are not currently good people, and you shouldn't fully trust them until they've grown, if that ever happens

  21. My best friend of 12 years kicked me out after I went across the country to see him, because I pointed out all of the bullshit propaganda he was spouting.

  22. What would you think of a person who said "Trans people are people, but they are the gender they were born into". There is a big spectrum between people who view trans people as degenerates and people who just believe trans people are incorrect about their gender.

  23. Funnily enough, trump supporters are the ones that instigate conflict among family members over their differing political views. A huge chunk of my family is conservative and they will take any chance they can to mock me or my parents for being left leaning.

  24. Because they don’t see what they’re saying as political. I have a massive extended family and maybe five of us aren’t hard right-wing. Covid literally broke their brains. It’s relentless Covid denialism and anti-vax shit from them. Most of them are on the QAnon train. They will nonstop spew propaganda and then when they demand my opinions they get mad when I express anything different than the family consensus.

  25. Excusable if it is due to ignorance or mild indoctrination - inexcusable if they actually have a reason for their political position.

  26. I came here to say this. I got some people who are like family to me, much better than my actual family. They are trump supporters bc they are old and that's what Fox news had on after the black man. The rest are just ignorant and couldn't care about anything outside of their small town lives. I envy and feel bad for them at the same time. Think of the older people as those you would see if you ever heard of southern hospitality. Invite you in, give you food, include you into activities, and would come in the middle of the night if you broke down on the side of the road.

  27. If you support people or groups that are extremely racist, sexist, and/or calling for the death of minorities, black, jewish and lgbtq people. Even if I’m not in those groups, we are no longer friends.

  28. for me, the question is more would trump supporters be friends with me, as a trans person who is pretty vocal about the fact that i am trans with my friends. i have yet to meet a trump supporter who would want to be anything more than acquaintances with me

  29. yes my friend is a trump supporter, yes he murdered me in my sleep, I'm not gonna let some genocidal rhetoric ruin my friendship

  30. I think it's up to individuals to decide what they value in a friendship, what is a dealbreaker and what isn't. I don't hold it against somebody for choosing to continue to be close friends with a Trump supporter, and I also don't hold it against them if they choose not to.

  31. I understand the sentiment coming from this person. It's one of those situations where you grew up with these people and love them but they hold awful views and help advance abhorrent laws. As a bisexual person and someone who lives in some semblance of reality and believes in democracy and LGBT rights, it's hard for me to hang around people that oppose both of those. Sad thing is that many of them weren't that extreme until the past few years. I could have actual conversations with them but now it feels like I am talking to someone with a mental illness that lives in a whole different universe and I don't want to be around that.

  32. I have friends who voted for Trump in 2016, but no friends of mine voted for Trump in 2020. I understand being disconnected from politics, not liking the Clinton's, and wanting to try something different. Even if it was obvious to people who even paid half an ass of attention that Trump was shit a lot of people don't pay any attention at all. But after seeing what Trump did for 4 years and the affect he had on the country and his sycophants, there's no excuse to vote for Trump in 2020 imo. I have family that voted for Trump both times, but I can't choose them...

  33. "I mean, sure, they would like to see a lot of people dead who didn't really do anything and keep voting for some guy who wants to end democracy or something, I didn't really listen, but on the other hand we have yoga classes together, so it's really whatever. Thank GOD I am straight, white and cis gendered! They said they wouldn't let their children anywhere near me otherwise. They are SO funny!"

  34. My brother is a republican. He’s not a “stolen election” qanon trumper but he doesn’t dislike trump. I still visit him, so that I can have a positive impact on his kids lives, I don’t want them to grow up without knowing they have a supportive family member they can turn to if they are queer. No one is obligated to keep contact with toxic or delusional family or friends, obviously, but those kids are worth it to me personally

  35. “Well, ya know, we have a few political differences, but nothing major. I think we should tax the rich more, he thinks the Jews run everything and are plotting the death of the white race. Ya know, little things like that.” I can’t say much about this guy’s friends because I have no clue who this person is, but there’s a point where political differences are far from trivial. Obviously every situation is different and without knowing the specifics I can’t say wether or not I’d do the same thing as this guy, but given how insane most Trump supporters are, that’s gonna be a hard no for me.

  36. How are you going to feel when your kid comes out as trans and your friend starts spouting off about how the groomers need to be slaughtered?

  37. coming from someone whose little brother volunteers with Love Life, who i'm still close to and love dearly and have no idea how to pull over, personal relationships are complicated.

  38. Correct version: They don't personally hate my kind, so I can appreciate them in spite of them being conservative.

  39. People here are so mad that you can get along with others who hold different political beliefs. I have a number of conservative friends that are genuinely great people. My dad is one of those people.

  40. you can get along but you dont have to. quite frankly its pretty hard for me to relate how you could considering the extreme difference in viewing the world. the shit would just get tiresome.

  41. genuinely great people who basically vote for my genocide. Lol. As if they don't have internet access to look things up

  42. Just means you’re not a member of one of the communities they want to exterminate. It’s easy to be friends with someone with “political disagreements” if you’re a cis straight white guy. Call it an anecdote, but in my experience, even lifelong friends don’t start tolerating you when that changes. Come out of the closet and they’ll treat you like you have a problem. For a worrying amount of trumpoids, reactionary politics supersede personal bonds. If you’re in a marginalized community, don’t let yourselves feel for them, because when the time comes, they won’t feel for you.

  43. It's fine for someone to cut people out of their life for their politics. You don't owe them anything necessarily. However, I've noticed this weird trend where people seem to think it's a moral failing to not cut those people out of their lives. I don't think that's a tenable way for our country to continue existing.

  44. I live by my principles. I could never be friends with a fascist and I'd do everything in my power to prevent my friends from walking down that path.

  45. Even if you feel like giving those people the more righteous treatment, you have to realize they don’t feel the same about your beliefs. If they had any respect for you they wouldn’t support a murderously incompetent fascist for president.

  46. I mean if fascism isn't that big of a deal to you, more power to you. It has definitely changed my relationship to one of my best friends. I haven't gotten over the fact I protested the Trump rally he attended. And we had a bad debate prior to that on universal healthcare & a living wage all before I knew what socialism or axioms were. I'm sorry, but those things & hating fascism just sours the whole thing regardless of how close we were before this. It just does. Any major current event happens can you really bring it up? Not really. Not unless you want to start an argument & it's just so weird after that. Just thinking about it responding to this post just bums me out so much. I can't just shove aside something so major as fascism, I just can't.

  47. Hopefully this guy can at least keep his friend from going to the void of Trumper paranoia. Probably not, though. My assumption is he’s too chickenshit to say anything that’d cause conflict, even if it’s his friend dealing with rightoid brainrot. That or he’s fence sitting and doesn’t “get involved in politics” (also read: lucky enough to not engage in politics)

  48. If you are friends with a Trump supporter then you should at least be actively challenging their views and try to turn them away from reactionary thoughts.

  49. You should be friends with a Trump supporter. You should try to have a diverse friend group that isn't just a gaggle of terminally online internet leftists. Stop advocating for echo chambers. Shit is fucking sad. Diversity is our strength. That includes diversity of thought.

  50. Just curious if the Trumpers would continue being friends with this chump if one of the kids they helped raise came out as gay, or trans, or entered an interracial relationship…

  51. i don’t know what my opinion is supposed to be. i don’t care what this person does, because i don’t know what kind of trump supporters their friends are. i am a person of color who lives in a deep red state and i have fine relationships with Trump VOTERS, but that’s almost impossible to avoid. It doesn’t change the fact that I will voice my opinions if we’re close enough, and keep my distance as much as I can if i’m not that close.

  52. Are you not effected by blatant Fascism? You must be this fucker not caring about the countless things that could go wrong for other groups.

  53. I have two notable conservative friends, but every time they've said some dumb shit I've called them out on it. One is much more of a Trump fan whilst the other is more of a Peterson type. The Trump fan just stopped engaging with me on those levels and I'm probably not all that close with him. The second is much more willing to discuss with me, and I can tell his opinions come from lack of understanding rather than ignorance. He's also an all round good person and I won't ditch him over opinions.

  54. I agree to an extent. most people I meet aren't anarchists, but that doesn't mean I can't socialize with them

  55. It heavily depends on whether or not you calling them out on their bullshit and also how right wing they are. I’m friends regular Old Republicans. But I won’t be friends with Qanon shitstorms and people who want my other friends and family who are (LGBT) dead.

  56. I'm far left myself but i was born and raised in the deep south. Pretty much everyone in my life that ive ever cared for and that has ever cared for me are currently Trump supporters and have always been Republicans at the least. This includes my family and even best freinds since elementary school, I still love them and I know they love me and yeah we fight and disagree all the time about politics but that's never stopped us for caring about each other and staying close. If shit like politics is enough to make someone cut somebody off that cares about them they're a piece of shit and probably isn't mature enough to engage in politics anyway.

  57. Many Trump voters are just lost. It's a cult. Would you hate your friend for joining a cult. It's just sad. Try to stay supportive and hope they wont commit any crimes.

  58. I don’t pry into people’s politics so if they keep it to themselves I’m not going to demand to know who they vote for, but conservatives are pretty much always outspoken about it and that does make it hard.

  59. they should leverage their extensive connections with those people to make them stop supporting fascism. it’s not particularly hard if you’ve known them for 13+ years

  60. It's easy to say they are probably acting from a place of privilege, but they could also be desperate. It is extremely hard to make friends, I haven't had a friend in years.

  61. idk from a purely interpersonal perspective id rather have no friends than hang around with a bunch of trumpers (just because of the nonsensical shit they would say alone) that might just be me tho

  62. From an outsider’s perspective it’s easy to call them out on their hypocrisy but when I’m in situations like this it is much more difficult to put aside all those personal connections. To be clear this isn’t saying to not call them out, if anything it’s more a criticism of myself and when I do and don’t follow my own values.

  63. I have a small amount of sympathy for this because pretty much my whole family are avid trump supporters. I make it extremely clear that I think their views are horrible, but it hasn't completely ruined our relationship.

  64. I'm sorry, but when both my friends AND family are voting against my interests, and especially my daughters interests, they can fck right off. I'd probably be cooler with them if they would have shut the fuck up about Trump, but every time I saw them from like, 2016-2019 (when I pretty much cut them all off) it was Trump Trump Trump all the freaking time. It's all they could talk about. My idea of a nice family gathering isn't being responsible for defending Democrats or progressives against a cabal of crazy. I have better shit to do.

  65. I have friends like this. I’m fine hanging out with them. When they spout bullshit I tell them why it’s bullshit. It doesn’t keep us from enjoying each others company and hopefully they expand their views on the world even if it’s just a little at a time. If leftists stay in their little bubble leftism stays in a little bubble.

  66. I haven't personally kept any friends that went/stayed right wing after high school, but I'm fortunate enough to have a few close friends that share core values with me and so are lib or further left.

  67. I had friends I was close with for years, but once they started calling everyone groomers and justifying hurtful policy even after I would try to talk it out with them I had to cut them off.

  68. What if you have a borderline fascist friend who you challenge and pushback against and call retarded and beta (ironically) daily?

  69. Reads like an opinion by someone who has nothing to lose in the current political climate. I get where they're placing their values on their interpersonal relationships, which god do we need to keep a hold of right now if only for our sanity, but this defensive stance and the way they describe the other family's "relationship" to Trump is so far buried in ignorance it's frustrating.

  70. I get having good friends that have differing political views, but there comes a point where you just gotta cut people out

  71. Be friends with Trump supporters all you want. The vast majority of people are not going to judge you for that. Trump supporters are almost half the voting population, it’s unavoidable. But don’t act like you’re doing anything noble or worthy of praise by having those friendships. Many conservatives aren’t even willing to associate with black, gay, trans, Muslim, etc. people so I don’t want to hear about “small mindedness”.

  72. I had a childhood friend for several years and we basically grew up together. Turns out I’m trans and he’s a Nazi who was pro trump. I cut him off and never talked to him again. Don’t miss him.

  73. I mean at the end of the day everyone is too much of a coward to do anything. Obviously we need a spark to get the civil war start but both sides are to comfortable with there McDonald’s, and when they really start to think about how a civil war would look and the sacrifices they would need to make, meh, I’ll go back to playing CoD.

  74. Honestly depends how extreme they are. There's a spectrum of people that simply voted for Donald and the type that showed up on Jan 6th.

  75. I think you can definitely be friends and stay close to family who are trump supporters. A lot of them genuinely don’t know what he even stands for. If you sat down and talked with them without using buzzwords, they’d agree with you. They just fall for his persona, not his views.

  76. People can judge others for themselves. If they don't feel the need to disassociate themselves from these people, I don't need them to and I won't force them to. I find this moralizing neo-Christian aspect of the left to be downright disgusting, oppressive and sheep-minded. By treating people this way, you take away their agency, their individuality, you deny them the peculiarity of their own lives. That is what happens when "human rights" become more important than humans themselves. If we want the emancipation of each and every individual, this is wholly incompatible with that. The feeling of safety you get from morally categorising everything into two simple categories is incompatible with true freedom, true freedom is uncertainty, it's variety, diversity of experiences. Am I selfish for caring more about my personal relationships than someone I've literally never met? Good, then selfishness shall be a virtue. It's literally the last bastion of humanity, lest we all be swallowed by the mass.

  77. I always wonder if these people think their trump supporting associate feels the same about them. They probably deep down see them as useful idiot. Or a reaffirmation that their political views are obvious and universal, while what they oppose is “political”.

  78. while it is a cute sentiment, it does not translate well when the thing that you don’t have in common is support for a person that wants to subjugate and kill minorities.

  79. What ive found if you are able to surround yourself with genuinely good friends and people, and dont ignore those times when they are blatantly in the wrong or assholes even if it doesn’t effect you, you will almost never have this problem. Genuinely good people either never go to the far right or are good enough to learn to be a better person. Simply put this is a hard bridge to cross. Everyone probably has questionable people in their life but id assume you would have more sense of character than end up best friends with a fascist unless they somehow changed right before your eyes. And if thats the case im not sure how you stand them anymore.

  80. You haven’t said anything wrong, people below live in eco chambers. I keep seeing assumptions that you are white and cis and maybe you are. Still here’s a counter point to those saying that: my guy best friend is bi with a male partner, i have an African gay friend, my wife is black and bi , my mother is black. I won’t say which is which: -/one of these is a trump supporter, -/One is an independent -/One is a leftist -/One is super Christian and liberal Relationships are complicated, make your own decisions , be safe.

  81. i mean they have a point and you should generally give people the benefit of the doubt but also this is way more than just having some political disagreements. having political disagreements is just abstract discussions about shit like public spending at the dinner table, not supporting a proto-fascist that encourages dismantling democracy if it doesn’t suit his ends. i dont know if i would want to be friends with someone, no matter how long ive known them, if i was aware of what kinda dark shit they stood for/believed in. but who knows maybe the person telling this is just as socially conservative.

  82. Vaushites be like: Thoughts? Thoughts? Opinions? Thoughts? Thoughts? Opinions? Opinions? Opinions? OPINIONS? THOUGHTS? THOUGHTS?? THOUGHTS??? OPINIONS??? THOUGHTS???? OPINIONS????? THOUGHTS???????? OPINIONS???????????? THOUGHTS???????????????

  83. In agreement here. From a rural conservative area and everyone I was friends growing up with/most my family are trump supporters. I feel bad for them and think they are victims of misinfo and most don’t have the education to know better. I’ll gladly argue with them and they’ll do the same. It’s called discourse and it’s something our country is sorely missing

  84. Honestly true, don’t throw away good lifelong friends over political opinions for online randoms who ain’t gonna help you with anything irl. Touch grass a bit

  85. Basing your friends on who someone decides to vote for doesn’t make much sense, but basing it on their values, and how they treat people, makes a lot of sense. Those factors are a strong indicator of who they vote for, but they aren’t the same as who they vote for. Getting to those specifics makes a huge difference.

  86. Someone who actually goes outside and lives in the real world, unlike most people on any sort of political sub 😂

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