(TW: ED’s, Mental Health) How Do Certain KPOP Idols and Certain Celebrities, despite having unhealthy eating habits such as disorders…

  1. Not only is their skin perfect, but they still have the energy to run and dance around the stage for hours. That's insane to me.

  2. They ilterally have dozens upon dozens of people perfecting every aspect of their physical look. I recently watched a hair tutorial by Jang Wonyoung's hair stylist on how she achieves her voluminous hair and trust me... it requires hours of work, tens of products, constant clipping and fussing all day long. Their skincare is probably the same... hours of massages, treatments, facials, dedicated shots. Korea is leagues ahead of the rest of the world in beauty treatments.

  3. Taylor swift did say that her hair was thinner and all those things but they’re loaded with vitamins and extensions and products and acrylics and makeup and literally anything you can possibly do to make them look good.

  4. Yes and I remember before the Victoria’s Secret shows they would all go to the same aestheticians which i’m guessing were sponsored facials ( remember all of them posting the gold facial selfies etc.)

  5. My guess is their version of "eating disorder" is different than the average ED sufferer. You can be deficient in calories but still get the right amount of vitamins and minerals through supplements and/or eating fortified foods. But people in pro-ana forums are doing stupid stuff like "spaghetti diet", obviously you will look like shit...

  6. When I was anorexic (long ago, fully recovered) my skin was great, probably a mix of genetic luck and also maybe the fact that I worked in the supplement department of WFM at the time and took lots of supplements including fish/evening prim rose oil. I am not condoning this lifestyle but it is possible to “look healthy” when you are not.

  7. In Korean culture, it is rarely viewed as a disorder. Most young women are underweight, for them it's considered discipline to be able to maintain society's perceived ideal weight (under 50kg regardless of height, which is insane).

  8. Does this mean short women get away with having a higher BMI (getting to stay at the same weight as someone taller as long as it’s under 50kg)?

  9. I am rather hung up on the almost perfect skin without makeup as that seems almost impossible to achieve whilst suffering from a disorder??

  10. It’s their job to be sellable so their company probably provides them with skin treatments and such to make sure their skin looks flawless.

  11. There are a lot of skin procedures that idols get for temporary or semi permanent fixes. Before live broadcasts they do things like the “Chanel injection” which causes the skin to look hydrated and smooth. This effect isn’t permanent though and it needs to be redone after the effects wear off. If they have a breakout there are injections that can smooth out the pimple. They also consistently go to dermatologists to get minor Botox procedures and facials that reduce puffiness and so on. Most girl group kpop idols have hair extensions on. Korean hair extensions are tied into the hair and less noticeable than tape in’s or clips. They also have whole styling teams whose job is to make their hir look as healthy and full as possible. They also add volume to the front layers by adding small waves that are very close together under the top layers of the hair on the crown. Some get procedures like Botox in their calf muscles and thighs to reduce the appearance of muscles and to make their legs look straighter and longer. Of course they are under strict diets and exercise regimes, but muscle size and thickness is not easily controllable. There are quite a few kpop idols with YouTube channels that talk about this stuff if you’re interested.

  12. When I had anorexia, my skin looked perfect. No acne or blemishes, which makes me think that my skin issues are caused by certain foods. My hair on the other hand fell out and was all around thin all over.

  13. This! A lot of idols are really not as low as you think. The amount of dancing and exercise they do everyday allow them to pack on a lot of muscles which helps their metabolism. Singing while dancing their intense choreos will definitely give them crazy core strength too. They do watch their diet and their food planning is intense but outright extreme starvation is a thing of past. The look isn’t just in anymore and girls are required to perform more heavily than the past. Also our bone structure is generally smaller than western celebs. I think this might be the most important point. Lisa and Rosé is a good example

  14. Many female Kpop idols have severe hair damage and wear extensions. As for skincare Korea is known to have some of the best products out there. And lots of facetuning

  15. Photoshop. Photoshop. Photoshop. And makeup. Not always the case, but unless you actually see these people without makeup at 3AM after a purge, it's not going to be pretty and clear. Of course, South Koreans are also the masters of skincare and plastic surgery.

  16. Not to mention all the interviews you watch, tv shows, lives, MVs, ads, movies even the candids all have filters on. Like everything so you never see the true them.

  17. You don't start looking like shit at a 17 - 19 BMI, especially if you eat healthy and exercise. That's some After School Special myth. I'm not really familiar with KPop stars, but I doubt any of them are engaging in "extreme starvation".

  18. True, I’ve been BMI 17-19 my entire life and never had any health issues. I actually had more energy at lower weights. Calorie restriction is good for you if done in a healthy way. There are indian monks who are skin and bones and eat one piece of fruit a day, but have more energy than all of us.

  19. They get IVs. Victoria secret models do too. They can starve and still get proper hydration along with vitamins and minerals.

  20. You know how a lot of modeling agencies have people that supply them with drugs. I’m guessing that’s how some of them stay thin and “energetic” like models do. And for their skin, they must have really good dermatologists, products, medications, etc.

  21. She literally did not glorify anything she just asked HOW those people with eating disorders still manage to look good to which we answered that those people have teams that are solely dedicated to making them look good. So now are we going to demonize people for asking questions ?? If mentioning eating disorders or asking actual questions related to them makes them instantly triggering then you are in the wrong place.

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