Alternate method with Volcano Classic

  1. It's not too bad. About 2 years in operation. Everclear is a great solvent and jazzes up the punch with the "waste"

  2. "In case of emergency, put on your own mask before assisting others. The bag may not inflate, but the vape will still flow."

  3. No leaks. Through the silicone tubing to cool.... into the bag.... slowed a bit by the check valve.... silicone tape is a gift from the dope gods.

  4. Hopeless, the air pump is a good bit of kit.... In operation, the 2 liter bag is a good gasp for me. Fresh vapor is nice, the pump seems to make about 6 liters per minute.... let the pump do the work... the check valve has just enough back pressure to hold a bagfull ready for an easy draw.

  5. Yes, I'm looking for better ideas. Leaks are an issue, silicone tape sticks nicely to silicon tubing, and works at high temprature. The leaking is under control

  6. Here is my doper engineering project. There is probably enough detail in the pictures to figure this out. There are geek details in the picture too if Sherlock wants to figure out my hobbies..... I'll answer questions about the details if you guys are nice about it ;-)

  7. Good job making an otherwise safe and amazing product cancerous, Go ahead and add the potentially unsafe tag on there too. NEVER use a non oven rated bag and plastics. This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen on

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