Anybody go through a phase when they love their WRX but then get into a lull…like you’re bored of it and want to trade it in?

  1. Never. Always such a relief coming "home" to my WRX after driving another car. I'll be sad the day it dies though because I'll probably go electric next and I know I'll miss the WRX dearly.

  2. My car was in the shop getting the bumper fixed because I was an idiot 5 months ago. For the 3 days I had to drive my girlfriends crosstrek to bring the kids to where they needed to go, my 3 year needed to go for a drive yesterday in my wrx because she missed it.

  3. I have a crosstrek and a wrx. Day I drive the crosstrek I love coming home and seeming my wrx in the garage wait for me

  4. Time to install some upgrades then haha. Especially if you do the mods yourself you appreciate the car so much better

  5. Yup. I’ve had slightly faster cars than my STI, but this is honestly the most raw and engaging car I’ve ever driven without needing to be modified. It feels like a literal race car the way it accelerates and handles.

  6. Good point tbh. Bored with your WRX? Throw some parts at it. That’s really where the WRX shines. Doesn’t even have to be expensive stuff. There’s lots of little things available for these cars that can change a lot in either the look or the feel.

  7. I was a bit tempted with gas prices and all but honestly I still really enjoy my car much more than I did with my BRZ. The BRZ had an almost immediate regret when I traded my manual 09 GLi in for it.

  8. I work for a dealership and I usually get bored right up until I have to do part deliveries in something else. Always smile when I get back in the subie

  9. 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️ The car has flares but not too crazy. The specs are very good. However, thats where it falls flat. For the amount of power it advertised to have, its pretty slow. At least for me, I wanted it to pick up speed faster.

  10. For the amount of power WRX has its a good bit fast. For comparison my brother in law's Mazda 6 2.5 turbo makes 250 HP on paper, but feels noticeably slower than the WRX. Same with a V6 Charger, 290 ish HP on paper, but WRX feels faster. WRX is light for what it is 3200 ish lbs for base manual VA, and you get a proper AWD none of that FWD biased Haldex bullshit. Even the Supra and new Nissan Z are heavier. So is the Mazda 6, and 3 turbo AWD. Challenger, Charger, Mustang are also quite a bit heavier.

  11. I’ve had my car for 4 years now and I’ve been tempted to sell it for an M4 or Tesla due to gas. But each time I drive it or see it parked after a wash I immediately love it. I installed coilovers on it recently and it’s improved the ride so much that I can’t imagine letting it go especially with STIs not being made anymore

  12. Traded in my 2021 sti for a 2022 model 3 performance and sadly I haven’t really looked back whatsoever. The brutal acceleration makes up for no fun noises, and the ability to blast 0/60s any and every chance I get without fear of an engine rebuild is amazing.

  13. All the time lol. My 2018 is completely stock and paid off. That’s why I won’t get rid of it. It’s paid off and I don’t want another car payment 😂

  14. No I thoroughly researched my options and what I could afford, this car was my happily made choice. I like the idea of the Corolla GR but it will probably be more rare than a Civic Type R. If I could trade it in for a deal on one though, yeah no brainer.

  15. I have stages where I get sick of the Hearst ride due to the stiffer suspension but then find roads where sticks like glue to the roads at high speed and love that.

  16. All the time bro. I’m always contemplating selling it then I go ahead and add some mods and I’ll fall back in love and the cycle continues. Tbh this car has been a curse on my wallet and my mental health lmao. For the record I’m pushing 344 whp and I know any other car will be slower stock so that’s also another reason I keep it.

  17. Money is a big deal 😂 if I want underwater I wouldn’t think of letting it go. It can easily go for the same price I paid in August 2020! ($33k otd).

  18. I'm actually looking for my next toy to replace my Hawkeye, and every little maintenance item just pisses me off while I'm looking 😂

  19. Not a single time. I bought my wrx with the intention of making it drive and feel like the car I thought it should be. i’m content right now, but have plans to keep building and it keeps me very focused and enthralled with the car

  20. Owned a new STI for almost 6 years. Wanted more power but too scared to ever mod it after reading all the stories of engine failure online. Enjoyed the car but eventually traded it for more power.

  21. Currently how I’m feeling right now. It was fun at first. Now I’m just like eh… I’m not sure what my next car should be. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  22. Yes, and I even went as far as to trade it in. While I love driving my GC, I literally have dreams about driving my WRX again. If I could go back in time, I’d think about it for another day before getting rid of it.

  23. Yeah man. It sucks cause when one major issue comes up and i cant fix it immediately i get in a funk. My hatch has been sitting a week or two now and im just like bleh about it. Want to sell it and not deal with its problems but then change my mind every time i do end up driving it

  24. Yes. Getting older, and a little tired of the lack of creature comforts in it, the N/V/H of the ride, and the attention it gets from clapped out boy racers.

  25. I feel this. I’m 33 so it’s like…I’m still driving around a WRX for the third time since I turned 18. Everything I want to trade it in for has more comforts and is more mature.

  26. Yes. A little over a year back. The windshield was cracked, factory stereo was on its way out, constant light on for the wiper fluid, the steering wheel was atrocious, and I knew the throw out bearing was on its last leg. After addressing all those issues I'm back in the camp of, no not really. Still kind of looking for something cheap on gas to drive daily, but really want to keep the WRX.

  27. It’s not so much of a lull, as there being so many good cars coming out right now. I love my WRX, but then there is the GR Corolla, Elantra N, Civic SI/Integra, GR86/BRZ, and the upcoming Civic Type-R.

  28. I was in this mood last year. I decided on upgrading my audio and performance mods. My thought process was spending 6k was better than adding 2+ years at $500+ a month for a stock new 22

  29. Currently. Put a lot of work in the spring, won an award at a car show last month, and now just wanna trade in and buy a Cayman.

  30. Yep, going thry that right now. But havent mentioned it to my wife yet. There are a few vehicles I am interested in, but not going to rush my decision.

  31. I enjoy my ‘18 and all, but when you look at other cars with similar price points, the wrx feels like a matchbox car. For me, the interior is just as important as the exterior and while the exterior is great, the interior is lacking a lot of things that come standard on other vehicles like tech and comfort features. The durability of materials used isn’t so good. The Recaro “race seats” are by far the most uncomfortable seats I’ve sat in. The overall design of the the cockpit is very plain and too symmetrical. Very boring. When I focus in on these things I’m like wtf did I purchase? Then when I drive it I’m like ehh okay this is fun.

  32. Highly disappointed with the recaros…they’re just the base seats wrapped in a different material. The bottom cushion is literally just the same as any other cross trek or Impreza…

  33. I was like that when I had a 21 camry and said I wanted to go back to stick. So I traded that in and got my WRX.

  34. Same but not sure if I’ll be happy with 2 seater and the hp. I’d probably put it on E85 1st year in probably but eh.

  35. Ive always loved my WRX and would hate to see it go but at the same time i’ve always wanted a blacked out 5.0 mustang

  36. I did, stage2+. Always had reliability on the back of my mind on road trips (blew original motor after I bought it modded/used) never gave me issues on junkyard motor with mods and tune I had done in 30k miles. But it was unshakable.

  37. Get a classic like a brat. Just seeing it will make you smile. And the baby 70hp rumble is fun. Also it’s narrower than side by sides. So you just need “BALLS OF STEEL” to go anywhere LOL

  38. Yep, that’s me. Car is stock aside from some wheel and brake upgrades and I’m bored as heck with it. It’s fun to drive fast in bends, but not many roads near by here. Car isn’t super fun anymore unless I drive it fast in the backroads and even then I’m asking to get pulled over lol

  39. 2020 WRX performance pack-15k miles. It’s completely stock 100% besides tint, blacked out headlights, and full LED bulb replacements. I’ve owned this car for nearly two years now. Ever since I moved 1000 miles into a new city..I’ve been getting some sort of ‘love loss’ for the Subi. It’s weird, like I want to just trade it for a basic truck beater. Anyone here gone through this? Did adding an accessport, intake, exhaust make you love your car more?

  40. Bro, something as simple as Stage 1 with an aftermarket exhaust will change everything. It will feel like a whole new car

  41. I added just an Accessport with Cobb's stage 1 map, and it made the car much more pleasant to drive. Linear throttle, less rev hang, and no more powerband flop at 4000RPM. That's about all it changed, though. Butt dyno difference feels negligible.

  42. I’m feeling that right now. I have a 50th Anniversary WRX. Kind of bored with it. I know I can make money selling it now. Torn as whether to keep modding it or sell it. Not a financial issue to keep.

  43. Trading mine in very soon, I'm not bored of it life just changed and I need a SUV. I replaced the fun factor of the car with a new motorcycle and I'll be daily driving a boring SUV soon. I might get another in the future, or maybe something else. The WRX was my dream car and I achieved my dream.

  44. I'm kind of going through that now. I have a 2012 WRX hatch that I worked my ASS off and paid for in full. But sometimes... I see a shiny black and new (2015-2020 era) WRX and I melt a little inside.

  45. You ever heard of fast fashion? It's caused by people like you. Be grateful for what you have instead of looking for the next brand new thing to make you feel happy. Better for the planet and for your wallet.

  46. I’m not trying to get something better in any way. I just said I want to get rid of it for a beater because I am literally INDIFFERENT at the moment about what I drive. That completely contradicts your judgement..

  47. What about Lulls, they’re good machines but I don’t see how getting in one removes your need for the wrx

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