Can anyone tell wtf is this

  1. Aplysia vaccaria is a simultaneous hermaphrodite;[4] it has both male and female sex organs that are able to contribute to sexual reproduction at the same time, which is distinct from nonsimultaneous (or sequential) hermaphrodites. which only have one sex organ present or functional at any one time. Being simultaneously hermaphroditic is advantageous because any two individuals are able to reproduce with one another, which facilitates them finding mates. Despite having both sex organs functional during reproduction, only one Aplysia vaccaria acts as a sperm donor during the mating encounter,[4] which is determined by the relative sizes of the two individuals. The smaller individual most often acts as the sperm donor, while the larger individual acts as the sperm recipient.[4] Because the reproductive role of A. vaccaria is dependent on the relative sizes between a mating pair, one individual can act as both a sperm donor and a sperm recipient during a mating season. Larger individuals are suggested to be preferentially selected for mating, and they act as the sperm recipient to avoid the competition present between smaller individuals to be sperm donors. This mechanism of size-assortative mating is common among gastropods. Some circumstantial evidence suggests cross-fertilisation between A. vaccaria and smaller teroir slugs in stagnant rock pools, though this is based on anecdotal evidence and has never been independently verified.[citation needed]

  2. Honestly you could have told me it was from mars and Id have believed you. There are so many different types of creatures and insects that I have never even heard of on this planet.

  3. I thought maybe they were the gelatinous cube thing from Ocarina of Time. Those bastards steal your shield.

  4. Guarantee they just found this on the internet with the added audio track. The audio is from inside a house which this clearly isn't.

  5. Oh man, I'm so close to that episode on my current watch of STtNG and although I usually am of the mindset that it was better post-Yar, I find myself oddly attached to her this go around and I don't wanna see her go. Again.

  6. And the fact that he says "what is happening" (referring to an event) and not "what is that" (referring to a thing) makes it sound like it just teleported into our dimension.

  7. Sea hare. They kinda look like hippo heads. Caught one in a five gal bucket once, turned all the water hot pink, was pretty cool

  8. That’s just a sea slug (actually a sea hare) they’re friendly fellas you see all the time around tidepools in California

  9. What is happening!? Lol it’s a slug dude geeze. Acting like reality just broke and he’s questioning everything from Bible study

  10. It's a sea hare, and they're frickin adorable. He was, like, looking up, maybe hoping for snacks? If you didn't provide snacks, you're a monster!!

  11. We need a "solved" kind of function to point out the actual answers to questions like these to avoid the efforts of arm chair comedians.

  12. There's so much weird shit in the ocean that if an alien race wanted to hide out on this planet, they'd just have to live in the water and it would take us forever to find out.

  13. This video is much better if you envision the female voice coming from the Sea Hare itself, and the Sea Hare is just as baffled by the first human it ever sees.

  14. How weird. I was thinking of these guys today out of nowhere. I grew up going on vacation to Florida frequently. I was 10 or 11 and went to Ft Myers beach in April and there were hundreds of them. They’re BIG too. Like as heavy as a little dog. I never saw them before or since, but I loved them. Harmless and fun to play with (dont hurt them though), they flap through the water like little bats.

  15. I saw this while on the toilet taking a shit, and I have to say, it made me really uncomfortable about what was going on in the bowl underneath me. Had to sneak a peek a few times, not gonna lie.

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