The klipp is about when I was trapped in an extreme storm for nine days.Sorry, the old post disappeared, happened to break rule 6, but it should be fixed now.

  1. Helsport fjellheimen x-trem 3-camp. If anyone wants to see the whole trip I post a link under, it's English subtitles:

  2. That tent looks like the inside floor is snow bed, If it goes airborne won't they just be left without a tent?

  3. In the middle of winter in northern Sweden. Meanwhile, there were ongoing repairs to the tent to keep it together. If anyone wants to see the whole trip I post a link under, it'sEnglishsubtitles:

  4. Would it have helped (was it even possible?) To have put snow sort of close around the tent to help break the wind

  5. thanks for sharing, that was a great video! I loved your enthusiasm. You must be an incredibly experienced camper - and have nerves of steel!

  6. Incredible. For some reason the first thing it made me think of is the book “The Left Hand of Darkness,” a strange and beautiful sci-fi novel by Ursula leGuin. Toward the end the two protagonists must struggle alone across a massive ice shelf far from civilization, and there’s a section where they’re trapped in their small tent by a vicious snowstorm and can’t make any progress… in my mind it looked exactly like this, yet I’ve never seen something that made it so real.

  7. That was incredible. I watched every minute of it. When I saw your sled all packed up at the end, I thought there’s no way he’s going to ride that thing down the hill. That ride was a great end to the video.

  8. Repairs to the tent, tightening guylines, building on the snow wall, making coffee. Filmed myself a lot and talked into what I felt in the camera. If anyone wants to see the whole trip I post a link under, it'sEnglishsubtitles:

  9. Yes, thr trip was planned for sixteen days, so I had a lot of food. I got water by melting snow on the gasoline stove.

  10. That looks totally miserable, but I also feel like you had a lot of time for reflection and wild thoughts? Seems like one of those experiences you wouldn't choose, but can find parts to be grateful for.

  11. How do you use the bathroom in a situation like this? Do you poop in a bag and throw it outside or do you go out in the storm to blast dook?

  12. This is some good advertisement for that tent you're using. My biggest question, how could you dismantle that tent in such weather?

  13. Not really. That’s the problem with tunnel tents. They flop in the wind. A tent where the poles cross each other would have held up a lot better.

  14. Thanks, afterwards, it's nice to have been through something like this. But when I was in the middle of it, I just wanted to get out of there, it was incredibly hard mentally sometimes.

  15. I have a plan for if that happens, I have a bivy bag for the sleeping bag, a waterproof bag that I have around the sleeping bag. So then I would dig a pit and lay down. Very uncomfortable, but I survive

  16. It was not easy, but I became very numb after a couple of days. I slept with the mp3 player at the highest volume. But be up every night and check the tent and the snow wall etc.

  17. Woof, as someone who does not do well in the cold, this looks like the worst place I could ever imagine being in.

  18. I had a book with me, also some movies on my cell phone. But not so much. But it was about trying to come up with things to do.

  19. Would it be possible to just dig into the snow, burry the tent to just be more protected from the wind? Like an igloo?

  20. In the full video he posted, he did exactly that, but then He moved a bit and the snow wasn’t deep enough to build another one.

  21. What would you have done in the event of a catastrophic failure? Like your tent rips in half or gets blown away when you’re outside?

  22. I have backup plans for that, one is to dig myself down with the sleeping bag. I have a bivy bag for it, like a sack on top of the sleeping bag that protects against the wind and moisture. In the worst case, I also have emergency transmitters with me.

  23. warm clothes and a warm sleeping bag, then it is very important not to get wet, if I got wet it was important to dry the clothes immediately. I did this with the help of bottles filled with boiling water

  24. On the bright side now you know what it's like to live inside a whacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man

  25. Super impressed. Watched the video until the end and loved every second of it. Talented outdoors man and video editor. Thanks for everything that went into creating this. It's very inspiring.

  26. The tent is divided into two rooms. A sleeping area with floor. Then a part where I melt snow, have sledge etc., it is without a floor

  27. Yes! I was just imagining how cozy it would be to have a warm sleeping bag and fall asleep to the sound of the tent flapping.

  28. Reading the comments it seems like you had a very good idea how to handle this situation and were well prepared for it.

  29. I was afraid, it was the breaking point of the tent all the time. I was not afraid to die, but afraid to end up in a really scary situation

  30. Your post didn't break the rules, there's just a mod here who removes content for no reason. Rule 6 is to stop people from posting image macros and "LOL I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING" bullshit. Captions to translate what is being said or a small description of what's happening aren't supposed to count.

  31. Just finished The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin which features an 80 day trek across the North Pole ice sheet on another planet which this reminds me of.

  32. Did mods seriously remove this for having subtitles under the "no superimposed text" rule? LMFAO

  33. What kind of rating do you look for in a tent that can sustain those kinds of winds for that long?

  34. Yes, almost like outside, I ventilate a lot to avoid condensation. Then I have warm down clothes and a warm sleeping bag

  35. It seems like you had the gear and training to deal with something like this. Did you have cell reception at all? Was it scary?

  36. You’ve mentioned the beautiful music that helped keep you sane… mind sharing artists/tracks? What a crazy experience, I’m glad you survived, friend!

  37. Don’t really have any questions but I would like to say that it’s cool you are replying to so many comments about your experience and specifics people ask especially since a lot of it is actual helpful tips and the others are small details that people definitely wanted to know. I think you’ve put out a good vibe here.

  38. Nine days? Did you consider building a better shelter? With that much time you could build an igloo or dig a snow cave. I mean, you obviously survived, but doing those things could have made your time more comfortable. Just curious of that was something you thought about.

  39. In the nicest possible way, and with no intention to insult at all, I get the impression that you're at least slightly crazy. In a good way.

  40. Will check out the video tomorrow! Quick question tho, how did you keep electronics charged?

  41. Even one night in a tent makes my back ache from lack of space to stretch and exercise. I can't begin to imagine what is it like to endure that for 9 days! Your tent doesn't look too spacious.

  42. I’ve tried sleeping in a small tent with strong winds — pure misery, and that was only one night! The noise is intense and inescapable, no matter how taught you try to make the tent. Even earplugs weren’t enough for me.

  43. I ate less as it was not so physically strenuous I also melted a lot of snow in the sleeping bag. Then I am not so afraid that without food, I have through survival courses tried to be completely without food for five to six days. It goes well, it's the hardest in the beginning. Then you start to take energy from the fat reserves, then the muscles. Sleep is absolutely most important to be clear in the head and make the right decision all the time.

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