Why you should use gun locks if you have kids

  1. This is also why, if you have guns in your home, you take everybody to the range - regardless of their interest level at the time - and demonstrate how to safely handle the guns you have.

  2. I was at an indoor range with my dad and one of his friends. This friend dropped something while holding my dads loaded pistol, and he bent down to pick it up - awkwardly, and pointed the gun, finger inside the trigger guard, at his own head. My dad gave him endless shit and never went to a range with him again.

  3. This reminds me of that video with two kids in the bathroom. One of the kids shoots the other then almost immediately shoots herself. Horrifying video.

  4. Wife is an Audiologist. She said that’s about 140dB. Her ear is gonna ring and may have permanent damage.

  5. I once forgot to put my ear muffs on Before shooting and shot one round of 124 grain 9mm and my ears were ringing for a few minutes. It definitely sucks.

  6. Try more like 160dB and you’re in the correct ballpark. Regardless, she’s sleeping with a fan on for the rest of her life and that still probably won’t help much. My ears still ring from unprotected exposure to 130dB and 165dB years ago.

  7. People like her are why, even as a gun owner, I support red flag gun laws. Had their been someone else in the room or upstairs she could have shot them.

  8. She maybe lives in an apartment and that round just passed through ceiling and struck someone upstairs. Probably not but dot f around with guns. Friends won’t think you are cool when they hear that you are dead for a short video clip you thought was cool

  9. I was once friends with a dude who was decently well off. Like, only had a job because he wanted extra fun money because he can easily live off of his yearly dividends, well off.

  10. I have a friend from college who’s brother was laying in bed one night and something like this happened downstairs. The bullet hit his spine and he was paralyzed from it and nearly died. Crazy how life can change in an instant from some idiot

  11. My ex mother in law was living with me and my wife and our two kids (ages 1 and 10), I found a little 22 with loose bullets in an old shoebox in her closet. I told her she had to get the gun out of the house since it wasn’t secure and we had kids. Her response was “where do you want me to put it then?” I said “the fact that you don’t know where to put your gun shows me you shouldn’t have one”

  12. I work with a guy who doesn’t lock up his guns and says he intentionally doesn’t teach his kids how to use them because then they won’t be able to shoot them. Apparently he thinks kids are too stupid to pull a trigger and push buttons.

  13. If you have kids and guns teach them about gun safety, and that guns should only be used as a final effort to defend yourself or others. 99% of legal gun owners know this.

  14. also, consider extra life and disability insurance for your children if they expose kind of mindless behavior on a regular basis. See it as an investment.

  15. There was a little boy in my old town that shot and killed his twin brother when they were 5 years old. They figured out how to get into the gun safe somehow.

  16. I think she's looking at her skull to make sure her brain isn't leaking out. Granted, you think that'd be obvious if you're still alive, but an unexpected shock from something you know is lethal....you don't really think straight.

  17. Not that it’s a competition but there’s a worse example for this. Video of some kids live streaming with a gun in the bathroom and the older kid accidentally pulls the trigger and kills her sister and immediately realizes what she’s done and turns the gun on herself and pulls the trigger. All while on IG live.

  18. A gun lock? How about a gun safe? How about gun owner education and parents educating their kids. The parents must have been busy on tiltok.

  19. I feel like you should have your guns taken from you if you post a single picture or video on social media flaunting one like an idiot. I'm sick of these morons.

  20. Trauma surgeon here. This is a common injury/cause of death. Don't point your gun at anything you don't want dead and always know if your gun is loaded. Idiots break these rules all the time...

  21. This whole video indicates to me some parenting fail. Not only did they get hold of a loaded gun and almost shoot themselves in the head. The first thing they're bothered about after an ND is their fucking hair, the second thing they think about is who might they have shot upstairs.

  22. I think if you buy a gun you should provide evidence you have a gun lock. Whether it be a photo of it with you standing next to it or a certificate of fitment or whatever.

  23. No idea how kids can be this stupid. I was one dumb mother fucker in youth but I was never 'put a loaded gun to my head' dumb.

  24. Every time I see a video of people shooting off shots in the air in a neighborhood, I'm like, yall do realize that those bullets are gonna come raining down just as fast as you shot it out of your gun, on someone's house, car, or just literally someone

  25. This generation all obsessed with thinking they’re just hard ass gangsters. Sound like an old fuckin man but, some of these “rappers” and “influencers” are a scourge to our society.

  26. Teach your kids about guns too. Kids who have gun safety knowledge and are familiar with guns aren’t the ones being stupid with them

  27. We're not a hunting or shooting family so my son wasn't around guns until airsoft was getting popular. We had safety talks and I emphasized if he ever had any interest in real guns that we could go shooting together. There's no mystery, guns aren't evil, but let's just practice in a safe environment.

  28. This cannot be overemphasized. Kids who have shot watermelons at the local quarry aren't clueless like this.

  29. Also why you should take them to the range teach em gun safety if you have one in the house. Surprised she didn’t pull the trigger sooner.

  30. This is good parenting. My parents did similar. I was taught gun safety by that age as well. Except we weren’t allowed toy guns, period. Because guns weren’t toys. No toy guns were allowed in the house, and if friends brought them over, my parents took them away and gave them back when they left- and gave the friends a gun safety education as to why guns aren’t toys.

  31. Why you should teach your children proper firearm use/safety. We didn’t even have guns in my house growing up, but I was on the range as a kid, at Scouting events. I was even immediately kicked off the range once for improper trigger discipline. Amazing how those kids tend not to have firearm accidents, or intentional shootings.

  32. Or raise your kids up around them. Teaching them firearm safety, fire arm usage. Firearm laws. Does and donts. Teach them to respect them. 5 kids, 4 eldest are girls. They all know how to load, unload, fix stoppages, actually shoot and hit targets. Started them young with 22's and they currently up to 300. Educated kids aren't gonna be stupid kids. Ijs

  33. The kid is old enough to have been educated better and, if properly educated, to know better. Either the parents failed, or their kid is just that fucking stupid.

  34. She looks old enough to know better. But along with gun locks, when kids get older this is why you need to teach them about guns so they aren't foreign objects that look like they could be played with

  35. If you are a parent with firearms; teach your children how to properly handle and respect the firearm. They should know how to load, unload, safe, and clear a firearm. They should understand how it works and what they can do. I gaurentee if you hide it, they will find it. Just ask my mom who thought the dildos were safe and sound where nobody would find them in the cabinet above the washing machine stashed under 6 other bags.

  36. When we bought land 20yrs ago, there was an old house trailer on it from 1965. That's all we had to live in. The folks up the hill in the next house up the road were irate that the 4 acres beside them weren't abandoned anymore. We bought, moved in, and promply ended up with two .22 long rifle bullets lying on the carpet in our new 'livingroom". The neighbors shot through the flimsy sheet metal walls of the trailer and very nearly killed my baby girls and our dog .

  37. What the actual fuck ! gun safety ... that means the whole family .. not just the person that owns the gun ... 2" away from minus one daughter ....

  38. And raise your kids not to look up to thugs , so they’re not doing this dumb ish . So they don’t wanna get ahold of a gun that’s not yours..

  39. I was taught gun safety since I was old enough to talk. The responsibility falls on the parent to teach their children. Just like everything in life it's your responsibility to learn. Don't want to learn, then you're putting everyone at risk. You have to learn how to drive a car. I believe gun safety should be required in high school to graduate. I believe everyone should be required to hold a license for a firearm. Prove you know how to use it. Most lazy people don't agree with my opinions, those same people we find in videos like this one.

  40. No. I would say this is precisely why you don't have firearms in the house unless you teach your children and everyone else in the hous how to properly handle a fire arm and instill in them the respect for it and what it can do. If this kid was taught basic handling and safety, this wouldn't have happened.

  41. You meant to say why you should teach your Kids gun safety and take them shooting so that it’s not a mystery to them and so they can fight alongside you when the revolution happens

  42. That or teach your kids how to use and respect weapons, and the basic rules to firearms so that they are responsible with them.

  43. The patent is the dumbass for having a kid old enough to be curious and not teaching them about gun safety for the weapons in your home.

  44. Instead of relying solely on a lock you should also teach your kids how to properly handle firearms and not treat them like toys.

  45. Correction: This is why you teach gun safety as early as possible. Gun ownership is a responsibility as much as it is a right.

  46. I shot a .45 pistol without hearing protection once, arms length away from my head, and I had ringing in my ears for a solid 30 seconds. I’d be surprised if this didn’t do some permanent damage.

  47. I mean you could also raise them to not be a dumbass. That aint no toddler she should know not to be playing with guns indoors.

  48. Yep, that is why I believe everyone should have some sort of knowledge about firearms. Just like many schools teach health and sex Ed they should include a bit about firearms safety.

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