Large ship crashes into busy bridge

  1. (Brazilian) Portuguese sounds like a mix of Spanish, German, and French. One of the most unique languages out there from a phonetic standpoint!

  2. I 😍 love 💗 Brazillians 🇧🇷 they be speakin 🗣 porch of geese 🐤 n I be like 👅💦💦💦 damn daddy 👶 quack quack 🦆

  3. This is in my citty. He thought the ship was stuck. Also there is no way to go back or stop on that bridge. Better just hit the gas* and get out quick.

  4. i googled this to try to find out where it was...apparently happens more than i would have thought. i don't get how its possible.

  5. Given the number of bridges that have been brought down by bridge impacts whybwould you even carry on driving when you see something like that heading towards the bridge.

  6. Once your on the bridge your going to be committed its doesnt look like the sort of road you could just do a U turn. So your only options would really be stop or just go quick as you can.

  7. Twitter going bankrupt, Elon proving with each tweet he doesn't know sh-t, and now they wrecked his party boat

  8. Lucky it wasn’t America, the captains deck is right there at the bridge level. Some Karen would have been standing there yelling at the captain “get Yooour manager on the phone NOW”

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