Regarding the RAW Controversy (Contains Spoilers)

  1. Remember when Stone Cold walked out and what Vince did with him at the end of his career? I wouldn’t call either untouchable.

  2. I don’t know if the IWC was serious or joking but I found it funny that some were saying “how will Jimmy get home if Naomi is his ride?” 😂

  3. It's been hilarious seeing all the support for Sasha and yet Naomi "might have screwed up" comments.

  4. Who was the Prime Time Players manager that was fired for his Kobe Bryant comment. This was in 2012/13 and Buddy said, “Titus O’Niel is like Kobe Bryant in a hotel room in Colorado. Unstoppable!” Immediately, Cole apologized for the comments and dude was fired. Everyone went to stand up for up.

  5. 7/8 of these women were booked in other segments on the show. Were they supposed to rewrite all 3 hours of RAW in an hour because of their walk-out?

  6. Why is a real life situation considered a spoiler for Raw? I don't think people understand what a spoiler is.

  7. The problem that's been floating around is that they weren't getting pushed. Rumors are that they weren't going to defend the titles again till MITB and instead theywere going to jobto Bianca and Ronda

  8. Someone close to Naomi and Sasha Banks(@Adidas_head88 on Twitter who IS followed by Naomi) was apparently given permission to share their side of the story: "You are approached in February as being put in a tag team, after both being promised big feuds at WM. You bite the bullet and put everything you got into being a tag team. It works, you get over, win the titles at WM and become merch pushers. 5 weeks into your reign you show up to live TV and ready to work. You are told you will be in the main event, and you are happy. You both are then told that one of will be going over from pinning the other. You have questions why that decision was made, and how it helps y'all. You request a meeting with your boss to discuss it. Your boss takes the meeting and everything is actually going well. He understands your concerns. The meeting ends well and the match is told to be reconstructed. For some reason producers get mad about it. You then ask with one of your members going over, what happens to your titles? You are told basically that you will just be carrying the belts. They want to use you both to help both women's champions get more over. Bianca vs. Naomi Sasha vs. Ronda (1/2).

  9. They’re all at fault here, but I think it’s becoming clear Vince needs to take a step back and creative need an overhaul and purge

  10. I remember my days as a 9 year old watching WWE and loving every moment of it. I took a long hiatus from WWE, and came back a couple of months before WrestleMania 37. I was and still am so disappointed at the major crash creative has taken during the time I was gone

  11. Talent management seems to be Vince's worst attribute. How many employees can a boss alienate before the rest of the company HAS to intervene?

  12. They have been saying that for 10 years. Ain’t going to happen until he PHYSICALLY and Mentally unable to do it

  13. After listening to Jon Moxley's stories about dealing with creative, seems like creative has needed a huge overhaul for some time, but Vince just never addresses the problem.

  14. I definitely respect that some people see her as a main event star but I never really caught the Sasha Banks fever , Did do a great program with Bayley and Charlotte years back but after Charlotte , Rhea , Becky and Bianca ( leaving out Ronda not full time technically) There is a serious drop off of what I would call convincing athletic talent , Wish they would let Shayna and Sonya beat the shit out of people more

  15. So based on what I have read, the original plans for Raw were to have Naomi win the Six Pack Challenge and face Bianca Belair. There were also plans for Sasha Banks to challenge Ronda Rousy for the SmackDown! Women's Championship. Neither Sasha nor Naomi were slated to win the titles, just get Bianca and Ronda over as champions.

  16. The Women's Tag, IC, and US titles need to be defended on PPVs more. Especially now because the world titles are unified and the champion won't be at the next ppv.

  17. Yeah so pretty much all they asked was for them to be programmed like actual champions and not stepping stones to set up the RAW and Smackdown Womens champions, which is totally fair of them lol. I don’t see how anyone could disagree with that. They should get storylines for their own championship reign instead of being roped into programs that don’t even make sense at the moment.

  18. Naw. Sasha is a known drama queen. Naomi needs to build herself back up to a top level talent. How do you do that? Get matches on PPVs against the champ? She has a lot left on the table in her career. Sasha is tapped out honestly.

  19. No, they’re contracted wrestlers. They’ve been a tag team lately because that’s how their bookers have opted to use them, but if they want to use them in a different way, they can.

  20. The way I understand it nobody is really at fault here but the post about unprofessional was unnecessary. Sasha and Naomi aren't going anywhere and it does nothing but cut their reputation down when they return.

  21. I can see them being out of the picture / off TV for awhile. Lots of other new female or returning talent that haven’t had there chance yet that are waiting in the background.

  22. There should have never been womens tag titles introduced on the main roster because they don’t have a huge selection of women. NXT always does - they have legit tag teams that have been together for a couple years now, or female alliances who were together due to major storylines.

  23. I know we are still seeing what this turns out to be but I mean not wanting to do a job seems like the wrong thing to do. Now I'm not saying that WWE itself isn't to blame but the job is what it is. No one likes being the person to have to put someone over but maybe that superstar needs that win over to get them to the next level.

  24. How many times now have the women’s tag champs been put in world title programs with the tag titles becoming an afterthought? I can definitely understand their frustrations when it comes to the tag titles.

  25. I really hope it's a work but if not Sasha and Naomi are absolutely right that the direction they were going with them was really stupid! Why should Naomi challenge Bianca when the women's tag titles can be defended on the PPV, there are plenty other women on Raw that can be Bianca's challenger for HIAC. They are hinting on already splitting Sasha and Naomi when they have been champs for almost 2 months, like seriously. Both Sasha and Naomi desrve so much better than what they are giving them right now! How are they in the wrong here because they were pushing to have a PPV match for the titles they hold instead of them challenging for the raw and sd women's titles... To me it feels like they promised both of them some things for theit women's tag titles reign and those promises aren't being kept so Sasha and Naomi are rightfully frustrated

  26. WWE creative has no idea what to do with a women's tag division. Look how long Carmella and Zelina held the belts for and almost no story / rivalry going on for the 5-6 months they had it.

  27. I absolutely agree!!! Naomi has been underused for so long. I belive there are others that could challenge Bianca. Also I'm hoping this could be turning point for Naomi to join the Bloodline.

  28. They wanted Naomi to pin Sasha and challenge Bianca possibly ending with her joining the bloodline. Sasha was supposed to go on to challenge Ronda. They both disagreed and wanted to continue the tag title run.

  29. It is a case like this that provides evidence that everything that was done to rebuild the women's division into what it is today from 2015- has unraveled because of Dumb & Dumber telling Vince that they need to go back to the DIvas era or further, or whatever other lame excuse they can conjure up.

  30. It's interesting how the sentiments of wrestlers are influenced by the perception fans have of that company.

  31. No one has said MJF shouldn’t get paid, they just acknowledge he would have to sign an extension to get it. Not just wrestling, but in all of sports, no one gets more money without adding years to their deal.

  32. Ah, why would people choose not to side with a racist, misogynistic, sexist and overall creatively shit company… ahhh what a mystery. And before people say “oh what do you mean?” Do your research there’s plenty of examples throughout wwe history and yet ppl fiercely and loyally defend this piece of shit company.

  33. The reason the womens tag team division is a low priority is because it draws zero dimes. If they were mature theyd understand this.

  34. The fact that the wwe felt the need to slander them after the fact on commentary and social media is disgusting. Reeks of them trying to “get ahead of the story”.

  35. Regardless of what anyone says, there comes a time where professionalism and standing up for yourself collide. This isn't a situation where we're seeing ego, or they're being "spoiled" as WWE would like you to believe. This is a well documented product that consistently creates stale and overly misogynistic practices. Witbout Triple H, which is Ironic considering his own ego with not letting Booker T get over, created the women's division to be actually good. Many of WWE's own superstars have admitted that the new women's division is finally healthy and good. I get this issue is going to be polarizing, but you have to at the very least understand their positions. Not even involving Vince and his old addled mentality, think about their perspective. Glow and Banks are Insanely over with almost all demographics. They're phenomenal at merch sales. And their matches are good (even if subjectively you don't like them, you cannot deny they at the very least put on a solid performance with a seamless touch) They're not being Charlotte and actually want to create good rivalries. They requested multiple meetings with the heads of creative and the heads of the industry. In their own meeting they've come to an agreement, and even after compromise they still cannot get their dream. At what point do you draw the line in the sand?

  36. So what you're saying is you have 0 knowledge about the situation, contract, what happened etc but you've fantasy booked your opinion and want us all to come.with you?

  37. If Sasha Banks wants something, just fucking give it to her. WWE needs her way more than she needs WWE. If she wants tag team wrestling to matter, then you figure out a way to make it matter. Like Jesus, if even Sasha Banks can't get what she wants, then what message does that send to the rest of your roster?

  38. I have zero WWE knowledge from 2002- late 2021. Like many others, the Cock, podcasts, and having kids has had me following since late last year. We have gone to two Smackdowns and one house show in the last three months, all three featuring glow/boss time. The entrances are amazing and the crowd pops. But, once the match starts everything goes flat. Then it’s over, small pop. Felt like stars like Charlotte and Natalya engaged the fans more (yes it’s easier for heels) and looked better in the ring. Maybe what I’m saying is there is more to being a performer than showing up on TV and I think the fans forget it’s more than that also.

  39. Came here to say that i love Sami Zayn aswell, him becoming a heel was the greatest thing he did to improve his career

  40. I mean that is just womens wrestling for the most part. Very few can be captivating in the ring, mostly it is kind of sloppy and botchy. I know that makes people mad, but it usually is true. People like the characters and all that for them, not for their ring ability. There are men that is true as well (Hulk Hogan anyone) just to be fair.

  41. All of this, all of this is speculation nobody has any idea about what happened apart from the people it involves, until they speak everything is speculation, I mean it's fun to speculate but these long meandering

  42. If this isn’t a work or part of a storyline, I don’t understand how anyone can defend these 2 for being anything other than unprofessional. They signed contracts, and they should be held accountable when they don’t live up to their ends of the deal. At this point, Sasha isn’t worth this BS anymore. Kick her crybaby ass to the curb, and then when her 90-day No compete clause ends she can go to AEW where she apparently wants to be anyway. Good riddance.

  43. I read news Sasha got a lot of heat backstage nobody knows much about this must be Vince. I hope Sasha doesn't get released or kept losing in her matches as punishment unless Vince still have interest in her.

  44. What if this is the beginning of the re-rebrand of WWE back to pro wrestling instead of sports entertainment and we’re being worked? That’s why they said all of the forbidden words in their press release.

  45. Eh who cares if real or fake? If you don't want to work, get the fuck out of way and let someone in who will work.

  46. Once again, the women need their own show. The biggest issue is that half of the competitors do not face the other half, to which this lessens the relevance of the belts.

  47. They cannot do that because nobody would watch it. They already tried having an all women PPV and the ratings/buy rates were abysmal. The masses just do not care about the womens division as much as the mens. If they thought doing it would be good business and make them money they would have done it by now.

  48. They deserve better anyway, Sasha is the most talented on the women's roster yet isn't treated like the star like Charlotte and Becky who she is 100 times more entertaining then

  49. I honestly hope it’s a work, this isn’t the first time something controversial has happened. Power to Sasha & Naomi, the show was mid at best anyway.

  50. That one asked for the release of her contract while the story so far is that the others didn't want to go with the planned story and walked away?

  51. I feel like this is just normal Sasha. Watch some behind the scenes or even the WWE produced Evil episode on her. If she isn't being sprung to the top, she gets pissed. I don't think she has a lot of time left in WWE nor do I think he has time, if any, in AEW. She will get pissed there probably even more.

  52. Except she, according to some Redditors, loves this current run with Naomi. And the writers were very plausibly licking their lips at breaking up their team not even two months into their reign. Of course she would hate it.

  53. It must be an injury. Naomi was holding her left shoulder after their last title defense. This story is just an excuse to vacate the titles, and get the internet to debate for the next week or so.

  54. I didn't think was all that bad before I left but it has just tanked. Bookings have become WAAAAAAY to predictable, and titles that were once hard sought after(looking at you IC)are now duds. The 24/7 title used to be so imaginative. I remember the days of Jinder Mahal getting pinned on a plane and Rob Gronkowski flying into a crowd of people to get the pin. Now it's just the same people having lame matches over and over. It's the same with the women's tag titles. No storyline in either. Or at least no good storyline anyways.

  55. you don’t walk out based on who your facing all of a sudden come on, they were probably told to drop the belts. Maybe they felt they had a good thing going and get bigger as a tag team. that would make more sense to me if your gonna walk out.

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