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  1. exactly this. I started stacking so that I could build an emergency fund that I would not be tempted to spend unless I was in a real emergency that would require me to part with the shiny and actually take that step in the real world. I think its a great way to get an emergency fund started and with silver/gold you can also protect it from inflation over time.

  2. I love it because it's an awesome medium. So many neat pours and coins to choose from. Not just a store of investment, but genuinely fun to collect as well. So many neat things to see and to come.

  3. Very good reason. But we will probably all win the 1 kg silver bar, because all they want is your address to pick up your silver.

  4. I love silver because it's something I can hold in my hands and leave for my family when I'm gone. No taxes, no stipulations, no bullshit, just tangible wealth I can leave them without government fingers in my assets!!!!!!

  5. I have been buying constitutional silver for many years. Since 2019 I’ve bought mostly bullion rounds. This past year I bought my first poured Kilo. After you open and hold your first poured kilo it’s addicting.

  6. I love silver because it provides financial freedom. My money is not held by a 3rd party. Silver can not be printed out of thin air. It has utility beyond being money. Silver is necessary for the green revolution.

  7. Because it's honest money, unlike all of the world's currency which can printed infinitely into existence with no effort expended.

  8. Because sometimes, a beam of luck could shine over me like beautiful silver, when a random guy chooses another random guy to share a beautiful kilo of silver, and the random guy gifted with such a precious price could be me.

  9. Silver is not only a beautiful material for jewelry with it's chrome shine, it has also great use in the industry, as for example the electrification. It is here to stay.

  10. I love silver in the sense I can teach my children what real assets have value and not some online game or shoes or ridiculous thing people pay for. All my silver is for both my kids for when I’m not here anymore.

  11. Silver really is wonderful, whether you look back at its history or look forward to its countless uses, a true sense of accomplishment and instinctual love creates quite the fondness for it.

  12. I have never won anything in my life.... I like silver for many reasons but the main one is that silver production in the mines peaked in 2016.

  13. Silver is a sign of true financial freedom, not beholden to any government or persons besides yourself. That is why I love silver.

  14. I love collecting old silver coins. I have a mini chest full of coins and bullion. I feel like a pirate.

  15. I love the feel of silver in the hand - both the weight and the texture. You can feel it's something special.

  16. I love Silver because I had a calling in 2019. I new something was wrong with the economic system and fiat currency but I didn’t understand what. Once I got that first 4 ounces of Silver in my hand I knew holding my own wealth with no counter party involved was something special.

  17. I actually....didn't touched or seen real sliver with my eyes on my table. But since I like shiney stuffs and rocks and other elements. I like silver

  18. Wow! Fun stuff! Good luck, Stackers! I love silver because it's honest men's money and my wife's choice for PM jewelry.

  19. Actually, I love the sounds of children laughing, the sight of parents with time to parent their children, to work and play with and teach their children. Of extended families with time together, full of hope, enjoying the fruits of their honest labours off their own lands, unencumbered or down trodden by excessive taxation, fees, permits, registrations, regulations, fines.

  20. Our modern day technological world can only exist with SILVER! 999 silver is rarer in the world than 999 gold but the price is not 1 to 1 but 90 to 1. Silver doesn’t REPRESENT wealth,,,,, it IS wealth! There are at least a dozen different reasons our community is stacking silver, but that it provides a measure of security in an unstable world and that it represents FREEDOM are just a couple of good reasons. Stack accordingly.

  21. I love silver because it always has been and always will be a true store of value. Currencies come and go, but always silver remains. This is why I stack. No matter what comes, I know my children will have real wealth to support them.

  22. I love silver for the fact it gives hope for humanity after the death of the dollar and debt based ponzi world we're living in right now!....God bless!

  23. Just an observation. Almost every civilization the world over has prized silver (as well as gold) and used it as money, or once a civilization that silver (or gold) was unknown to them (not available geographically perhaps), but once they either discovered it or were introduced to it, the silver (and gold) quickly became valuable and money to them.

  24. I love silver because my father was a silver bug. I got the passion from him and it was the first type of investing I started doing. It's my bedrock, and I will continue stacking till I die no matter the price!

  25. I love silver for many reasons. It's amazing that humans pull a shiny rock from the ground. I'm holding silver that has been on this planet since creation, and it will return to the ground long after I'm gone.

  26. Wow! What a generous offer! I love silver because it is the key to preserving freedom in this world. If we manage to make silver money again, we could prevent a new dark age of tyranny and poverty.

  27. I love silver because it's a means of taking back our purchasing power from crooked cartel bankers and because it's what I will leave my son when my time is up.

  28. I love silver because when I was investing in stocks and crypto, I never felt like I was making an accomplishment. All it was, was a red or green graph. Usually red. But with silver I get to see my investment and watch it stack up.

  29. I love physical silver as silver is the most honest of all of the precious metals. And as such, silver is said to be the money that is used by true gentlemen. By men with deep integrity. Cheers!

  30. Reminds me of being a little kid and my dad coming home after someone came into his shop and paid for a pair of shoes with a roll of silver libs...I was hooked that day hearing the coins clank out of the cardboard roll...hodl'ing since '85!

  31. I love silver because it will never lose value and Its something you can hand down to the generations in your family. Its like the ancient currency

  32. It is the most widely used rare metal, that has changed the world as we know it today, we would not be as advanced without it...we cannot live without it.

  33. Silver is the working man's precious metal, you don't have to be wealthy to own it. It allows me to participate in wealth preservation and that is why I love it!

  34. Silver is freedom, silver is timeless, silver is the Achilles heel of the system, silver has many uses and last of all silver is real Money.

  35. I was a child & watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer & the Island of Misfit Toys with my grandfather and Yukon Cornelius sang that song about finding SILVER & gold and then had my grandfather explain what silver was and growing up to learn about the disgusting evil FED and where the true value of money went again solidifying my hunt for silver I’ve been after that precious chunky rock ever since !

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