Earth pimple in a backyard after heavy rain

  1. these show up after rain storms on the golf course near my house, i used to play with them every spring. no its not septic and no they don't smell like methane, its literally just rainwater trapped under the grasses thick root system, the soil is probably a lot of clay soil and mud which doesn't allow drainage.

  2. The root system must be very tightly grown for this to occur. Water collects in a small depression. Incompressible, the water separates the thinnest roots at the base of the root layer. Like peeling an old carpet back, the puddle forces more space for the water. Earth pimple is born.

  3. Used to call them “pregnant guppies” on the golf courses were I used to work. Always meant an irrigation leak underground. Prod around with a sharp rod until you find the epicenter then start digging.

  4. Question if anyone knows. Does this happen with regular naturalized grass or is this due to laying sod? Super curious. Also this looks like fun to “pop” hahaha.

  5. someone skimped out on the nutrient before laying that might happen if you only put nutrients on top as the roots will go for topside and possibly didn't water enough right after laying or too much nutrient before laying will keep the roots complacent.

  6. this used to happen at my primary school lol eventually it always resulted in way too many wet socks

  7. I did some very quick, possibly shitty math, and for Earth to have a pimple at the same ratio as a human face to an average human pimple, the pimple would have to be roughly 700,000m across and about 700m tall. I'm ready to have my math corrected i only spent maybe 2mins on this

  8. I feel like this is a problem, if it was natural 🌱 it would be absorbed by the soil, roots etc this seems really off to me

  9. If you see one of these on a golf course, alert the shop because leaking irrigation pipes do the same thing. Buddy of mine helped save a big chunk of a green one evening when we came across it and reported it. They were super grateful.

  10. At least the owner looks like he's having fun and isn't too concerned about it. Nice backyard btw, it must be all that rain.

  11. Throw a towel down and get a tan on a natural waterbed. That could have been the best natural beer and tan spot aside from the beach.

  12. After watching this and reading the title, I just got an idea for little pimple busting robots that you can deploy from an app on your phone...for getting rid of pimples on your face. The future is now!

  13. This happened a few houses down from where I used to live, the guy who lived there was bouncing around on it and it turned out to be a broken water line and the hole was about 8 feet deep. Luckily, he didn't fall through.

  14. You got a problem. That water came from below not from rain, so either you got a broken water line or a drainage problem.

  15. We did this as kids, to our uncles lawn... used a wooden stake/spear to stab a hole in the lawn, then stuck the hose in it and turned the water on. After a few hours, he was pissed.

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