I ran into a bit of a issue after spending 800 on a graphics card.

  1. For real, I thought he got robbed and was like "but they didn't take the video card??" And then was like "oh wait, his tower got knocked over - still in good shape hopefully"

  2. I thought the "joke" was going be that they got the GPU right after their place was robbed which is why pieces were strewn about.

  3. Reminds me of the time I took a picture of my new bathroom and people commented how I don't keep my toilet cover down haha. It may be normal to the poster, but everyone else sees what they know as not normal and the critiques fly.

  4. I don't know. I build laptops and desktops on the side for money. While I was working on mine or several at once, it definitely got like this sometimes.

  5. You joke, but I have a friend who took the heat sink off of his GPU (this is back in the 400 series days) to make it fit thinking it was no big deal. I tried to tell him it was a big deal, he didn't listen. He replaced it less than 6 months later.

  6. Yeah but that motherboard isn’t even a standard size motherboard. Dell made it so the front IO is directly part of the motherboard instead of the case so a part of the motherboard extended to the front top of the case

  7. It looks like he did the classic PCMR baby's first step and tried to upgrade a pre-built with a few bits of beefier hardware. Unless pre-builts have changed in the last decade since I did that exact thing then pretty much everything is hard bolted into the case. You'd need to start nearly from ground zero.

  8. I'd bet that they could get a new case, PSU and motherboard for less than $300, all of which will be way better than what he has here. Reuse the GPU, CPU, any IO cards, storage and peripherals.

  9. TIL jury rigging is the proper way to say jerry rigging, although jerry rig is still commonly used. Was about to boneappletea you but thought I'd look it up first!

  10. I wish I still had a picture, but some guy brought in one of our small form factor PC's for service at Gateway in '99 because it did not turn on after he cut a slot in the case and mobo to fit a full size ethernet card in.

  11. Between 1995-2005 I've been building computers on my carpet...no problems whatsoever, I was careful but also extremely lucky I guess haha

  12. Agreed. If I had bought an 800 dollar thing for myself, I’d want my whole place clean and everything in order so I don’t have to work around a mess.

  13. That CPU cooler is a Dell special, I'm sure I remember watching a GamerNexus teardown of this prebuilt PC and it was god awful, case is jank, CPU jank, configuration jank. Personally I'd recommend getting a new case but if I'm not mistake the PC is built in such a weird way from Dell that essentially it's this case or nothing, or I could be wrong but that CPU cooling set up screams Dell special.

  14. Yeah this right here is why I always spend the tiny bit extra (if any) to build from scratch rather than starting from a Dell Special or w/e. You get name-brand ram, case, MB, PSU... and it's not hard at all to put together once you've done it once.

  15. I’ve lost track of gpu prices because I stopped trying after they went up 2-3x MSRP. Did he really drop $800 on a 3060ti? Good lord. Thats what I paid for my 2080 years ago. Times are tough gpus. Lol

  16. Yeah that PC looks at the very most $500. I don’t even think the mobo nor the PSU can support that graphics card to be honest. I have a pretty good custom tower myself and I still have to be cautious whenever I’m upgrading major components like a gfx card.

  17. Yea I think you can see a black desktop on the floor right behind the tiny case he’s showing off. Surely he’s not actually so dumb to think that gpu would fit in that case, so karma farming is actually the less embarrassing answer that I’m rooting for haha

  18. Well now you just need to go the store and get a new case. And while you're there, you might as well buy a beefier power supply. If there is a newer CPU in stock, you might want to upgrade that too. If you're going to get a new CPU, you might also want to consider upgrading your cooler. It's just a few dollars more. You probably also want to get some faster RAM so that you don't bottleneck your CPU. The NVME drives are also on sale this week, and since you're going to be getting your PC anyway to install a new video card, you might as well pick one of those up. After all this is the perfect opportunity to start over fresh with a new install of your favorite OS.

  19. You forgot the part where he realizes the GPU isn't compatible with his mobo, so it throttles it. Time for a new mobo, power supply, case, fans, oh.... I shoulda just bought a new prebuilt.

  20. I can't… begin to imagine what an unbelievable waste of time this would be for a troll post that nets… what, karma?

  21. If this is not a troll post, I feel sorry for you. Your other components are for sure hot garbage for your pc. Definetly not a 10th gen like you were saying.

  22. Buddy get that thing off the carpet. Carpets can build up static electricity and blast your hardware. Those little static shocks might not seem like a big deal, but they can be quite expensive.

  23. Hahaha. I can remember the first time I bought pc parts and the motherboard didn’t even fit case, cause I bought a micro ATX case and a full size ATX motherboard. Always double check sizes and lengths. Measure twice, install once. If where you’re going for the parts has a physical store then I recommend going in and asking if you can see the product you want. Always helped me in the past.

  24. Not judging, but I can't get past the condition of the work space. Been there myself, but probably wouldn't invite the world into my cluttered mess.

  25. Honest question as it's been a few years since I built my machine. But isn't it most cost-effective to just buy a pre-made PC these days w/ the way graphics cards are priced if purchased separately?

  26. Judging by the look of that prebuilt, that wouldn't have been your only issue. Gotta make sure your PSU is up to the task, homie!

  27. Installing sensitive electronic components on your carpet with socks on isn’t good for your new card either. You probably dodged a bullet on this one.

  28. On a rug with socks on lmao. I would say read a book but Jesus kid watch a 10 minute video on pc assembly next time

  29. Given how there's so much stuff on the floor, I thought this was going to be one of those posts where someone's bf/gf destroyed their PC. Was glad you just have a dirty ass room and the PC wasn't damaged.

  30. Broooo, do your research before doing things like this!!! You're making so many mistakes here. Besides the GPU, don't build on carpet, your GPU CPU combination is subpar, theres no way your pc is running at healthy temps, and is your power supply even adequate??? These are only few of the things you should take into consideration when building or upgrading your pc!!!

  31. Lol, it technically smaller, but I can't get the shape of it through. I looked up the dimensions and I just didn't think of the chip set shape like a dumb ass.

  32. Literally just the thumbnail told me you have no business doing anything computer related. Especially if you didn't even check the GPU size, actually looking at all of this now, this has to be fake, where's the PSU to supply that card, and you're putting it in a 5-10 year old pc. Seems fishy.

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