Crazy day. Buddy’s hand after a table saw accident.

  1. 1000% is my favorite and most used tool. It is also the only tool I remind myself with every use that it can and will take my fingers / hand / life with one mistake.

  2. the sawstop is not only much safer, but it's also a really good machine. i have the 3hp cabinet saw and i'm really happy with it

  3. My nephew asked how high to set the blade, I said no higher than you want the wound to be. Always use a push stick!

  4. Okay quick finger count good so good day. This isn't happening in noobs this happens to experience people. Too many people don't take serious the blade that's before I seen a butcher in the local deli cutting up 2-in chunks of meat and he was holding the meat on both ends that's way too close for a bandsaw. The band saw had a 6-in clearance so he didn't have to adjust for every piece of meat and he went really fast and got a lot done. Except for that one day when you didn't get a lot done but he started out fast and left work early.

  5. i regularly have my hands/fingers within 2" of the blade it's perfectly safe. the trick is to stay away from the toothy part ;)

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