Well. Uh, ok then.

  1. Eh steel toe pros are good. 8 years still kickin.. use them in all types of weather. Affordable.

  2. If I could have retired as soon as their boots, I would have been done working at 16. If you do try to claim a complete failure of their products under warranty, they just respond with, oh that happens, it's hydrolysis. Not covered under warranty. Thanks bye! And that is when I stopped being a customer. Do yourself a favor and don't believe their bs marketing.

  3. If steel toe is not a requirement, the Norwegian M77 Boot is probably the best I’ve ever worn, and I’ve worn a lot of boots.

  4. Ok...boots hit the shitter in 3 yrs or less.... I call that retirement or death. Make them last 45 years or do better marketing.

  5. How true, sad but that is the reality for a lot of people. Keep the inflation going and a lot more people are going to stuck working whether they want to or not.

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