washer drains inside of the tube

  1. Same. Plus showering while the washing machine is going is frustrating anyway (at least at my house) because the shower and washer are fighting for water lol.

  2. I have an apartment washing machine that hooks up to my sink for filling the basin and empties into the tub… sure beats going to the laundry mat( got apt dryer too) I love them both!

  3. honestly me either. I'm glad this comment is here. The only downside is that you might have to clean your tub a little bit more often.

  4. This was actually pretty common in Europe (at least in my country). A lot of people had a tube from washer to a tub. You can still find it in some old houses/flats.

  5. Its definitely better than my moms dishwasher draining into the sink. Either dishes block the drain, or the junk from the washer clogs the drain. Then water covers the counters and floor and seeps into drawers and cabinets, ruins food, etc.

  6. This is ingenious and TBH you probably don't want to be taking a shower while the washing machine is running due to the changes it'll cause in water pressure and temperature

  7. It’s not ingenious, it’s an extremely cheap way to install a washer in a location where you don’t have the proper fixture, I.e. not to code

  8. My wife decided to reroute the washing machine into our laundry sink as a way to keep it clean. It does not work. Everything settles out in the bottom of the sink, it's nasty.

  9. I mean, not seeing a big issue here. If you're worried about dirty water running past your feet during a shower then i think they forget that's where all your grime and dirt on your body goes during a shower anyway. If you want to take a bath, don't run the washer.

  10. Drain has an air gap, so I think it would pass code. Lots of washers drain into an adjacent utility sink. If you’re not taking a bath while washing clothes it’s really a non issue. Edit: ya I know it really wouldn’t pass current code. But it prob doesn’t need to be made compliant either. Since most everywhere you can drain grey water into your yard, it’s most likely better than that.

  11. It wouldnt pass code, cant have a single trap protect more than one fixture, with the exception of multiple compartment sinks or hub drains

  12. I got sent this video about 11 times Monday because I’m a home inspector. Most likely reasons behind this would be: the original cast iron pipe collapsed and they didn’t want to pay thousands of dollars to have it fixed or they just forgot to install a drain when it was built. Either way, I’m not sure this would stop me from showering if I needed to while the washing machine was running,

  13. I had a set up like this for my apartment. It was a portable washer that used a typical garden hose to drain.

  14. Back when I was a kid we had a pipe going from the washing machine to the shower, but you had to put it inside the shower before turning the washing machine on, and set it properly so the dirty water wouldn't go everywhere. We had a few accidents when someone forgot about the pipe, or it fell. It was a lot of cleaning, but at least the floors were cleaner afterwards

  15. Yeah, seems like a weird issue. But honestly, Id rather have in -house laundry and deal with the inconvenience that happens here over lugging laundry to the cleaners, sitting there for 2 hours and rhen havinf to haul itnback.

  16. Could be worse. Mine drained into my furnace when I first moved into my house. Not sure what genius thought that was smart.

  17. When i lived in a 5th wheel the black water tank kept filling up really fast. Figured out that the bathroom sink was going into it. Did something similar to this to reroute it into the shower instead, which went into the grey water (which drained into the ground).

  18. Probably should've had the drain on the left side but other than that, this just seems like something similar to what I'd do in Minecraft to try to maximize efficiency

  19. “I can do anything you ever dreamed of doing to your house. It’s all a matter of how much you want to pay.” -master plumber I work with

  20. Haha. That's awesome. If I was buying that house and saw that I would just give it a slow clap. Ingenious.

  21. I'm moving into a building with coin operated laundry and with the cost of living it's too expensive so this looks like a good solution. Then when I move I will just patch up the hole

  22. Fuck the code. Half of building code is written by the construction company lobby just to make affordable housing impossible.

  23. Honestly, it beats not having a washing machine or ripping up walls/ceilings(downstairs) to tie the drain in somewhere because there wasn't a dedicated washing machine drain. The rack there kind of hides the drain coming from the wall and the only thing you really need to worry about is cleaning your tub more frequently due to the increased dirty water in the tub.

  24. When I was a kid, the washer emptied into a big sink next to it in the laundry room. We called it the utility sink and used it to clean off shoes and stuff like that

  25. Yeah, but my ass water running down my legs is super clean, and my laundry water is liquid death.

  26. My grandmother had a set up like this the water drain into the bathtub like this and it would come from the sink she would just put a little plug-in

  27. I live in a part of the US that’s under drought watch. If the washing machine water is not too dirty, you could take a bath in it.

  28. Haha, when I first came to the US I was shocked that the toilet/tub was inside the house. Haha and hot tap water! Here I am 25 years later looking back at the house that amazed me so much was absolute garbage. Haha, those with true privilege don't know even know they have it.

  29. Reminds me of my house for a year I went without noticing that the drain for my washer the pipe was cut off just below floor level so all water went under my house ,, on the other side of the wall there was a drain pipe that connected to the sewer , pipe wasn’t even 1/2 and inch away and they chose for it to go under the house , it has since been corrected.

  30. I mean, dou you actually clean your feet when you shower? How is this different than letting the run off do the work for you.

  31. I don't see any problem with that. I've never started a load of wash and then jumped in the shower. Ever.

  32. At least it's not connected to the kitchen sink. Once the sink gets clogged, the washer water rises until it spills over

  33. You can typically reuse that water for soaking more soiled clothes in the bathtub and save water in the process also.

  34. I lived for 10 years with this problem. Sometimes I just go in the tub and the white laundry is washing and since its hot water used you can guess what happenss

  35. It’s fairly common in Europe I would say. Maybe not done this way, but If you live in a flat with one bathroom, this is an easy and cheap way to do it. My dad has the hose in his bathtub too.

  36. If my house were fancy, I’d be upset. But this? This I like. It’s like those toilet sink combos… except you don’t put your feet in it

  37. This is like that toilet where you fill the toilet tank with the water that you wash your hands with. Now we can take a bath in the water that washed our clothes.

  38. Just connect it to the pipe that the water is going into from the tub whenever the property was built it should have already had a pipe system for the washer. Who was the build manager because they suck

  39. Idk my washer drains into a tub or “laundry sink” in the basement. Basically the same thing but we don’t bathe in it or use it for anything really.

  40. Honestly if you don’t have any money something like this is really smart. It’s better than draining it outside.

  41. I mean, this is actually alot more common then many may think. My brothers house was built in the 50's and the drain for the washer is old cast iron pipe which is both a little too small for more modern washers (like 1980's+) and the fact its so rusty inside has caused ot to swell further necking it down. So we had to install a laundry room sink, which is a big square plastic stand alone type of sink, for the sole purpose of the washer draining into that, and it draining into the drain. The sink will get about 3/4 full when the washer drains. It's not really the amount of water, but more so how fast the water drains out, that the drain can't keep up.

  42. It's the same in my apartment my kitchen sink drain is connected to my tubs drainage but it's in the wall connected via T piece my sink back up once and it all flooded into my bathtub couldn't shower for a week because of the smell felt gross the entire time

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