WCGW Teaching your son to drive

  1. Probably an SUV, they’re high up and big so they feel safe but that’s got enough inertia and a center of gravity higher than snoop dogg

  2. Pretty easy when your first thought is probably "okay is everyone alrigh?" It gives you that second for the anger to fade so you can get a handle on it.

  3. Well yeah, letting your kid drive with no experience and then freaking out when it turns out they don't know how to drive would be fucking retarded.

  4. I taught my 4 kids to drive and certainly had a few of those “stop….stop..stop, stop, STOP!!!!! Moments. But that was a next level beginning driver mistake. Look at the bright side (yes there is one), it was a low speed roll and no one was hurt. Plus it makes for a good embarrassing story to tell later in life.

  5. I remember my mother screaming at me to make a left turn on a very congested street. She kept calling me a chicken shit coward the entire time, and would constantly call me chickenshit for not cutting people off while merging into lanes, for driving at reasonable speeds (felt like I was driving too slow), and for creating reasonable spaces between our car and the one in front of us while driving on the highway. I think despite seeming angry and inpatient she actually enjoyed putting me and my sister in extremely uncomfortable situations.

  6. No to mention this kid has an all new found respect for vehicles.. weather you know better or not,a slap from reality tends to do that to you, it’s good to get it out of the way early.

  7. I had to learn to drive on a manual transmission. My Mom was dating a short dude who looked Maury Povich who happened to be an authorized driver’s ed instructor. He was a dick. I begged to pay a normal student driver dude; nope, I was stuck with Maury Jr.

  8. Pointed out the hole to him and he went right for it. No wonder my dad kept a 6 pack between us when he was teaching me to drive!

  9. This video is hilarious and then very wholesome. "Thats a big hole right there". Big hole?! Dude Im from Buffalo and thats the deepest pothole Ive ever seen. Immediately after saying it, his son hits it DEAD ON. Flips the car. And what does the dad do? Ask if his son is OK. Thats a good Father right there.

  10. Yeah me too. I’m stunned how quickly that went down wtf... He drove so slow but still flipped over! I just refuse to get that but it obviously makes sense regarding the physics.

  11. Mom took me to church parking lots when they were empty and then to little neighborhoods first where there is much less traffic. Malls are too crowded where I live.

  12. LPT get your kids into power wheels and go karts long before you hand them the keys to a full sized car. Hell even a riding lawn mower for the basics.

  13. I've grown up with such verbally abusive parents that get so mad and infuriated over the tiniest stuff. It amazes me that the dads first response is "are you okay". Thats a good father

  14. You know, before we even managed to get him out of the car he was telling me he was going to pay for it. I guess I raised a responsible kid, but I let him know that we have insurance for just this reason.

  15. Can I ask what vehicle you have/had? I’m interested in scaling some walls and I don’t think mine is as capable as yours

  16. The way the dad reacts is kind of heartwarming. My mom and dad were the absolute worst drivers and even worse driving instructors. They'd fight over which way they wanted me to turn then yell at me regardless of which way I turned. I literally pulled over and told them to get out... after a couple decades of driving I have never been in an accident or gotten a ticket, and they've both had tons of tickets and accidents, so I feel pretty good about my driving skills.

  17. Yup sammy that was a good one alright lol. Poor kid thats a hard first lesson. His dad seems like he held his composure though so thats good. Its a hard knock life

  18. The insurance company will mute out some of the talking and use it as a feel-good commercial on how things can go wrong with new drivers but they have your back.

  19. Part of me is kind of thinking its worth all that damage because of the amount of time they're going to spend over the next probably 20 years with the "Hey remember when you flipped my car?"

  20. Im glad the first thing the dad said was "are you ok?". Father of the year but his kid is just awful at driving.

  21. That's dad of the year material for me. So patient. Kudos to dad. We seriously fuck up our kids for going off on them for absolutely nothing. Those little traumas add up.

  22. I love how the dad assured that his son was okay and didnt worry about the car. What an amazing father

  23. Nice timing. My son just had his first driver’s training lesson and can now drive with me. I think I will stall having that happen now that I watched this.

  24. I have 6 kids and my husband has taught all of them to drive. Well the last one (a boy) hadn’t been out with dad just the instructor. So I took him out in the country… I literally thought I was going to die. I had him pull over and let me drive. It was horrific. The only thing worse could be a rollover in slow motion. In slow motion. Dear god. This is horrific!

  25. To be fair, relying on parents to teach driving on public roads seems incredibly unsafe. In my country you're required to take driving lessons from a driving school, all the instructors are not only trained but the cars have dual pedals as well, so they can always stop the car if they'd need to.

  26. I remember when my dad teached me how to drive. On abandoned airstrip where people were drifting, and then we used old unused road, never on "public" roads. Thanks to him i knew how to drive when I was like 7 and could reach pedals.

  27. I actually think Dad handled that not so bad…. My dad would have told me been like screaming “wtf are you doing?!” Or “I told you to look out! Why didn’t you listen” so.. everyone giving this dad shyte… maybe chill a second learning to drive is stressful on everyone. I also would have been reprimanded for cussing, js.

  28. I’m watching this in public right now and literally crying laughing. I am shaking the whole bleacher I’m sitting on from laughing so much. Bless this dad.

  29. My mom never drove when I was growing up but decided to be brave and give it another shot at like 40 or so. She did almost exactly this except she drove into cylindrical concrete pillar (for a pedestrian overpass) rather than a rollover ramp.

  30. when I was learning todrive my dad had his hand on the hand brake the whole time to stop shit like this from happening.

  31. I have 6 kids. When I was teaching the oldest 3 to drive a stick the third one drove straight into a pole and crushed the front end😭😭😭

  32. 30 some years ago when my dad would take me out to practice driving he brought a solid stick he cut from a 2x4. If he didn't like what I was doing he would jam it into my thigh. I sure am glad that fucker is dead. He was a miserable sonofabitch alive. FUCK YOU DAD.

  33. My dad taught me how to drive. He used to be a drill sergeant and would scream at me so badly that it would cause me to make stupid mistakes. Like running a red light while driving back from getting my license.

  34. I learned to drive in this weirdo country where it's illegal to learn in any car except the driving schools' and with anyone except the qualified instructor. These cars have got an extra set of pedals on the passenger side.

  35. I remember my parent's driving lessons for me to get my hours in... got my learners through driver's ed and then continued biking everywhere until I was 18. Between thier "lessons" and our graduated license system that took effect from 16-18... I figured it was easier on me than dealing with thier bullshit.

  36. Gave my son my old truck which I babied for 12 years when he got his license. Took him about 3 weeks to roll it. He’s okay and that’s all that matters.

  37. Yeah that was a good one. I got yelled so much when my father was teaching me if I did something like that I would be homeless instantly.

  38. My dad gave me a manual 30 year old chinese 250cc shitbox quadbike at 12 years old. Driving that thing was a deathwish but I mastered it. It came to the point where I had to fix something everytime I wanted to start it up but I was the only one in my family willing to ride that piece of shit. Switching to a tractor and then a car after that was a piece of cake. If you want your kids to learn how to drive give them something you dont care about. In the end that quad was 50 different quads in one but I customized it and it looked like a proper machine in the end, still a deathwish to drive tho.

  39. kids don't do well when first starting to drive. can't tell you how many of these I've seen, only difference, this dad asked if the kid was okay and didn't really get mad

  40. My first time behind the wheel, my dad took me to the busiest streets in town (5 lanes with the centre suicide lane), a 5-way intersection, etc. He also waited until the last moment to tell me where we were turning. He badly wanted me to get in an accident so id lose my learners permit and id be out of the house before i could get another one.

  41. That's also why you teach 'em to drive in their own car that they bought with their own hard earned money - they'll generally be significantly more careful.

  42. That's why we did our first few drive training sessions in a big empty parking lot with no light posts or obsticales to worry about...

  43. Years ago I rolled a 2000 gallon fuel truck at the mine I work at. It was raining and muddy and I was doing less then 5 MPH. Rolled onto the driver's side the fuel sloshed and then rolled onto roof, fuel sloshed again and ended up on the passenger side. Seemed like it took forever. I kicked the windshield out and walked out.

  44. It's real love when the first reaction is to ask if you are ok and not complain about you messing up or how much it will cost them. All parents should be like that.

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