WCGW if you set free the stretcher

  1. While I get the urge to redo this awesome song, I can't get why some tone-deaf amateur thinks that these chords go well with the singing melody.

  2. Can you imagine driving by the road, stopped at the sign, and see a stretcher just casually rolling by? And a few seconds later, the ambulance guys chasing it.

  3. DAAAAAA dunga dunga dunga dunga dunga dunga dunga dunga dunga dunga dunga DAAAAAAA DAAAAAAA dunga dunga dunga...

  4. The only thing I am thinking is how much shit the guys are going to take when they get back to the fire station. This is one of those stories that you don’t live down.

  5. As an EMT student this is my current worst fear haha. How do I download this? I absolutely want to send this to my instructor

  6. Anyone who works with these stretchers knows that they brake on their terms only, usually when the flap of a lap belt touches the wheel and acts like a trains Emergency brakes.

  7. Hard to imagine that there wasn't a "wheels brake" to secure the stretcher from rolling, especially since it was on an inclined driveway.

  8. Lol imagine getting into an accident because of the stretcher and then the EMTs use the exact same stretcher to roll you into their ambulance.

  9. Why did that guy turn around and look at it, then let it get to the intersection before he started to run after it???

  10. this is absolutely fantastic and I adore and enjoy this moment that you have bestowed to us (original comment was amazing, but auto bot removed it cause aparently it had a low character count)

  11. I did something similar when I was a student except it was on a busy road and it hit the curb and tipped.....thankfully everyone was focused on the man underneath the car that me and a firefighter was able to fix it before too many people noticed.

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