Parking on the forbidden side of the street. Police just towed ALL the cars.

  1. I’ve seen happen plenty of times (in Brooklyn) when there’s a larger production such as a film shoot. Usually they’ll put posts on the block 3-5 days before they need cars cleared. They’ll designate this on several adjacent blocks. Any cars that are still there after the posted time will be towed, at the production company’s expense, to one of the adjacent blocks and placed into legal spots. They’ll inform the city so you won’t think you car has been stolen.

  2. This reminds me of one of the oddest conversations I've ever been to privy to. I was living in Bangkok, and a friend was visiting. He had left his car parked on the street in Brecon, and got a call from the police. The conversation went something like this:

  3. That’s actually kinda cool. That they just tow the car to a different space and inform the owner. Better than being towed to an impound lot. And they pay for moving your car!

  4. Either it's allowed to park during the day but not during the night or It was allowed to park in the past, then the city forbid It and was too lazy to erase the lines. Maybe I'll check what the signs say tomorrow.

  5. Those are just there so the tow truck driver knows where to stop when backing up to the cars 😂

  6. Frequently, they will do street cleaning on certain days and nights, which have a schedule posted. They also usually do one side at a time to allow people to park on the other side. They do this with snow plowing, as well. If you're there when they need to clean/plow and you're on the wrong side, 100% getting towed.

  7. Here in Bangalore, India, we have some streets where parking on a particular side is allowed on alternative days. For e.g. on even dates, it's allowed to park on the left side. And on odd dates, parking is allowed on the right side. So you gotta see what date is mentioned on the board and then park based on what date it is.

  8. Normally you have to park in the same direction as traffic in US states; all the cars on the left were directed as if they were driving on the right side. That's my guess anyway.

  9. This reminds me of towing companies in San Francisco. On Sundays tow trucks would camp out on big streets at 5:45pm until the street parking switched from free parking to permit parking only at 6:00pm.

  10. Wait, any private company is allowed to enforce city parking regulations just... because they believe a city regulation has been broken?

  11. So I feel kinda stupid I just sat here for like 3 minutes waiting for the first truck to start towing and nothing so I scrolled a bit more only to discover the little dots letting me know what image I’m looking at

  12. “Let’s park here, if they tow us they’ll have to tow the other cars here too, and I doubt they wanna go through all that trouble”

  13. I've seen it in San Francisco and New York two cities with a notorious shortage of parking - street cleaning happens at certain times and there's an almost choreographed procession that takes place:

  14. There is a clear way next to my house that kicks in at a certain time for rush hour. Every day the tow trucks line up and wait for the hour to click over, then race each other to see who can get the most! 3 cars to one truck!

  15. I can't tell you how much fun this was as a tow truck driver. The police would call and say "we need 10-15 trucks". Every available truck would be sent, sometimes from more than one company. They would gather on a nearby street and when we were all there the police would say go and we'd all drive over at once and start hooking up one after the other. Some people would run out and would pay the drop fee to get the car back and we'd even get the chance to grab a second car.

  16. I would enjoy watching the people return to their missing cars and freak out. Reddit IRL. Maybe set up a camera and make a compilation of it lol.

  17. San Francisco has (or had) some streets where No Parking was imposed at 6 pm. We used to enjoy the literal parade of tow trucks heading up to hook 'em and take 'em away.

  18. Stuff like this is only secondary to the first week or two of college class parking for towing services.

  19. i bet it would make a bigger difference to how people look at it them waiting for it to be filled to tow all the cars compared to if it was just 1 or 2, people will be talking about that and get more attention..

  20. Sounds like a problem with the city government. Where is everyone gonna park their cars if they can’t use both sides of the street.

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