WCGW Not knowing how to drive

  1. i thought 2 cars already pulled over to check on the guy who crashed. how many people have to pull over to check on him?

  2. Happened to me twice actually First time I was in a Mazda, got rear ended by coming to a sudden halt( accident in front of me blocking my lane) bumper got scuffed, the other car a Nissan. It’s airbags went off and the hood broke. Second time in an f-150, I was moving away from my hometown and got rear ended at a red light. The dudes car was beyond wrecked. I get out to check the damages and he barely scratched my towbar/ bumper. However he broke my chemex coffee brewer and it was a very sad moment.

  3. Damn imagine seeing that, getting it on dashcam and not even being bothered enough to make sure that the person who flipped is okay or stopping to try and get the video to the person who got hit.

  4. If it was me i would go see if the truck driver was ok give him my info so he can get the video and leave. Fuck the person in the car. Thats just natural selection

  5. That driver was an idiot, but I don’t understand how you just drive off without making an effort to see if the people in the car are ok.

  6. Who drove off? The pickup put their flashers on and pulled over. The owner of the Audi definitely stopped. And for all we know the driver with the dash cam pulled in front of the truck, the clip ends too soon.

  7. It's amazing watching these types of videos how easy it is for sedans to roll. That truck sustained basically no damage while the sedan is upside down.

  8. And twit with dash cam quickly rushes into fill the truck’s spot and keeps going. Two ah drivers in this one.

  9. The front wheel drive sedan hitting the stopped rear wheel of the truck, basically making the front wheel drive climb up the back tire of the truck and flipping it over.

  10. Serves them right, best possible outcome imo. How could that moron not see that truck? Or if they did and thought they had room they should have their license taken away because it is even easier to see how much room they have on the driver side and the truck was in front of them. Person should not just have their license revoked but never be able to drive again for the safety of others.

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