WCGW using a lowered car in brazil

  1. Everytime i see low rider cars i just point and laugh. Like who would want to be unable to go literally anywhere due to damaging their car?? Lmao

  2. Low riders are cool and they have air suspension most of the time. Stanced cars can be cool but this car in the video is not one of them.

  3. literally, i just don’t get it. a friend of mine slammed his car so low that he literally lost like 30% of his turn radius. mf really turned pulling out of a driveway into a 3 point maneuver

  4. HAHAHA, I love watching idiots waste their money to do this to cars and than have to spend even more after they wreck it. I live in a state that gets a lot of snow and when I see low riders, I'm just like, are you new to this state? That car isn't going to be drivable for a third of the year.

  5. That's not just lowering, that's slamming a car and it got what it deserved imo.. It's stupid anywhere; those that do it knows and it's also why they do it.. I've hanged a lot in car shows in the past and I have seen the beasts, the weirds, the artworks and the "look at me I'm dumb"... those are always the loudest morons you can encounter normally.

  6. I get that you like the culture but how did he think it was gonna go with all the inclines they have over there ? Not even including the condition of the roads

  7. Is funny how in South America this trend is very popular when a lot of their roads look like gruyere cheese.

  8. All the racer boys want to lower their cars, while I put tall tires and higher springs on my convertible for better ground clearance.

  9. Look... Car modding people.....if you're already willing to drag your fat car ass along the road then why not remove the floor immediately and do it like the flintstones

  10. What?! This can’t be right! In Fast and Furious 5 they were driving all kinds of cars all over the place with no problems whatsoever.

  11. I still don't get why people think its a good idea to lower a car, you literally make it useless for most urban and ALL rural environments

  12. Today I was feeling really stupid because I bought the wrong motor kit for my bicycle and I have to return it and get a better one ,and that's annoying and I wish I just got the better one first. I feel better now

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