1. Wrong. He paid the $130,000 … well, his campaign did … to try to shut her up a few weeks before the election, long after he had sex with her. The sex took place when Barron was just a few months old.

  2. Have the people complaining not bought cookware lately? The set I have been staring at for a year+ at Costco is $300. What am I missing?

  3. How about, I don’t care what anyone does with their own money. Kamala wants to buy expensive pots and pans? Go ahead. Trump wants to pay a lady for sex? Go ahead. It’s your money and it hurts no one.

  4. I could be wrong, but to my understanding he paid that money to shut her up before the election. Also that isn’t really the point of the tweet, the point is the hypocrisy in media

  5. Cast iron has it's uses, but it taints the taste of it's an acidic dish like tomato sauce. Also it's heat retention can easily overcook a delicate dish.

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