The Truth will change people ..

  1. That’s how I feel. The republicans I know who are family and friends are just kind of ignoring that these hearings are even a thing. They won’t argue that Jan 6 was oKAY… they just don’t really care too much about it.

  2. I think it will not change most minds. But for those who are so confident in their stance that they are willing to watch them because they're sure they will hear nothing of relevance, there will be some changed minds.

  3. I saw a poll that asked if Trump should be prosecuted for Jan 6. Results were 52% yes before the hearings, 58% now. Seems to me moving the needle a little but in a split two-party system like we have that’s all you need. I’m becoming confident that DJT could never win a general election ever again.

  4. It didn't change my mind but it definitely solidified my already encased in stone stance on Trump's involvement in the Jan 6 insurrection.

  5. I very much think it'll change the minds of those that actually watch it. The ones who will stay the same are the ones who wholeheartedly believe it when Fox says 'this is tyrrany! Fellow patriots, don't watch!'

  6. They will change minds. Trumpeteers generally hang out in echo chambers like Reddit, Trump/right extremist forums, etc.

  7. I hope they will too. Thousands of Georgia republicans, who presumably voted for trump in 2016, voted straight ticket gop in 2020 except for the presidential race. They left it blank.

  8. My dad has always voted Republican. Voted for Trump the first time. On Jan 6th we were talking about it and his response was "fuck Trump. He should be in jail and never allowed to run again". Not gonna lie I was pretty proud of him. I've seen so many others get lost in the Trump lies.

  9. Fox ran commercial-free during the first hearing to ensure that during the breaks their viewers wouldn't switch to the hearings. That is how desperate they are to cover their tracks. Oh, and Hannity was directly mentioned during that testimony on day 1.

  10. I think they might reach a few people on the fringes of Trump’s base who were never fully invested. But the fact of the matter is that people’s belief in him was never based on evidence or logic or even reality, which means that you can’t use those things as a means to argue them out of their position.

  11. It will never change everyone’s minds but really only 30% of the country is in line with Trump and even a moderate portion of that turning away from him and the current Republican Party could have real honest to god impacts on future elections.

  12. One of the left’s biggest blunders is that as politics have become more divided, they have given the opposition the benefit of the doubt while the right never did anything to earn it. I’ve seen too much empathy, compassion, and trying to understand the part of the right that literally tried to subvert democracy by overturning an election and who has done nothing to reciprocate compromise and understanding.

  13. Nah it absolutely won't, anyone who voted for Trump is living in a false reality and will deny anything and everything to support it

  14. Those who don't open their eyes with this will only dig themselves deeper into lunacy and conspiracies. Whoever is left supporting him after this will be volatile and dangerous, too far gone from reality.

  15. The maga media sphere is actively discouraging people from watching, saying it’s boring, scripted, fake. It’s super effective.

  16. Don’t have much hope for changing MAGA/Q minds, BUT I’m hoping it motivates more civil minded voters than a typical midterm election.Especially considering the coupe2.0 infrastructure being built in a lot of swing states right now. You’ve got folks running for pivotal state positions that I wouldn’t even hire to cut my grass.

  17. Gabe Sterling said something in the hearing yesterday that stuck out to me. He talked about a lawyer friend who is a Trump supporter. Gabe walked through 6 different false claims of election fraud, and provided facts as to why each claim was bullshit. The lawyer understood and agreed at each step. But by the end of the conversation, he still said that he knows in his heart that the Democrats cheated. The facts just simply don't matter to these people. They have 100% allowed their emotions to control their beliefs.

  18. My boss was an avid Trump supported four years ago. Since then I have watched him turn against Trump, turn against the Republican party for not denouncing Trump, to actively campaigning for a Democrat.

  19. I've had two different friends and a friendly acquaintance that had never bothered to even register before, vote in their first election in 2020. All of them had previously been "not into politics" and "our votes don't count anyway" types.

  20. I grew up seeing my dad watch both Fox News and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He voted republican his entire life until 2016 when he voted Democrat (and continues to do so). It's beautiful seeing people you care about change their views for the better

  21. All I want from the people I know that support trump, is for them to realize he is a crook. And stop supporting him, I’m not looking for them to change parties, just get rid of him.

  22. Nothing made some of the moderate members of my extended family move to being more liberal faster than trump. However, we did lose my aunt. Not to covid or anything. She just drank the kool aid and the family has stopped inviting her to things so they don’t have to listen to her “theories” or the news she read on Facebook. It’s sad. Her own children don’t speak to her. She blames all of us and our agenda against her. Sad to see our close knit extended family become unraveled.

  23. I wasn't "avid" at all, but I was a GOP voter. Trump changed all that. I registered Dem (just so I can continue to vote in primaries here, which are closed) and I've voted straight Dem since. I'll continue to do so. The GOP is now the GQP, and I don't believe they give a shit about anyone at all. Most politicians suck, but damn, they are putting on a master class.

  24. im truly glad your boss is becoming found of the lesser of two evils, but if you can be swayed around like that and don’t immediately know the obvious difference between right and wrong, suddenly voting democrat doesn’t absolve you of being a total fucking idiot.

  25. These are exceptions. From what I see among my relatives who are Trump supporters, the entrenchment of support has deepened.

  26. I was a hardcore Republican my whole life. It might've been around where my state legalized gay marriage towards the latter half of Obama's second term where I started to become more tolerant of liberal ideas like gay marriage. I was still voting Republican because fiscal responsibility is an important issue for me, which ended up making me leave the republican party faster because I learned they aren't.

  27. I live in Florida and this is changing none of their minds…they are still waving their Trump flags. It’s a cult.

  28. I watched a couple interviews with Steve Hassan, who is an expert on cults, and he's pretty aptly explained how it truly does operate like a cult.

  29. I don’t know. I’m in several client’s houses a day, most are staunch republicans. All of them were watching the trial yesterday. I was surprised. I’m sure it’ll change some of their minds.

  30. If you’ve seen keep sweet pray and obey on Netflix it kind of terrifying on how similar tactics they used and how this massive cult coincidently disbanded in 2016 and I’m pretty sure Trump supports called him a prophet.

  31. I’m in Washington state and saw a truck yesterday, prouder than ever, with “Trump Won” flags, @&!$ Biden stickers, and the usual Brandon gear. It’s sad to see someone so deep into a cult.

  32. People can change. It’s important to recognize when they do. It doesn’t absolve anyone of their past, and it doesn’t guarantee forgiveness, but it has to count for something.

  33. I think some people can change. Especially if there beliefs are heavily influenced by being trapped in a bubble which i think it's the case for many conservatives.

  34. I bet her dad’s hair slicks back realllllll nice. White bathing suit, White House, ketchup steaks at Mar-a-Lago, live for Jan 6. But people can change.

  35. But also keep in mind that that is a lot easier to say as someone who didn't deal with the person before they changed.

  36. I’m all for people changing. What pisses me off is when people change and then immediately want to be the leader of the new movement. If you were a fan of Elon Musk in 2012 when a lot of people were telling you that he’s evil, don’t expect those people to take you seriously because you finally changed. They were right and unless you actually apologize to the people you wronged after you change, I don’t actually give a fuck about how you feel. If that pushes people back to being Republican then it proves me point that they didn’t actually learn anything.

  37. The trick to getting people to learn the truth is to get them to pay attention to it. Many people who defy it are also doomed to ignore it.

  38. It isn’t difficult to forgive the people who supported Trump despite the overwhelming evidence from the beginning that he was corrupt and dangerous. Most people are overwhelmed with joy when a former Trump supporter sees the error of their ways, takes responsibility for their actions, and seeks to reconcile. I think most of us understand that there is something special about people who are able to find their way back after something like Trump. I think most of us recognize the courage and fortitude necessary to tackle that odyssey.

  39. It’s also important that (as much as we want to) no one mock or badger them if they change their political leanings. People by and large want to keep their dignity, they are less like to if they feel they are just going to made fun of.

  40. Had them on at a family thing today (Trump people) and my both of my aunts just said "I can't watch this." Most of them are unfortunately still willingly blind - afraid of what they'll find when they actually see the evidence.

  41. For those people, they basically spent 4-5 years (6-7 now for the ones still holding out hope for 2024) believing that the adulterous businessman, who was known in pop culture for being both morally and literally bankrupt all the time, was/is going to save America.

  42. Idk how to say this without being a dick, but I don't think a lot of Trumpists could actually understand what's being talked about in the hearings. It's not excessively complicated, but they get all their news in the form of jingoism & groupthink, I really don't think the majority of them could truly follow the hearings. Maybe that's wrong, Idk.

  43. If the only news you ever see is Fox, you have absolutely no idea of what is REALLY going on in the world. We should all watch/read multiple sources and formulate our own conclusions.

  44. Been saying this for at least a decade. While some media outlets are far more reputable than others, every source has a bias of some kind. And when a lot of sources range from cheekily misrepresenting things, to outright distorting the facts... sometimes the best way to get a sense of a story is to look at it from a bunch of different sources and see what points line up between them.

  45. Had a coworker tell me he watches every news network. I asked him if he really watches Fox News and he said, “yeah, I have to keep up with all the sources” and I told him I saw them talking about Jan 6 that day and he actually asked me, “yeah, what’s that all about?” 🤦‍♂️

  46. My parents raised me to have actual Christian values of love, tolerance, giving, compassion, then shame me for acting on said values. It’s mind boggling.

  47. Today watching the hearing the guy from Arizona said he refused to violate his oath, in part because 'he believes the Constitution is divinely inspired' (presumably as he also believes the Bible to be). That is nuts and this is the sort of GOP popular Christian dominionist fuckery that needs to change too. Just because this one guy did the right thing doesn't absolve his fellow dipshits with their flaky fictional beliefs that got us to this point to begin with.

  48. That made me throw up a little too. I'm glad he arrived at the decision he did, but I'm kind of wishing he hadn't shown his work

  49. My dad left the R party on Jan 6th. Will probably still vote for more sensible ones, but finally saw what wrath TFG brought.

  50. I've spoken to 3 Trump supporters or Republicans. All of them said they haven't watched them. I've tried to convince all to watch or tell them the evidence that is being presented by the committee.

  51. Do you know of a channel that has covered the hearing but in a shorter format? I'd love to watch but don't have many hours to watch it all

  52. Unfortunately, people who are zealots, extremists, and religious wack-a-doos often times won't even acknowledge facts and evidence that contradict their bullshit worldview. They deny, deny, deny.

  53. You're right about the zealots, but all demographics are gradients of ideology. We don't need the zealots to change, we only need 5% of the more moderate edge cases to see the light and change for 2024.

  54. Thank god my right wing dad doesn’t support Trump /didn’t vote for him either time. The problem is that he still attacks everything as a democrat plot to take down Trump, and that he’s a victim. En sum, my dad hates democrats more than Trump.

  55. I was very impressed with the integrity and patriotism of those who resisted tfg pressure tactics. It gave me hope that perhaps not all is lost.

  56. Yes, they may stand at the complete opposite of my political and social values but goddamn I have a deep respect for someone who stands by his moral compass and the constitution he swore to uphold and protect. Fuck Donald J. Trump.

  57. Not only that, but knowing what happened and watching voting restrictions occurring all over the country, to this day having people's feelings being more important than ballots (and they call dems snowflakes, gtfo). Watching all of that and seeing next to NOTHING happen legislatively by Democrats is where I lose hope for this nation. Dems can legislate a lot of our issues, yet they choose to want to be bipartisan like that somehow works. Grow a spine and get shit done Dems

  58. Many Trump supporters won't watch the Jan 6th hearings not because they believe them to be lies, but because they're afraid they are true.

  59. No… They aren’t innocent. They don’t want to not because they are afraid of the truth, but afraid of what will happen to their messiah.

  60. Someone should set up page that takes Fox's page but inserts the text of AP reports instead of the articles. They can still read "Fox" then.

  61. My mom had no idea how violent it was, no idea how much trump and his ilk edged them on and I think we all are kind of shocked the more we learn that was happening behind the scenes. I know I am at least and I thought I was informed before the hearings.

  62. Asked a coworker to watch them (a trump supporter). He replied asking “why?” To which I remarked about testimony and proof of trump’s misdoings and treasonous ways. He then went on a rant about it being fake and it’d be a waste of time to hear these alleged conspirators (in his mind) tell lies to bring trump down. Some if not most of his supporters are beyond gone. Even if trump said he’s lying himself they’d say some shit how he’s being forced or something wonky

  63. You might have better results getting TFG supporters to watch by telling them that republicans are not allowed to watch.

  64. Watching them and no longer supporting Trump are two different things. Taking it a step further, no longer supporting the party that enables this is another.

  65. Yeah, but like, this almost never happens. How could you be a Trump supporter this entire time and just now you see the light??

  66. This is only good change if they watch the hearings with a semi-open mind. If all they do is watch it and then listen to some right wing nuts spin it as being a bunch of lies, it helps no one.

  67. I've made efforts to watch every hearing uncut before engaging with anyone. You know most the Trump faithful are going to watch someone else talk about it. They said their aim wasn't at them but the more moderate voters. This hearing is not a witch hunt it's not a grand conspiracy, it's not left versus right, it's about the truth.

  68. But the other 20 million boomer lunatics are pretending there’s nothing happening. I overheard my parents watching fox spews earlier and every single pundit was going on and on about how great tromp policy was. 🤮

  69. My father has been watching the hearings, or at the very least, I know he watched the first one. I really hope they change his mind. If they do, I will say NOTHING about it. I have zero interest in shaming him for getting conned, it happens to the best of us. If I meet him with hostility, he is more likely to double-down on his previous beliefs. I love my dad with all (and more) of my heart and it hurts me to see him believe in these things. I truly hope these hearings will help heal our nation, even in the smallest bit.

  70. Sometimes men change for the better. Sometimes men change for the worse. And often, very often, given time and opportunity . . . they change back.”

  71. A Trumper just likes to keep pace with the facts so that they can better find ways to disregard them in a somewhat coherent manner when arguing with people.

  72. It's also making international news. In German radio Deutschlandfunk they were broadcasting segments of the hearing with live audio, e.g. the tearful testimony from one of the election helpers from Georgia that got doxxed by Trump.

  73. I have some coworkers like this. They either went from actively supporting him to pretty much calling him a stain on u.s. politics or staying quiet about actively supporting him and the GOP.

  74. My neighbor told me the other day that she was cheering on the insurrection on January 6th, and that she said to herself, “Finally! Civil War!” Her love of Trump and hatred of democrats was so virulent -it made me feel as if I was having a heart attack. After trying to share a few facts— all of which she had “answers” for (talking points from Tucker Carlson), I begged her to stop talking and said that although I had always liked her, we just had to agree not to discuss this. I went in the house and cried afterwards. Her face was so - nasty and hate filled- the sweet lady who is always planting flowers and waving hello! To be honest, between that and today’s heartbreaking hearing, I’m just feeling hopeless.

  75. It bothers me that depp/heard trial was everywhere. I couldn’t scroll Reddit without seeing a clip. Yet, I haven’t seen a single minute from this hearing because it’s just not talked about

  76. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Write letters to your Congressmen. We need to start flooding the media with our reactions. We should begin protests demanding the prosecution of the traitorous ringleaders involved in this. Right now the sane people are much too quiet.

  77. Hopefully Thursday is a bombshell. Apparently the person who was doing a documentary on Trumps family will be testifying. Might see some great videos that will finally sink these pieces of crap.

  78. My father-in-law voted for Trump twice. He’s been watching the hearings and now believes Trump is a bully and a criminal and will not vote for him again. The hearings are working!

  79. I called my dad on Sunday to wish him a happy Father’s Day and ended the call in rage tears after listening to him repeat every Republican talking point from “Elon will save Twitter” to “the one sided J-6 panel.” So frustrating and discouraging.

  80. Doesn't matter if the Reichwing nuts change, just need the Independent moderates to see what a train wreck the Republicans are as a group. Their votes swing elections as they don't vote straight tickets unless given a reason. These hearings will give them reasons to vote straight D tickets...

  81. The testimony from the poll worker and her mother was absolutely heartbreaking, I can't even imagine what would've happened to her and her family if trump was successful with his coup. Clearly he was trying to set them up to take the fall in GA if the state actually went along with Trump's request to 'find 11k votes'

  82. My own mother, who had Trump flags in her yard until a few days ago, told me she thinks Trump started out being what we needed, but he's changed to something she can't agree with or follow anymore. I'll take it.

  83. If Democrats are so smart that they can steal a presidential election while leaving no detectable fingerprints, Trump supporters should be thanking their god that that is the only thing we've done.

  84. Good things happen once conservatives leave the Fox News/Alt-right bubble. I've also seen people move away from the Republican party completely. I know it's tempting to say iT tOoK yOu lOnG eNoUgH, but progress is progress, even when frustratingly slow. Of course some people will support Trump literally no matter what, but it's important to keep exposing the corruption regardless.

  85. My MIL drinks from the punchbowl and I don't believe that she will believe a word of it. You could literally show he physical evidence of something and she would still deny it.

  86. Our family’s vacation home is an area w nothing but trxxp supporters. I mean trxxp supporter central. I mean to the point to where it’s uncomfortable. After the 2nd hearing, some people started taking their flags down. It is like finally being able to exhale after holding your breath. it may be small but its something.

  87. "Good change" would be these people connecting the dots from "holy shit how the fuck was I so wrong about this guy?" to "hey maybe I have been basing my beliefs on information from fundamentally flawed sources my entire life, and I should re-evaluate everything in light of the fact that I could be this wrong and not notice until now".

  88. The people who only NOW decide to change after all these years deserve neither forgiveness nor pity. There is lasting damage for our life time that an apology wont fix.

  89. His insane followers are just that insane. Trump knew what happened with the ballots he just needed to keep his mouth shut about it and not rile up his crazy followers. They're all idiots trump included. Still doesn't change the fact mail in ballots and ballot drop boxes were used to steal the election.

  90. This is a generalization, but I feel the majority of trump supporters will pretty much believe anything that is put in from of them, with limited thought - let alone any kind of independent research. Unfortunately they tend to gravitate toward Trucker Carlson/Fox news.

  91. My dad was a huge Trump supporter thanks to FOX brainwashing. He kept talking about how smart Trump is and took any criticism of the man very personally, but Jan 6 made him rethink things. I’m not sure if he’s watching the hearings.

  92. Over 100 trumpers who are determined to overthrow democracy have won their primaries for election for oversight and control positions since the hearings began. Republicans are a threat to the United States.

  93. It isn’t difficult to forgive the people who supported Trump despite the overwhelming evidence from the beginning that he was corrupt and dangerous. Most people are overwhelmed with joy when a former Trump supporter sees the error of their ways, takes responsibility for their actions, and seeks to reconcile. I think most of us understand that there is something special about people who are able to find their way back after something like Trump. I think most of us recognize the courage and fortitude necessary to tackle that odyssey.

  94. My dad is a hardcore Trumper and turning on him. When Democrats go after Trump it seems like normal political theater. When Republicans and his own family testify against him it brings a whole new level of validity

  95. Meanwhile, I'm seeing them double down and call the hearings fake news. I think this is wholesome and optimistic, but also wholly naive.

  96. 155 million people voted in the last election. If you can get 3-5 percent to think twice about January 6th, it will have a major impact.

  97. I have been trying to get mine to watch. My mom jumped ship a while back. My pops still has some issues. It’s really sad.

  98. My dad, a trump supporter, when presented with any facts… “I know in my heart the election was stolen” def won’t change a lot of peoples mind unfortunately.

  99. It’s difficult to remember all the stunts Trump pulled, all the lies he told, all the hate he spread, all the laws he broke in the short amount of time that he did. They are simply retelling the story, and the story is changing minds because of the things he did. Hold all of our leaders accountable!

  100. Truth only works if one is willing to accept it. I know some supporters who've watched this and still thought it was fake.

  101. Omg, this makes me feel better….. anyone who uses “ endorsed by tRump” as part of their political campaign ads should be an immediate DQ.

  102. I mean did he not see the actual day Jan 6? If you still supported Trump after that day there is something wrong with you. You side with a traitor to this country.

  103. Hopefully this will take enough viewership from Fox News that they die off… People will wake up to the truth eventually, but we can’t give up trying to educate everyone. Fox and other right wing news sites actively spew fascist ideology and propaganda, every mind we ween off that pipeline the better for the whole of humanity.

  104. In one of Trevor Noah’s recent video clip.. he mentioned how much trump has influenced people to be involved in politics. I think this is true.

  105. that was my unpopular take at the family gathering. I hate the man, but you kind of have to admit, his actions have given us something to be proud of. Every time I watch the hearings, I can't help but be proud of my country again. Feels like a bald eagle cannoning a freshly baked apple pie that explodes into fireworks in the shape of a flag while "Halls of Montezuma" plays

  106. But it is important how differently the involvement panned out depending on the side of the aisle. Trump supporters aren't truly involved in politics. They blindly follow a cult in the belief that they are right. Many of them do not care for politics at all. They only care about their side winning.

  107. People can change. I used to be a piece of shit. Spiked up blond hair, itty bitty jeans, chicken spaghetti at Chicolinis.

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