Alex Jones verdict... but think about the Christians!

  1. It’s amazing that there are so many people who can stand up for Alex Jones. They guy consistently lies and spreads rumors that turned into harassment. People getting death threats and constantly being attacked for no reason at all. He tried to say the vegas shooter was fake

  2. "because they said he wasn't truthful" funny spelling of "lied repeatedly to the court, then provided evidence of the lies"

  3. They must have missed the bit where he admitted sandy hook really happened and he lied about the whole thing.

  4. They appear think freedom of speech means the ability to insist upon one’s subjective reality at the cost of anything or anyone. Unless that anyone happens to be them, probably.

  5. The way they have phrased that as “he wasn’t truthful” is minimizing what he did to those poor families. It makes me sick that these people still have zero empathy for these families that were victimized by Alex Jones and his virulent followers.

  6. You missed the part where she implied that church leaders aren't truthful. Hence they should be afraid of being targeted.. That was the best part to me.

  7. Christians are good people and therefore should be free of consiqueses. Non christians are bad people and should suffer until they convert or die. This is the Evangelical world view I was raised with. Also husband's cannot rape their wives, it's physically impossible how can you violate your own property?

  8. If your dishonest speach hurts regular people you can be held financially liable, Jones bared false witness against these people and made their lives hell, freedom ends when it takes the freedom of others minding their own business, I don't know why so many conservatives want to use freedom as a weapon against other people removing their right to freedom.

  9. Not to mention they make it a matter of belief..."when they come for your church...hold them accountable because they don't believe you're truthful."

  10. Also she puts "wasn't truthful" like it's not that big of a deal to lie in court. You are not allowed to lie in court. There's a certain thing called perjury, and it's pretty serious.

  11. Just a new form of Martyrdom. Poor us - look at how those people are trying to stop us from spewing lies, hatred and bigotry in the name of our saviour Trump err, sorry, Jesus.

  12. If Jesus is returning soon, that means that the prophecies about Christians being persecuted and beheaded must start happening. So therefore, since they’re ‘Christian’, they MUST be the victim. Except they’re the ones spreading violence and fear

  13. Today I learnt that people with the American flag in their name on twitter are even worse than people who have flags on their cars

  14. In Spain it’s been like that for a while too. Spanish flag in the username? Fascist 99.99% of the time.

  15. It’s gotten to the point whenever I see someone with an American Flag or a sticker or wearing it, I just know they are a terrible person and a fake Christian. I’m not saying I’m right, but I have yet to be proven wrong.

  16. Most of those people have never left the country either and have no clue or pretend that no other country exits. Out of sight out of mind type of folks. Probably thinks there’s only one planet and it only has their country in it. Lol

  17. yes, the so called 'patriots' (from any country in the world) are the worst of the worse. in my country is the same thing, ppl that use the flag on their twitter names are all crazy right wing lunatics, liars just like this fat blob. here we have a bonus, because they use the BR flag + USA flag + Israel flag. they just love US and Israel for some reason.

  18. If you come to America also avoid the blue line flag bumper stickers, Jesus fish, don’t tread on me flags, stars and bars, and anything with trump on it. Guaranteed one of these cunty people. I appreciate most of them make themselves known somehow. It’s the ones you don’t expect that really get you.

  19. I love the comment about “weaponization of the judiciary”. Like yeah Lesa, that is what’s happening, but it’s not against y’all.

  20. The fact that people basing their entire world view on the delusion of an omnipotent creator are even eligible for office in the first place 🤧

  21. So, as I understand it, they’re concerned that the government will go after Christians…based on a defamation case where the defendant provably lied to his viewers and the court.

  22. I seriously can't see which government will come after christians either, because all the fascists in the government or opposition are christian.

  23. Christianities number of followers in the U.S. has been falling dramatically since the early 2000s (Pew Research says about 12% decline over the last decade and increasing, even greater for evangelical centric denominations). I feel like Christianity, in the U.S., is like a wounded animal backed into a corner lashing out wildly without understanding the why. Why is it lashing out so wildly, because it’s death, in terms of power whether financially, politically, or etc., is happening before us… though it will be a slow, long drawn out death and it will lash out more

  24. Growing up in the church, I was subjected to countless horror stories of how society is gonna turn against Christians and round them up to be put into death camps and now I see that they're determined to turn that into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  25. I think most of the true Christians are gone. By true Christians I mean the genuine Ned Flanders Christian. These Christofacist are filling the vacuum. I knew a Ned Flanders family growing up. Learned a lot about healthy family dynamics. It was much needed exposure.

  26. Not to sound like a villain in a Christian afterschool special, but is there perhaps anyway we can speed up this process of decline, I'm not saying go a full 100%, hell I'm fine if it just went to 15 percent, I'm just wondering if there was a way to make this thing go any faster

  27. Crazy flocks to crazy. The crazy ones drive away the casual or sensible churchgoers. And those are many.

  28. Last time Christian numbers dwindled in america they started burning women as witches. Fear sells religion. Tale as old as time.

  29. Well, explaining the concept of perjury to them won't work (even if you describe it in the context of swearing on a fucking Bible) so I'll have to go with your solution.

  30. That last tweet about “weaponization of the judiciary” are you fucking kidding me. Do they not know that Christian nationalist via the federalist society spent the last 50 years packing courts at every level and recently succeeded in their capstone achievement of being able overturn roe v wade in the Supreme Court? How would that not fit under weaponization of the courts.

  31. Perhaps somebody should slander Mr. Posobiec, get psychopaths threatening his family by telling lies about him, and see if that helps him understand defamation and libel isn't "free speech"

  32. People like that are constitutionally incapable of connecting the dots and extending empathy through shared suffering. You'll notice in the pic posted above that none of them expressed sympathy for anyone, not Jones' victims and not even Jones himself (not that he deserved it but ya know). You can't make them sympathetic to the victims by putting them through something similar because, on some level, they always think their situation is special.

  33. The 1st amendment states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

  34. Imagine warning your churchy pals, en masse, that the woke establishment is going to start making the grifters stop grifting. And, in turn, that this may mean your leaders will be held accountable. How do you miss the point that badly?

  35. Ever notice how these yahoo's that post shit like this that defends people like Alex Jones, or who identify as Christian Nationalists... almost always have American Flag emojis next to their names. It's all vomit inducing bullshit.

  36. I love how "Christians" always know how to play the victim. In every scenario. In thousands of years that they were the oppressors, they somehow feel they are the victim

  37. So my question to them is, how would they feel if they lost a child in a tragedy like Sandy Hook, and someone told them they were lying and didn't really lose a child?

  38. Alex Jones' words caused indescribable and irreversible damage to these parents. Imagine losing your child in a school shooting, and then receiving death threats because some guy on the Internet said you lied about your child dying.

  39. These are the same shitheads who cheered when Trump talked about "opening up those libel laws". Bunch of snowflakes.

  40. Every time Trump attacked the free press they cheered. Every time he suggested harming journalists they cheered. Shit, that Montana governor shithead body slamed a journalist and Trump said nothing.

  41. Truly disgusting. And the best example I have seen so far in a long time to leave the church as fast as you can. Organized religion has lost its way so much that the only road left leads directly to Hell.

  42. He’s ordered to pay damages because he purposely lied which led to threats and harassment to parents that lost their children. He wasn’t simply spouting an ignorant opinion. He knew the truth but he lied for ratings. What he did was against the law. The end

  43. "Oh man that man used his audience to terrorize the parents of children who died in a school shooting... but he's the victim tho and theyre gonna come for YOU next."

  44. These people won't learn anything until it happens to them. And sometimes even then. It's like they're asking for someone to publicly slander them for a decade 🤷‍♀️

  45. If that lady’s church has leadership which uses their control over the congregation to spread lies about individuals in full knowledge they are lies, sending many of the nut bags on hate brigades against the people slandered, then yes there should be legal repercussions. Perhaps the religious right has gotten away with so much so far that they believe they are above the law. Entitlement and privilege. When the rules suddenly apply to them, they feel fear and channel that into a persecution complex.

  46. Nothing happened to Alex Jones. He wasn’t on trial. That’s a doppelgänger. He wasn’t ordered by a jury to pay anything. That’s a set and the whole thing is a sham like the moon landing or parents learning about their child being gunned down and blown to pieces at school. #FakeNews

  47. Alex Jones said people who buried their kids were faking it. Let that shit sink in. If your pastor is doing that, fuck him and fuck you.

  48. That’s how I read it, 100%. These people are telling on themselves and their “beliefs” all the time.

  49. I choose to believe that many of the posts like this are Russian trolls. I know I’m wrong, but it helps me sleep at night

  50. I guarantee that if Trump or some other MAGA motherfucker sued someone for defamation they wouldn’t be crying about “fReE sPeecH”. They only whip out the 1st amendment when it’s relevant for them.

  51. Can’t believe how far these people went into the hole of ignorance and how they’ll really never come back to basic levels of common sense.

  52. First they came for the lying scumbag sociopaths, and I did nothing, because the legal system was working as intended.

  53. So if they're worried that next we'll come for the pastors for not being truthful, does that mean they also don't think the Bible is based on reality?

  54. I can promise you this I would be In prison today if I was one of those sandy hook parents because that disgusting thing would have met his maker

  55. What is it with these people and sucking off completely provable liers, guy said shooting didn't happen (it did) and didn't change his stance for 10 years even after video evidence AND the phone record of him KNOWING he's lying.

  56. If only there was some sort of structure of... laws? That set precedent for what is perjury and libel. Oh well, that totally doesn't exist so I guess I'll listen to this Christian reactionism!

  57. Do they understand that you can say whatever you want, which is freedom of speech. However you’re not free from the ramifications of said speech

  58. Conservatives: We should be able to prevent you from talking about the existence of LGBT people and racist history of the US.

  59. The first amendment doesn't give you the right to lie and harm others. Lying is a sin in most religions and should not be acceptable on that basis alone.

  60. Christians are the most persecuted group in the US after all. Must be tough when you’re over represented in Congress and the judiciary, and don’t understand what freedom of speech actually is.

  61. My team is correct and any negative news about them or punishments they get for obvious wrongdoing is an attack on us all cuz nothing we say or do can be wrong. Anytime we are proven clearly wrong or caught committing crimes its a conspiracy and a scam. We can do no wrong and if accused the accuser is the bad guy telling lies.

  62. Can’t wait for them to claim it’s (d)ifferent when rittenlouse sues “big media” for defamation.

  63. I bet "big media" comes prepared to face a lawsuit instead of thinking this whole thing was a bit for their next broadcast.

  64. They say the same thing about every right winged poser. either own up to your words or suffer the consequences. STOP MAKING EXCUSES.

  65. I went on a walk today and peeled 2 info wars stickers off of a stoplight pole. I like to think I'm helping from home.

  66. Well we know that they know what libel is, because they cheered when Trump said we wanted to “open up” America’s libel laws. So they can’t JUST be hearing about it…

  67. Christians and Conservatives have the biggest persecution fetish and complex imaginable. They seriously will say anything is attacking their right to X while simultaneously committing treason and actively oppressing women and trans people with legislation and rhetoric that incites violence against them and even scholars/doctors that help them. They are quite literally stripping a huge swath of people from having basic human rights and un-ironically think that they are the oppressed ones.

  68. At first they came for Alex Jones and I did nothing...because he's a guilty POS that should be rotting in jail for what he has done.

  69. As a Christian I’m all for Alex jones paying. No one is going to come and make our churches pay because they disagree. The things he had said about sandy hook are disgusting and I think all Christian’s should be against him.

  70. No way are these accounts real. I know many people lost all common sense, thanks to the "news" and all the fear they feed the masses. Gotta be bot accounts from china or Russia.

  71. I can’t even imagine being so sociopathic as to want to defend a monster like Alex Jones. I would say publicly defaming people & making the parents of murdered children the targets of harassment & death threats is as low as it’s possible to get, but these “Christians” would just take that as a challenge.

  72. Yes. I will use truth as a weapon. I hope it cuts down all the lies in the world. How are you going to try to claim moral high ground over that lmao.

  73. I've believed this for a long time but conservatives literally don't believe in/understand the very concept of truth.

  74. It's not because he told lies. It's because he actively shamed and attacked the parents and called them liars, that's defamation and you can be sued for that, which he was

  75. All I'm hearing is that we need to start finding these people on Facebook and telling everyone in their social circle that they're kkk members

  76. And in the same breathe they’ll support Trumps lawsuit against the Clintons. I swear these guys just want to be angry about things.

  77. What saddens me is that Texas law limits punitive damage to just $750K. So the verdict will be reduced from $47M to just a couple mil, at best.

  78. “Children were shot to death and this man harassed their grieving parents.” “But what about my imaginary persecution fetish?”

  79. Oh, what a surprise, Christians misrepresenting the situation to fulfill their needs for a persecution complex.

  80. Nah, I'll speak for the real Christians here and say have at him. Twisted and morally bankrupt men like him should have no power here.

  81. That’s an amazingly idiotic position for them to take. Considering the entirety of Christianity or any other religion is based on the concept that everyone else is lying and you’ve got the one true path… This is nothing short of insane

  82. These people just absolutely must be mostly bots from another country that are trying to sow discord in the US. There is just no way that multiple people can say things like this in a genuine fashion.

  83. Yup we will come for your pastor. If he fucks children, hurts children, abuses children or lies about them. You better believe it

  84. JFC. They really want a society where Christians are never held accountable because some god deemed them special.

  85. Economists and judges say this one crazy trick can save you tons! Try not being a liar and shitting on people on media.

  86. Really telling that these "Christians" are worried about finally having to pay the consequences for lying to people

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