Even the cultists are giving up

  1. I live in central Florida, they aren’t all gone, but I did notice a lot less yesterday. In my town, I saw a suspiciously lot less “Don’t blame me, I voted for Trump.” yard signs.

  2. Because it’s absurd to take an anecdotal tweet about one person driving down a single street as the absolute indicator on anyone’s approval rating, or some massive cultural problem being reversed.

  3. Because its bullshit. I'm near potter's county pa and I see no lie hundreds on my commutes to job sites.

  4. There’s always a lot less signs post primaries. I smiled this morning like the heathen I am dropping my kids off at church in Kansas because all those giant signs are down from that whole church corridor, all those signs churches must have thrown in the trash had up asking us to let politicians control our bodies

  5. Im literally on a road trip around Orlando right now. Just spent the last 2 days camping deep in Ocala. This tweet is 100% not true. There is an absolutely mind boggling amount of trump lawn decorations out.

  6. I’ve been driving through rural (north & east) Texas for work the last couple years. The number of flags has decreased significantly in that timeframe. Feels like it used to be every other house and has decreased to maybe one every few miles?

  7. Because it probably isn't, I live in tampa and around here and the neighboring areas there is just as much signage as before and honestly I'm seeing more bumper stickers. The only thing I don't see often any more is the hats.

  8. I live in Central Florida and see my fair share of Trump flags and whatnot. Seeing many more FUCK BIDEN flags now, too.

  9. Also north central FL here. I frequently drive thru one road notorious for trump flags. This month they got a new one that reads “Don’t blame me. I voted for Trump”

  10. I'm a little south of you and can confirm. I'll believe it's over when that big ass blue painting of trump on the turnpike is taken down.

  11. Here in North Carolina I get the pleasure of driving past a beautiful Trump 2024 flag that just about (but not quite) perfectly covers the hole in the side of the owner's trailer. I really want to know what Trump has done for him. After 4 years of Trump I haven't seen any progress in fixing that hole or getting any of the three cars in the yard running....or moved at all.

  12. SWFL here and they are still everywhere, though I will concede, there are quite a few less. Local politicians are still running on kissing his ass, though.

  13. Northeast Georgian, I’ve been seeing Trump/Pence signs since the election but now they just say “Trump” and Pence is scribbled out with a sharpie…

  14. Nature Coast here, yeah still all over the place. Newsmax on the all the local bars tv's since Fox called the election for Biden. I guess they're too liberal now

  15. Yeah, was out at Cedar Key and it’s still the cult of Trump and Daddy DeSantis out there. These fuckers don’t care as long as their taxes don’t go up and they have free reign to be raging assholes to minorities and liberals.

  16. Yeah, considering that in Phoenix there are currently, today, armed open carrying protestors outside the FBI building there, which granted isn't FL, kind of makes me believe that yeah, they definitely are NOT gone.

  17. Yeah, I’m dying to know what they consider the backroads of Central FL, you hit up Mims and the cancer is still everywhere.

  18. Sometimes they do, but not this one. This one is likely to go full blown Aum Shinrikyo with less personal sacrifice and more guns.

  19. Exactly, if his supporters were smarter I'd almost suspect that stuff like this is a ploy to try to get liberal to put their guard down so that they don't take him seriously, just like what happened in 2016

  20. I 100% would want him to run again. As terrible as it is, desantis genuinely scares me more because it feels like he wins easily (right now anyway). I’m not saying trump is a guaranteed loser in 2024, but he feels like a more likely loser than desantis.

  21. Northeast Ohio here. Every day on my drive to work, I drive by one house with a hand painted sign that has a new pro-Trump/anti-Biden message probably every 2 weeks or so. At least they stopped flying their American flag upside down to protest the 2020 election a few months ago though I guess.

  22. I have seen a bit of a decrease while driving to Northwest rural Ohio, but there are definitely still people doubling down. Some trump signs might be gone, but the confederate and nazi flags are still there so... I don't want to start declaring victory.

  23. There are "Trumper Supporters" and then there are "QAnon Believers"... The QAnon believers are the die-hards that will never give up. I mean they were willing to believe that JFK Jr. was still alive and was going to show up to make Trump president again... Even amongst people that voted for Trump that has to sound crazy for a lot of them.

  24. Right. This certainly isn't the case in central Ohio, although a billboard on 70 that threatened Dewine has been replaced, so that's progress?

  25. I’m not sure I completely believe this, but if it’s true then others are correct in assuming it reflects a shift in loyalty to DeSantis. In semi-rural VA there are plenty of folks “waiting for the facts” if not outright claiming the evidence was planted.

  26. Indeed. Some of the Trump stuff in the Michigan neighborhoods in my area that have been around since 2016 got taken down after Trump’s terrible handling of covid, but I haven’t seen a single one get taken down recently due to the FBI raid or anything. There’s still plenty of Trump signs and flags in many places, and there’s even some DeSantis stuff up now as well. And of course, almost every pickup truck I see here has a Trump sticker on it.

  27. That's what they get for hitching their horse to the shit wagon. Let their lives fall to ruin trying to make a king in a land of king killers.

  28. They also refuse to watch or listen to "main stream media" so nothing that's been happening with the raids will change their view of Trump. They're being fed lies that FBI planted evidence etc. I saw a tweet where one of his followers said there's no way any of this accusations could be true because Trump loves America more than anyone

  29. My aunt fell down the Trump hole late in life. At the end she wouldn’t wear masks or get the vaccine so when she got Covid she died. I still miss her though. I know we aren’t supposed to have sympathy for dead Trumpers but she was always so kind to me. Always had a big plate and big hugs. It sucks that she lost her life for one guy who didn’t care about her. 99% of her life she was one of the most amazing people in the world. That 1% she gave to Donald Trump took her life and took an awesome spirited woman from all of our lives

  30. Central Florida here. Idiot neighbor took down confederate flag but left up Let's go Brandon and Trump flags. There are these fly by night Q anon flag sellers popping up in abandoned gas stations and assorted parking lots. They only sell Trump and anti Democrat banners and flags . All of the crappy rhetoric we hear, they place on a flag and make it very easy to buy.

  31. There was one in my town, I called the police then went to watch. To my surprise 3 sheriffs pulled up and shut him down within 30m. I was laughing my ass off watch this guy taken down every flag he had just put up. Pride, Trump flags, don’t tread on me odd choice mix.

  32. The 'both sides' people amaze me because of shit like this. I mean, have you ever seen a pop-up flag stand selling anything pro-Democrat?

  33. I saw a video of one supporter in distress, crying "I know in my heart and soul, he has never lied about anything."

  34. I find it fascinating that they see no irony in this situation, and their avid “lock her up” pronunciations about Hillary. Most probably don’t even understand the concept of irony, but some of these a$$hat politicians do. SMH

  35. It’s not that they can’t see him doing illegal things, it’s that they believe the law doesn’t apply to them or him, but that it applies to the people they hate. And they’ll say it do anything - anything - to maintain that illusion.

  36. Ugh… you’re right. There was apparently a boat parade for DeathSentence last week. I saw photos on Nextdoor. Someone actually had a “Daddy Desantis” flag. Pardon me while I go puke…

  37. They have no line; conservative talking pt is that he declassified everything and had/has every right to any and all US intelligence and since WE elected him, he can do whatever he so see’s fit

  38. Not buying it. I saw 20+ white boomers waving Trump flags at a busy intersection during rush hour in very blue Fairfax VA on Friday.

  39. Bronx, NY resident here. Yesterday morning I drove by a house that had a “Trump Train” caravan of cars. Not surprisingly a whole lotta of pickup trucks 🛻 🛻 🇺🇸 Not to mention the dozen or so “Trump 2024 - Save America Again” and “…Make Votes Count Again” I saw in front of ppl’s houses 👀

  40. Nah, I see people daily with big obnoxious flags hanging off their trucks. Don't get complacent about them. These people 100% are still drinking the orange Kool aid.

  41. So, Trump has been under investigation for Russian ties since before he was elected. He is a rich, born rich, non religious person who never served in the military and was a New Yorker and actor most of his life.

  42. In July I drove 2000+ miles through 7 states, including rural Florida and nearly all through Trump country. I saw one Trump sign total. Last year there were hundreds on this route and in 2020 there were thousands. This was before the FBI warrant. Support is still high but the signs are way less common than they were. I did see a ton of “Let’s go Brandon” and Thin Blue Line signs.

  43. I can’t for the life of me figure out why a lot of people are so quick to bite onto on this kind of fairytale bullshit. The FBI raid gave Trump a

  44. I have some friends who live out in the boonies in Michigan- when I go to visit, there used to be trump flags on every other house.

  45. Honestly, I really appreciate the Trumpers that put up lawn signs and bumper stickers and flags. Really makes it easy to spot the dumbass paranoid conspiracy-theorists in the area.

  46. Two people have killed themselves because Trump’s house was raided. The cult is stronger than ever

  47. I live in Juniper and drive around the state for work… yeah, no. They are still beholden to their orange pussy grabbing god

  48. This may be true, but I still see them every time I drive outside of the city here in Michigan. One time I passed multiple confederate flags.

  49. No they aren’t. Would love for the cult to dissolve but it’s more probable that they are getting their flags dry cleaned at the exact same time than it is for them to have suddenly gain any level of human-like morality

  50. Just drove through southern Missouri, more than one residence had homemade Trump 2024 signs looking like the were hand made from the last $1.45 the whole family had pooled together for supplies. How do they not understand that Republicans/Trump aren't really "for" them. True cultists don't give up.

  51. I live in suburban Chicago. In two days I’ve seen more trump hats and T-shirt’s and a freaking flag that was half Stars and Stripes half confederate. These people are doubling down.

  52. I was recently on a road trip through some rural areas of California that last year were littered with Trump signs. This year on the same route, I saw only one. I seriously doubt they've "seen the light" but better that than being visually assaulted by Trump signs every mile.

  53. Really? Come to Yucaipa California. There’s more trumpers there than you could shake a stick at. Was at dinner there 2 nights ago. The man sitting in the booth next to us was wearing a “let’s go brandon” tee shirt and flying a trump flag on his truck. They honestly do not care what he does. They are convinced he’s their man. Their devotion to him is on some whole nother level in Yucaipa. They believe he will be exonerated. They believe he is innocent and even if he’s not, they don’t care… It’s mass hysteria, right? Or something?

  54. Apparently selling nuclear secrets to americas enemies was where they drew the line on his corrupt behavior.

  55. Bullshit. And the trump desantis 2024 flags popped up where the ones with pence crossed off used to be

  56. Not only are they not gone here in rural Texas, but they're multiplying. I've seen new ones popping up every day.

  57. Central FL resident here (Volusia County). The Trump signs are definitely not gone. In fact, there is still a Trump rally at a major intersection in my town every Friday afternoon. I have to go out of my way to avoid that area so my kid doesn’t read the profanity and obscenities on their signs and flags.

  58. I drive past this house everyday that has a big billboard on the lawn. went from MAGA 2020, to stop the steal, to MAGA 2024 + Let’s go Brandon

  59. If one thing is for sure, they’ll double down and support that orange faced lunatic even more. There’s a sign up here (northwestern Michigan) that’s got the 2020 crossed out and 2024 spray painted under it.

  60. As someone who works out in Central Fl and what I call 'Trump Country'... they're not gone. Some have disappeared but not all of them. Funnily enough the God+Trump=Peace one I saw a while back was gone though.

  61. Pffft, they're scared of being marked. If Trump somehow Houdini's his way out of jail they'll be back in droves.

  62. Waukesha county Wisconsin here, still signs up. Lots of billboards up as well for Trumps August 20th rally. They all awkwardly say “Milwaukee loves Trump!” Even though the election results in Milwaukee would say otherwise.

  63. I live in Florida, and I can confirm that what she saw was either an anomaly or completely made up. My neighborhood is still jam packed with Trump/DeSantis/MAGA/Qanon shit. Cult members don't just suddenly become disaffected and leave the cult en masse. This is most likely just wishful thinking in an attempt to demoralize them.

  64. I don't know which central florida back roads she's driving through cause this is not true .... unfortunately

  65. Southwestern PA reporting in: I drive past at least 3 places selling Trumpet merch on my way to work every morning. If I come the other way home, there’s the house that we always give the finger as we drive by, with the confederate flags, the truck with Trump jibberish written all over it, and a huge jacked up truck painted like the General Lee. There’s a house across the street from the closest gas station to my house with “fuck Biden”, “Trump 2024”, and at least 3 other huge flags on their front of their house/porch. Those are just the most egregious ones/what I can think of off the top of my head.

  66. South Florida here, the 2024 Trump flags are plentiful. Just wait until they release the don’t tread on me plates…

  67. I don’t believe that for a second. There’s a “MAGA Country” flag right down the road from me in Indiana. If Indy hasn’t given up I know Florida hasn’t.

  68. Huh, so all warning signs are gone and now there is nothing left? It's almost like a calm in the weather, good things that's all it is.

  69. Don't get your hopes up. Remember January 2021 when huge swaths of the conservative population "quit" social media because it was too polarizing and political...then came back in February to spread propaganda defending January 6 after their cult leaders gave them political cover to do so?

  70. Don't get your hopes up. Want me to drive down my road here in western NY and count the Trump flags and Let's Go Brandon flags within one mile? Ugh.

  71. Don't get excited. I live in northern michigan and no one has taken down any signs. They will never give up on him. Having any hope of that is very foolish.

  72. Dude this is just not true, what’s with the wishful thinking circle-jerk? This is the same kind of myopic self-satisfied back-slapping that led democrats to think they had the 2016 election in the bag. As far as I’m concerned, this isn’t over until Trump is in jail, fled overseas to escape jail, or dead and buried.

  73. I wish people would stop saying stuff like this because doubting the stupidity is how he got elected in the first place.

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