This guy exceeds GOP’s membership qualifications!

  1. The best part about this photo is they have curved corners. Cutting out some pixels from the original photo leaves it slightly less ugly.

  2. idk he's younger than me and with the way things are going, all politicians will be 75+ years old in the future and I'll be dead before it's his turn.

  3. If you make eye contact with kyle in the photo and then MTG, you can see she's looking in 2 directions at once and neither of them are forward

  4. Call me nuts but I cannot imagine ever smiling again knowing that i murdered another human being - depriving the universe of everything they, and their ancestors, would have ever accomplished.

  5. The right / fascism has had this trick for centuries. All you have to do is train yourself to see ‘the other’- whoever you designate that to be- as less than human. Then it’s morally acceptable to enslave, shoot, gas chamber, rape, do whatever you want to them.

  6. This. There is a sick evil rot in our society. Who embraces and cuddles up to this guy and promotes them? He purposefully engaged enraged racial rights protestors and murdered 2 unarmed people.

  7. These two chucklefucks have a lot of nerve standing in front of the flag representing the government they want to overthrow.

  8. Is Margret Taylor green Rittenhouse surrogate mother they can go shooting together and share lawyers and many more fun times that racists do🤸🤸🤸

  9. Wouldn't be surprised if they hooked up to be the new power couple for conservatives, like Bennifer or Brangelina, they can be called Rittarjorie.

  10. Of course! We’ve already lowered the bar to ground level for the likes of MTG and her daddy Trump. Might as well get this assclown in there, too! Be careful to not ugly cry when you get overwhelmed, Kyle.

  11. What a long list of accomplishments right there. One is an internet troll who got elected by a bunch of fucking assholes and the other one’s big accomplishment was murdering 2 people.

  12. To be registered in any party you just have to fill in the bubble when registering. So there's not much of a qualification to pretty much anything other than being a citizen over 18.

  13. Yikes lmao really?! Now I didn’t think he could get lower but holy shit is he dumb and can probably step even lower

  14. I want to point out that this guy was on trial for murder, and ended up a celebrity because if it. This guy gets more recognition for killing two people than soldiers returning from Iraq did.

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