This is what Repulsive looks like!

  1. He looks like such a fucking goober. How come Republicans have the most punch able faces? Like seriously they all look like people you would want to punch?

  2. How soul devouring must it be to make the fact you killed some guys your brand. I believe it was self defense but this kid and his self enrichment from it is the worst of our society.

  3. You know, republicans aren’t the only ones out there that exercise the 2A. Democrats own plenty of guns. They difference is they don’t take them outside in public places and make them their entire personality.

  4. As a responsible left wing gun owner, this jack wagon disgusts me. Everything he did goes against every responsible ownership and handling standard on the books.

  5. Exactly we have several guns in our house but they stay locked away in a gun case because they are for self defense. My dad carries a pistol for self defense as well but he keeps it concealed or in the car not out on his hip for the world to see. My mom has one as well but she bought a cool purse that has a slot with a holder because they don't have them so they can show them off and intimidate people they have them for if an emergency requires them.

  6. I never understood that. Many republicans believe they are the only ones that own guns. I go to the range weekly.

  7. Heh I (Democrat) carry concealed everywhere I'm allowed to but would only ever use it as an absolute last resort. I've had it on my person during one or two gas station robberies (one involving an assault) and once when a man was wielding a knife downtown and in all of those instances called the police.

  8. My god this kid’s such a fuckin piece of shit. So is America’s judicial system. White privilege is a fuckin joke.🗑

  9. He has what I like to call: Bad genetics. Dudes hairline has been receding since he was in trouble when was like 16.

  10. Hey now… it’s not like he deliberately went out of his way with the hope and intention of shooting someone and calling it vigilante justice.

  11. I suspect he is going to overplay his hand at some point. He is going to show up at some event or venue where he believes is in a safe space b/c he is *the star* and find out different when he leaves for his motel six on the edge of town.

  12. The only reason George Zimmerman wasn't treated like this by the right is because he was Mexican. They've been waiting for their white shooter hero for years.

  13. Zimmerman was praised a bit, but not as much as Rittenhouse is, that’s for sure. IIRC they decided to destroy Rittenhouse’s rifle because Zimmerman’s was not and he auctioned it off (or tried to?).

  14. Lot of ire rightfully directed at Boebert but don't sleep on the mundane, obstructive conservative evil which is Thomas Massie. The guy is a high-grade douchebag

  15. I’ve met him (in a group of about 10 so it was a very close encounter) and seeing him perform mental gymnastics in real time was so deeply concerning

  16. Stop tweeting, retweeting, blogging, reporting, showing, or even mentioning these idiots. Just stop. Without the drama they are nothing

  17. That’s the Republican Party for ya, being a killer makes you an hero. Just like the BIBLE said “thou shalt Kill”. Well that’s from the conservatives bible

  18. I know this is going to sound very Boomer and might risk some karma but her attachment to baseball hats in office settings is so weird to me. You’re the head of a congressional caucus acting in that capacity in a formal setting and you put on a trucker cap?

  19. Can we not platform these fuck heads? Like sharing their post is exactly what they want. Take away their attention and theyll scream til they pass out

  20. Correct me if I'm wrong- but is the kid who opened fire into a protest and somehow not get in any trouble now somehow a republican poster child and future candidate?

  21. I cannot believe he got away with murder and didn’t just want to sink into obscurity and hope he never got in trouble again.

  22. Wow. Honestly I was originally in the camp that he was a stupid kid at the wrong place at the wrong time and made a dumb-ass decision resulting in a massive cluster fuck.

  23. I used to think Massie was a practical guy but his position on Rittenhouse has changed my mood about him.

  24. It looks like he's making the face of I'm being groomed in my grandparents clothes to be the next Maga blow hard poster child so I don't look like a hate spewing hate loving racist basically he's getting a free lesson in how to get away with it 101 by a porn star and dirty man hell just turn on fake tears again boo hoo me I got caught. Biggest bunch of bull.

  25. God, I can't wait to show up armed to the teeth to the next Trump rally, begging someone to give me a reason and make me famous.

  26. kids are growing up watching this and thinking that all they need to get a job in politics is to commit a crime and win a trial as long as the politics align with your crime.

  27. Massie was the asshole who made a point of posting his family Christmas photo last year where everyone was armed with varying degrees of "gigantic firearm" less than a week after 4 students were killed in that school shooting in Michigan.

  28. Imagine becoming famous for killing people. Not even being a famous murderer like OJ, just a kid who's mom allowed them to murder others in another state that had no impact on their lives (or really anyone elses).

  29. In any other developed country, this piece of shit would have been in prison, at the very least. But here we are in America, supposedly one of one of the most powerful country in the world, celebrating a cowardly killer for the sake of the fucking gun lobby. Sad to be an American when I see asinine nonsense like this.

  30. Republicans really do fully embrace their villainy, like deep down you’d hope they’d realize how fucked up they are, but I don’t think they do.

  31. Lol... at first I was repulsed by this idiot... but now I'm actually excited for when he does run for office. GenZ gonna take him out back and whoop his ass

  32. Pictures sums up the republican party to the T….murder 2 people with guns to “defend” businesses that werent his and ur fucking celebrated….meanwhile they want to jail a teacher for telling a kid he is important even though he might be gay or trans or non binary or jail a woman who goes to another state to get an abortion even though she is a single mom with 4 other mouths to feed and was pregnant due to rape

  33. think they’re gonna have a 3some tonight? wonder what kind of excuse kyle would have for using his “gun” in that scenario

  34. So a groomie, a murderer and an insurrectionist walk into.... wait this isn't a joke? Guess our political system is then.

  35. The galling thing is they don’t believe any of this. Its only a means to an end. They have no platform policy or principals. They will say and do anything to get votes from the people they continually torment and frighten.

  36. Kyle is a murderer no matter how you cut it, and for Republicans to make him their poster boy says a lot about the tone they want to set going into the future.

  37. It's sick, really. Wtf is wrong with these people, and why did anyone vote for her? And they hang out with a murderer and I have so many questions.

  38. I love their backwards logic. Its fine to own a gun for self defense so you can take someone elses life when yours is threatened but a terminal pregnancy where the mothers life is threatened is totally off limits for them cause god says so.

  39. I own guns and can’t imagine how fucking lame your life must be making your entire life about the thing I lock in my closet and look at once a month.

  40. I guess this is where they're at on the right, kill libs and be made into a folk hero / right-wing celebrity. And he had the gall to complain about not being able to have a normal life.

  41. I wonder if at any point in his life he will go through any self reflection. If he had any remorse he would simply go away, him wanting the spotlight after all this is sociopathic.

  42. Motherfucker gunned down couple of people and make it his entire brand of existence. Its like if you get your dick sucked by 14 years old and get away with it cuz your were in red state then you go to house senate and your were like 'hey we should make it legal to get our dick sucked by 14 years old.' Fucking lunacy. If this slim dick was in senate, Im sure couple of years later you gonna see a news about him grooming underage kids to sroke his dick.

  43. Weird example to use since one of the guys that tried to kill Kyle had multiple charges for anally raping five year olds.

  44. One of these days karma will come around and really nip Little Timmy right square in the ass and I am all for it. Hell, I’ve already got comfy lawn chairs and popcorn ready to go.

  45. Probably not my place to say this, but if it were a black 17 year old in his shoes, he would be a pariah and not a hero. That's assuming he wouldn't be in prison, which he definitely would. That's assuming he would have gotten a fair judgement which he wouldn't have. That's assuming that he wouldn't have immediately been shot up by the police when he walked up to them with his assault rifle which he would have.

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