They sure need prayers!

  1. Thomas Jefferson said that no American should be forced to recite oaths or pledges. This banner worship is uniquely American.

  2. But the church he goes to to told him to do good works like spread the word of God till every person on earth is filled with God's light and love!!! Or at least the Sunday school class he's in afterwards said that a little more specifically then the service would.

  3. That'll definitely solve inflation and lower gas prices, right? Those Republicans, I tell ya. They've got all the answers.

  4. Folks this one is gonna be a beauty! This will be the first time “bat shit crazy” has had control of that house! Trust me, they will do more damage to the republican party than another term of donald ever could! Pop that popcorn folks, this will be a shit show you won’t want to miss! 🍿

  5. Our pasta, who art in a colander, draining be your noodles. Thy noodle come, Thy sauce be yum, on top some grated Parmesan.

  6. What they're going for here is they'll make it optional (they can't make it mandatory), all GOP will participate and many Democrats won't. They'll just this against them.

  7. Praying is allowed, mandating prayer is not. However, so long as the prayers aren't explicitly of one denomination, they'd get away with it under the pretense that everyone still gets the choice of how to pray.

  8. ... whereupon they will immediately proceed towards their agenda of stealing from the poor to give to the rich and overthrowing American democracy.

  9. The pledge of allegiance? He participated in the planning of 1/6. Prayer? They celebrate killing anyone and everything that doesn’t fit their narrative. All Democrats should just take a knee until that bullshit is over every morning.

  10. In the past people from a variety of faiths have opened Congressional sessions with prayer but I'm guessing it will be only people from the Judeo-Christian tradition and zero Muslims under the current Republicans.

  11. This isn’t patriotism; it’s nationalism & performance art for their base of rubes. I doubt there’s anyone who cares less about god & country than Kevin McCarthy.

  12. "Dear God, help us do all the evil we can today, praise trump!....unless he's hindering us to do more evil then send us our next grifter god idol. Thanks love you! Byeeeee"

  13. “God, please let us keep the billionaires happy for without them we don’t get re-elected. May the second amendment become even more solid for the white Christian male. Please don’t let Marjorie or Lauren embarrass us today. Amen.”

  14. Easy win here- every missed house event should be put out at midterms as that Republican “refused to pray or say the national anthem” that many times.

  15. Oooo! Can I do the first prayer? Something about bringing evil deeds into the light. That evil doers be held accountable for their actions leading up to and on 1/6. That the Holy Spirit convict their consciences, that they suffer unbearable guilt until their confess their sins and crimes to a federal prosecutor. I’d make it as polarizing as possible. Of course I know it won’t do any good because their GQP/MAGAts and they don’t have a conscience between all of them

  16. Too bad they can't start every day in new Congress with a reasonably stated argument, policy that doesn't inherently demonize, hurt, and get people murdered, and in a state of divorce from the whimsical fantasy land of public religion vs actually helping your fellow human beings because (checks notes) I thought that was what we were supposed to be doing here.

  17. "We’re going to start by talking to our imaginary friend, then we’ll say our oath to the piece of cloth we value 10x more than the people it represents."

  18. Next person to try and shove their religion down my throat gets a fist against their throat. Getting real tired of this shit

  19. The next Dem majority leader should announce they will start each session with a Muslim prayer and have breaks to have 5 of them a day, as is required by Islam. There's Muslims in the House, seems only fair to rotate it.

  20. If the Democrats had even an ounce of spine they should get the Church of Satan in to open with a prayer too (or they could get a Pastafarian, they have prayers right?). Can't be showing favoritism and all.

  21. I am pretty sure this represents no change for Congress. It's just Republicans trying to pretend Democrats are anti-religion and patriotism.

  22. And when one doesn’t pray? Just stands there with that smug look that says “Look at all you pathetic sheep” right at the cameras?

  23. Someone needs to being a class action suit against Republicans for forcing religious into government. The People v United States has a nice ring to it.

  24. I’ve no problem with the pledge. Maybe it will remind them of their oath to uphold the constitution of the United States of America. I have no problem with prayers either, but they shouldn’t be done in their official capacity on the floor of the congress. They could pray together as a caucus in a private room if they so desire, but doing it on the floor before the start of a session is flaunting their religion in front of others and comes off as a power move. It will pressure (the admittedly rare) moderate Republicans to feel like they need to go along with their party or risk being ostracized, not to mention that it may offend the non-Christian congressmen and women. My opinion isn’t even based on the idea of separation of church and state, but rather that their decision to do so indicates their commitment to continue the polarization of the body politic instead of reconciliation in the aftermath of an election that was clearly split down the middle. It’s childish, but I suppose when you know you won’t be able to pass anything for the next two years without reaching across the aisle that this and investigations are all you have going in your favor. That and making a stink about the debt ceiling for money that they appropriated for previous legislation.

  25. So the party of greed, hatred, bigotry and intolerance and the one with no insignificant number of members in the House and Senate who routinely align with the interests of Putin just like the former president are going to put on a disingenuous daily display of phony religiosity and ‘patriotism’ to dupe their gullible voters. Hypocritical and pathetic. I just wish the media would call them out for this bullshit but they lack the will and guts to do it.

  26. Kevin and Conservatives will serve the agenda of their Apostate Church of Rome very well... All they need is their Drumpf back passing out hand signed Bibles.

  27. And exercising rights, those that do not wish to participate can sit and wait, or enter the chamber after they’re done.

  28. Well, we will have to wait to see if this is a “moment of silence” type moment where people are free to pray. Or a “the assembly will be led in a open Christian prayer before we began our work”

  29. Yes, and they should of course also take 5 breaks a day so that the Muslim members of the House can also do their prayers, after all it's their right, they should exercise it as well and in the spirit of inclusion and all..

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