Wonder why he is upset?

  1. Just to note, from what I was able to find, every presidential candidate since Eisenhower has volunteered their taxes except one. So the big whiny sore loser piss baby is as usual, talking out his ass

  2. Typical right wing response. If you don't get what you from someone then they become the enemy. If SCOTUS does something that dickwad is happy about he will immediately turn around and praise his "hand picked" court. Buncha fucking hypocrites.

  3. Every President since Nixon has voluntarily released their tax returns, in an effort at financial transparency, to make clear any possible sources of conflict of interests. The Orange Cheeto can’t do this, because everything about him is corrupt and a conflict of interest.

  4. NB: he goes right for “has Joe Biden paid his taxes” not “has Joe Biden shown his tax returns”. This is whataboutism, but he amped it up and shows his hand.

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