1. That’s money the NRA itself spent on ads during the 2012 presidential election. Kind of misleading to say they gave it to Romney. They only directly gave him like $100k that year. And they gave him nothing when he ran for senate in 2018.

  2. Mitt Romney has been around a long while and has a lot of pull. That’s why they likely invest in him so heavily

  3. I mean, he's also one of the richest of them is he not? He's up there at least, with a net worth of at least $300 mil according to some sources (I will acknowledge it was varied). $14 mil is a lot of money, but to him it probably isn't. Apparently his gun views aren't as pro-gun as a lot of the other Republicans based on his voting record. He's not doing enough, but I feel as if the big amount of money is being spent to try and sway him

  4. Meanwhile the range I’m a member of requires me to be an NRA member and those fuckers never stop asking for more money. I refuse to give them a dime more than I’m required to for the membership so I can maintain my membership at my local range and shoot for free.

  5. OMG... Should little Debby be called a murderer cuz millions die from heart disease and obesity? Blood money? Wow. Let's line up the corp donors and kick em all out. Then policy will change. Get the money outta politics and less people die.

  6. Snack food only hurts the person consuming it. I'm not aware of many instances of little Debbie's being used to kill other people, are you?

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