Defying medical science.

  1. Was watching a thing on the Late Show that showed clips of various times he was talking about his tax returns over the last 10 years. His face got darker and more orange as it moved closer to the present day. Can't tell if it was video editing or if he became that insecure with all the additional media on him and just starting layering it on extra thick.

  2. This is his real superpower - doing things any regular person would go to prison for, doing them multiple times, and having other people pay the price instead.

  3. This should definitely be the top answer. I can't believe how he can even escape tax evasion. Despite the trope from democrats, he has literally become above the law. Everyone is afraid of him. (Or more specifically, his army of volatile supporters).

  4. Little tax fraud: paying off a hooker for $140,000 and deducting it as business expense. Right out in the open!

  5. Yeah seems at best he's below average in that department. 130k seems really expensive to bang an X porn star. Figure an average person could at least have gotten a better price.

  6. Ok. Time out. Just because Trump lost the 2020 election to “sleepy Joe”, conducted a failed coup, lost ALL of the mid term elections of his endorsed maga candidates, is embroiled in multiple serious, founded lawsuits, and desperately announced his presidential candidacy WAY before the normal time frame… you think he FAILED?!

  7. He's bad at this though. If he was better, he would have won, just my two cents. He became so engrossed with how much deals he'll get as President of the United States that he forgot to make his lies more believable. To his supporters he can do no wrong, but I believe bucko is so bad even telling lies.

  8. Yeah, you either have to be extremely reckless with your spending or doing something funny. Atlantic City didn’t always have competition within driving distance. It was really hard to fuck it up, but he found a way.

  9. lying, harassing woman, harassing teenage beauty contestants, stiffing contractors, stiffing hookers, cheating on his taxes, cheating on his wives, turning in his wives for younger models, garbage words salad responses to questions, playing the victim, hypnotizing chickens, calling for the death penalty on black teenagers who were later exonerated

  10. This is what I don’t get, he’s a blue collar hero to so many morons yet have you ever seen him in jeans and a pair of good, worn boots? How about with a gun, fishing rod, or a fucking axe in hand? Screwdriver, hand saw, or a drill? How about DRIVING a pickup truck? THROWING a ball? Petting a dog?How about helping others directly…and throwing paper towels at Puerto Ricans doesn’t count.

  11. Those pens and mugs and hats he sells? Those are to get contact info. If someone is stupid enough to buy that crap they're susceptible to further exploitation in the form of direct marketing. In turn these idiots infect those nearest to them who are most likely just as gullible.

  12. All insults aside, he is probably the world's greatest con man. He started up a business, convinced rich dudes to put in their money to pay for it, kept half the money and let the business fail, then went and did it all again. And you think that after doing it 5 times, people would stop giving him money... But 7 fucking bankrupt businesses and literally hundreds of billions of dollar taken from the investments of old, rich men... And he still has people paying for everything he wants. I'm not saying he's so much as a decent human being, but he is an expert con man.

  13. He is, somehow, good at marketing. Most of his statements amount to saying the equivalent of "I'm great. They're bad." I see statements like this as vacuous, and yet, they're unquestionably effective at fooling millions of people.

  14. They're all in on it. Trump just made ppl think there are two sides. (Red vs blue) his bankruptcies were money laundering and after filing for bankruptcy, Soros loaned him 100s of millions. Then turned around and forgave that loan. You know who's married to Soros nephew?... Chelsie Clinton. Everybody is so divided while untied THEY STAND

  15. Just losing in general. I can't believe this isn't higher up. He really is the biggest loser.... Like.... EVER...

  16. He’s good at words. Some people, maybe most people say he’s the best at words. It’s true, it’s true. The bigglyist words are his. The RADICAL LEFT tries to say that “biggly” isn’t a real word, but we know it is don’t we folks?

  17. Demonstrating incredibly thin skin, probably due to his microscopic self-esteem. His fragility is embarrassing to behold.

  18. Rape. Racism. Being a con man. Painting your face orange. Wearing adult diapers. Shitting adult diapers. Cheating on your wife. Trying to fuck your daughter.

  19. In all seriousness, public speaking. He knows how to capture his audience. Extremely stupid and awful otherwise, but gotta give him a tiny bit of credit for winning in 2016.

  20. Funniest part is that he fits the description of the Anti-Christ to a T but Christians don't actually read their own book so they'll never realize it.

  21. He’s an expert of the bunker at the White House. No other president knows more about the bunker than alpha fetal position Trumpy dumpy

  22. Television. His only worthwhile achievement was a fairly popular competition game show called the apprentice, where businesspeople tried to make more money that an one another.

  23. Trump is an expert at turning billions in to millions and thinking he’s a good business man in the process.

  24. He's a master grifter. Hes a very wealthy person who came into politics saying that he should be elected cause he's rich and as such he'd be immune to lobbying groups cause they couldn't afford him. Yet he's always asking his supporters for money and they give it to him. I'm not talking about them buying merch. I'm talking about the donations. They are giving him between $5 and $500 a month. Why would a self proclaimed billionaire need your $50?

  25. Donald J. Trump looked up from his handwritten Sharpie notes on index cards. He could see the crew miking his subject for the interview and putting a final dusting of makeup on his face: He was staring into the tanned and powered face of Donald J. Trump.

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