Dianne Feinstein is a Beast!

  1. Incredible to see this level of advocacy for us. For an issue that we've all surmised at one point or another "would never be resolved," as we froze our dicks off at 2AM and threw in another chaw.

  2. Right on. She got the “calfire vs the rest” part right on. She does paint a common picture. The public doesn’t understand fire size dynamics, and what affects communities. The Thomas fire and soberanes fire are good examples. Hot n Heavy for a couple shifts, then a month or more of brush burning into wilderness. Hundreds of millions of dollars after the ia to basically watch the brush burn. It’s a wag both ways. I would like to see experienced line quals making 100,000-200,000 dollars even if it’s substantially more than foresters. The fires need to be bigger if we are going to follow through with the “we stopped it from burning so long it’s too thick now” line. This takes a pool of experienced badass line overhead to manage all that fire. Right now if your a tfld, div or branch your running huge groups and vast areas. I get the feeling like people think if we pay the bottom end a little more, the houses and lives will be saved. California and feds specifically should be ashamed of itself for having a pathetic prevention program. (Paradise fire, Caldor fire.) California is the riskiest situation in North America if not the world and should have the best, most progressive prevention program in the world. Instead they put hundreds of thousands in harms way and claim ignorance but it’s just because they are cheap and irresponsible. Then they stick you back in there with no respirators to breath the smoking pvc, styrofoam and popcorn ceiling that’s still smoking while you mop up. That shit if for asbestos abatement specialists. The country needs to spend 10 times the money on prevention. Needs to pay middle aged line overhead that are still physical Jedi’s 100,000 to 200,000 grand with full ride retirement and pay the hotshot 60,000-100,000 grand with full ride also. Foresters with a four year degree are worth about sixty grand if they’re not a line overhead. If they can’t do that first, they shouldn’t hire one more person. Numbers =liability. I know I’m going off but I’ve put a lot of hours thinking about these numbers and they are legit. You guys are my peeps. Hope you understand. I hope this is a step in the right direction not a small pill to appease the masses. Good work Dianne.

  3. Iono bout that chief, feels like I've been in a lot of situations these last couple years where we had a perfectly good DIVS but in order to make any plan work we would have needed a couple extra SQF AD or Grayback crews that just didn't exist. Hi-speed Type 1 shit woulda been nice, I guess, but really it was just a horsepower deficit. And I 100% think that's a missing ingredient in prevention efforts, just having the horsepower to go out and thin and perform a whole lot of fairly low-complexity burns.

  4. She don't want them fires burning down her donors' vacation houses. Gotta pay that unskilled labor a little more so they keep showing up. They're startin' to smarten up and realize they can make more money bagging groceries. And there ain't no way to outsource this one to Chinese or illegals.

  5. Comparing a full time Cal Fire FF1 to a USFS seasonal with a red card is a little apples to oranges, just saying.

  6. Tell me about it! Your average Hotshot has a skill set that makes him/her a uniquely valuable asset to manage a landscape in and out of the fire environment. A CalFire FF1 thinks chainsaws have "blades." Apples to oranges, like you said...

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