Cal Fire is hiring. #1 reason fed WFF in Cali leave... But looks like their pay didn't go up at all from last year.

  1. It did and it didn't. We were supposed to get a 2.5% pay raise in July but that got postponed because of covid. We just got word that they will back pay us the 2.5% from July.

  2. Interesting. Why would Covid delay a pay increase? I struggle to connect the dots on that. Were the state funds tied to some piece of legislation that had a direct impact from covid? Any links?

  3. I was actually told by a CalFire perm that another way to get in if you can't as a FF1 seasonal is to join their fuels crew. I believe it's less requirements, but you get put through their basic which makes you available to go on fire incidents.

  4. I was told that you can get hired as a forestry tech, which they just opened testing for last week, and they’ll send you to an academy. In the off season you’re doing mostly project work, and in the summer you can get on either an engine or handcrew and go on fires, then when seasons over you return to your perm Forestry tech position. Honestly sounds like a pretty good deal to me, I’ve been thinking about it myself

  5. FF1s should have received a raise this year since minimum wage went up to $14/hr unless they were already above that. That is usually not the case but it is possible. I can see CALHR using an old file, slap new dates on it and send it out with old info. It wouldn’t be the first time. FF1s should receive another raise in January when minimum wage goes up to $15/hr.

  6. Wait until you are getting 15.5s on the same fire they are getting 24s and every other day they stay in a hotel, with full pay...

  7. Applied. Hoping to move out of my car and into housing. But will just pay for more of my parents housing and still live in car. My dreams might come true

  8. Make sure you go around to the units you ranked top. Introduce yourself to your captains at the stations. Dress sharp. Bring your resume and a couple of changes of clothes. DM me if you need any more info!

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