Rider trying to impress the audience around!

  1. Looks like he rushed to get his bike away from this dumpster fire and then hurt himself in the process.

  2. Near wet myself when he gets up at the end thinking that was a success. 9 out of 10 for sticking the hilarious landing when he jumped back on.

  3. Throttle lock + no easy access kill switch = easy way to have a bad time after a fall(which happens often on stunt bikes).

  4. Throttle lock, as in a decvice to intentionally lock the throttle? Does that exist? No way I'ld want that on my bike. Or do you mean a mechanical failure..

  5. It’s worrying that a bike owner would reach for the clutch lever instead of going for the kill switch. It’s literally a bright red switch on the other handle to disable the power to the engine.

  6. Some people remove them so their buddies can’t kill their bike at a stoplight. Total douche nozzle move cause killin your buddies bike safely at a stop is just good fun

  7. I guarantee the kill switch is gone and the key is in the frame on the side facing the ground. This is so you can jump through to high chair wheelie and not shut the bike off, which would cause a mouse trap...

  8. I thought it was pretty smart, clutch is a big thing easy to grab and he might’ve tried the switch but missed it

  9. Are you goofy. The bike was spinning like a motherfucker. He sorta had to get a fistful of what ever he could.

  10. Nearly every time this happens it is because they've installed an aluminum throttle tube. Bike tips, end of the bar+throttle tube gets smashed, and now it's stuck in that position.

  11. I owned a bike for a little while but not long enough to understand why so many videos like this surface. Are they throttle locking with some cruise control mechanism? Why do so many continue to have maxed out throttle with no one on the handle?

  12. some people put a throttle lock. it’s not necessarily a cruise control mechanism but rather a product you can buy as an attachment to your throttle that locks it (obviously). some stunters use them so they don’t have to worry about the throttle while they’re performing.

  13. His celebration hoot at the end just cemented him as an absolute douche nozzle. Two dudes were lookin pretty baffled at the guy, as to why he's happy about the situation.

  14. I can only surmise that there was an instant sense of relief or adrenaline dump, mainly because he corrected his own fuck up and didn’t seriously injure someone

  15. My 300 CC bike has a lean sensor that automatically kills the engine when the bike falls over. Surprised that Superbikes like this don't have that capability.

  16. The throttle is on the right handle, seeing that the bike fell to the right it must've mangled the handle somehow that the throttle got stuck.

  17. The bike put on a better show than he did. The look that guy gave him at the end says it all though.

  18. Is it just me or is the “WOOOOOOOOO” at the end cringe? Like he’s trying to downplay nothing happen?

  19. The guy at the end wondering why this idiot is shouting is literally me, also why can't he just turn the key off. First thing to do when a two wheeler falls is to turn off the key.

  20. If you take a bike, install a throttle lock, and then position it beneath a dumbass, odd things tend to happen.

  21. Secretly, at night, the motorcycle would sneak off to play his favourite game Mortal Kombat. LK gets them every time!

  22. We are watching the first AI bike being embarrassed, after the rider making it look bad, it decided to go into overdrive and give the people the show they wanted.

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