i see a cat and i think it may mean something

  1. i thought so too. but since i haven't really seen ghostly figures before i thought it might be something else

  2. It could mean many things, depending upon your feelings and interpretations of the event. Incidentally, fuller moons are linked statistically to more courageous acts. The moon pulls and pushes all water on Earth, creating the tides. It acts thus unto all fluid in the body.

  3. i think of her as a good sign actually, at least her being around. thank you for the moon fact! i will definitely check the moon cycle when i see her now and observe more.

  4. Something similar used to happen to me and always meant some kind of major life event was going to happen around me (divorce, death, moving out, schooling changes). It wasn’t always bad but definitely needed time to adjust to so it could be letting you know to be ready?

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