Saved this baby from work. Is there hope? How can I help it survive?

  1. It is a bromeliad. They usually only bloom once but the flower is long lasting. They can produce “pups” growing out from sides. Internet has good tips on care

  2. What plant is it? I agree with the previous comment, though I usually try to remove the earth and wash the roots in case it has fungus. As a witch advice, adding cinnamon is magic! Plants love it and prevents fungus and pests.

  3. How to wash it to prevent fungus?? Can I clean off the dirt and stick it in distilled water only to encourage root growth??

  4. You need to help the rootball grow - plant in a pot at least six inches deeper than the roots. Give a good drink once every 10 - 14 days. If you can find a pot that you put the water in a basin around the bottom all the better. The goal is to have the roots grow long as they seek water in the deep soil.

  5. I'm not sure about its chances in a pot, but if they are anything like the ones growing in my yard, they will thrive. I regularly have to do battle with them to keep them from taking over. They are mosquito magnets, since rainwater will accumulate, giving female mosquitos a place to lay eggs.

  6. Make a potting soil pot up and plant just over the white part. Water with a mixture of 3 table spoons of sugar and 3 table spoons of cinnamon in a half gallon for 2 weeks watering every other day. After 2 weeks stop feeding it sugar. To prevent mosquitoes, sprinkle a pinch of general purpose 10-10-10 fertilizer in the center where the water collects. Not more than a pinch though because it will burn it if u go over board.

  7. Well I saw her in the staff lounge and told the secretary I was taking it home and he said “that’s fine I don’t even know where it came from” 😂

  8. My love is magical 🥰 I talk to my plant babies every day. She’s very happy in her new home with all her siblings!

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