No notice for commercial auditions!! Bout to quit.

  1. There came a time about 6 years ago where I decided to stop doing commercials because it was just too much with my other obligations and film/tv auditions. Now, I only go out for the occasional union commercial. My film/tv bookings skyrocketed because I was less burned out and more able to give my best.

  2. I don’t think my manager would support me in taking a break from commercials, because I don’t get any theatrical auds yet, but I may have to.

  3. I also have a family. A 5 year old and a 1 year old. Money is important but the way these auds come affects everyone. They’re confused and hurt because suddenly I’m in a rush to do something and can’t put them to bed or talk and have to lock the door- or I change plans on them or just Can’t do the audition because I have kids and their dad is doing something and we didn’t get any notice to make arrangements. Usually I play a mom, meanwhile the biz undermines me actually being one.

  4. Wow! This! Hope you're able to find a nice balance between being the devoted real-life parent many of us aspire to be and playing one on TV. 🙏🏾 May God bless you on this tricky, not always straightforward journey. 🙏🏾

  5. I might take a break or just walk away entirely. I have other ways of making money so it’s not so much a bills issue. My manager is supposed to be helping me theatrically and she’s trying. She pitches me for series regular roles ext but casting isn’t seeing a lot of new faces. She just got me an agent in Hawaii but I can’t get one ( a good one) in Cali where I live! I kept doing the commercials to keep her paid/motivated to help me with theatrical.

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