I have 1M+ on TikTok, Should that go on my acting resume if I make movie reviews?

  1. If you have 1 million followers on TikTok, you should be looking for an influencer agent. Then you can talk with your agent about acting and they should be able to put you in touch with acting agents.

  2. Legitimate talent agencies and casting directors don't really care about how many followers you have, it's about if you can act and what experience you have doing it. That's why they have influencer managers/ agents. Only if absolutely necessary would they consider someone's following but it's far from the most important

  3. While this is true, if they have two actors who are pretty close in talent and experience, they will absolutely pick the person with 1M Tik Tok followers.

  4. In todays world I would disagree. Ultimately OP needs to have legit acting talent. But his social media following would easily get him agent representation in LA or anywhere else.

  5. I’ve been a working actor for two decades, and this unfortunately is not true anymore. It is a significant factor used by casting, producers, directors, etc to consider an actor’s viability.

  6. Absolutely. I’ve been a working actor for two decades, and despite what anyone tells you, social media influence is now a significant component of casting. It is a tool agents use to get you seen. It entices studios and producers to cast you. It helps you get a better agent. The entire industry has integrated it as a part of an actor’s viability. Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise. I’ve seen actors lose roles because the other guy had more followers. I’ve seen a director use it as a way to make a final decision between his two top choices when he couldn’t pick.

  7. 1 M is no small feat. Echoing what others have said, definitely put a small mention in the special skills section at the bottom; and try to get an influencer agent first, then work your way to an acting agent. Many agencies have both influencer and acting divisions.

  8. I'm a producer... We care about that stuff a lot. If it's between you and a select few other actors, we're gonna go with the person who can leverage their platform the best to promote the film when it comes time.

  9. Not sure why you are being downvoted. This is the correct answer. This industry is about sales to everyone who manages and hires the talent. To everyone in the industry, you are a product. If you have a large following, it is very VERY important to agents when they are representing you to know that. Producers would love to know that. You are bringing a brand (your self) with a built-in audience. A million followers is a big deal. Don't listen to anyone else. Use it.

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