How can I wash my face but keep the rest of me dry?

  1. Yes yes yes! I recently discovered this and am in love. It leaves my skin so soft and clean, and never feels like a hassle. I love it.

  2. I hate getting my hair wet when I wash my face, and no one else has suggested it yet, so my solution to that problem (as someone with a bob haircut) is to buy headband scarfs that are like a tube of fabric. I put it on like a normal headband and then pull the back side of the fabric so that it covers all of my hair and keeps everything contained and away from the water.

  3. I’m currently wearing a towelling version of this right now in the bath. I can’t stand the feeling of shower caps but this does the job nicely even in the shower as long as I’m careful to not put my head under

  4. This was gonna be my suggestion. Can combine with a clarisonic if desired, but use the wash cloth to wet the face first.

  5. Thissss, this has been a game changer for me. I do prefer microfiber face cloths over normal ones though cause they feel so nice on the skin

  6. Scrunchies on your wrists keep the water from dripping down your arms. I actually just made my own with flour sack kitchen towels and elastic, but real ones would do the same thing. I'm just cheap, lol

  7. I think this depends on if/how much makeup you wear, but cotton rounds or reusable fabric of some kind + micellar water might be helpful. My skin would break the f out if I did this because I need to wash with cleanser, but if you’re skin is dry and you don’t have too many issues with clogged pores/acne it might work for you. I think there’s a micellar water product with hyaluronic acid added to it, which may also help with the dryness.

  8. To avoid all the water I usually use a oil-based cleanser (I have dry skin from ezcema, the ordinary squalane cleanser is great) and then just use a small makeup remover mitt to wipe it off. No more water splashing, I just have to wipe it off my hands when I’m done and even better the mitt I use is super gentle and cost me like $5 for three - I’m based in Aus and got them from Kmart, but I’m sure similar ones could be found anywhere

  9. Washcloth. No need to spend a bunch of money. Get enough nice washcloths that you don't run out before you usually do a load of laundry. If you don't like to apply soap with your hands either, then a cheap face brush is sufficient, mine has soft bristles on one side and nubby silicone on the other that I use on blackhead areas, it was under $10.

  10. Yes! I recently got some Burts Bees cleansing cloths with micellar water, total game changer for me! I struggle with showering regularly and someone on this site showed their nightstand emergency cleansing kit that had a similar product. My face is looking much better these days, thank you so much random internet stranger! P.s. as a bonus the cloths are made from recycled cotton!

  11. Yes! I use those in the mornings because I take my shower at night but have night sweats so I feel like my skin is gross in the mornings. Quick and easy.

  12. There are cleansers out there that can be used without water and simply wiped off; Spectro is one drug store option. If you need to browse around, cleansing milks are probably your best bet to find something similar, or perhaps look up dry cleansing and see what you find.

  13. Came to recommend a cleanser they doesn’t need to be rinsed off but just wiped off too. Bonus, they’re usually pretty moisturizing. I know Lush used to have a good one (though it’s pricey).

  14. I have a terrycloth headband for this purpose that stops my hair getting wet. I also put my long hair in a bun to stop the ends falling into the sink.

  15. Easiest solution is face wipes, or makeup remover on cotton pads. I use face wipes for when i'm feeling lazy, and cream cleanser with a wet flannel otherwise. Simple hairband to push hair away :)

  16. The closer you can get your face to being in the song the better - you want the water to be going down from your elbows to your wrists, not up, so you’d face needs to be below your elbows.

  17. I feel the same about the water drippage. I dampen my hands and lather some soap on them and rub it on my face with my hair back. Then I soak a washcloth in warm water and rinse it out thoroughly. I scrub my face to exfoliate and get the soap moving and off my face and into the washcloth. Then I rinse and squeeze one more time to get the dirt and soap out and gently wipe my face down with it. It keeps my arms and counter dry. When I'm done, I hang the washcloth on the shower to dry and toss it into the dirty laundry basket. It seems simple enough, but took me years to realize I didn't have splash water all over the place.

  18. Not entirely sure if this is an option for you but since my face easily dries out I only use face wash in the shower, otherwise I use micellar water with a cloth to wipe dirt from my face

  19. I use baby wipes! I also hate getting my hands wet, and my face is effed up already so I’m more concerned about just “feeling clean” vs whatever a dermatologist would probably have me do lmao but baby wipes are a life saver! I also use them to freshen up if I get stinky armpits during the day. A little hand sanitizer on a baby wipe kills the smell and then reapply deodorant! Baby wipes are amazing.

  20. Yes! Have been scrolling down the comments for ages thinking SURELY I'm not the only ADHD person who cleans my face with baby wipes haha. Anything else is just too many steps

  21. Use a flannel? Hair band to keep hair off your face, wet a flannel and apply cleanser or whatever to it and wring it out so it’s just damp and wash your face that way. Rinse and repeat a couple of times. Your hands don’t need to get wet enough that they’re dripping if you wring out the flannel and kind of dry your wrists with it as you do that. Your post just made me realise I have the same issue but have been doing this for years without thinking about it 😂

  22. WOW. I hate washing my face, and you perfectly articulated why-- I had no idea this was my obstacle too!! The wet sleeves and hair! Good luck figuring this out!! I have been using a hypochlorous acid spray to keep things clean lately, but it doesn't solve the problem of washing off my sunscreen.

  23. I use reusable cotton pads and rose water most days! When I'm having a good day I'll do rose water first (very effective and soft for removing make up and hydrating) and then something like a tonic afterwards.

  24. I’ve bought all the things and I still had water all over my arms or felt like a product like the Clarisonic had so many extra steps that I stopped using it. I typically wash my face in the shower now. When I wear make up, I remove it using make up eraser wash cloths and then wipe with a wet wash cloth. I’ll then wash it with cleanser in the shower the next morning. If I didn’t wear makeup, I’ll damp a cotton pad and wipe it over my face and call it good enough. I have really dry skin and find that less is more with my skin.

  25. I put the cleanser in my hands and get it wet first to minimize the amount of water. Then I use one of these small oval shaped silicone scubbies to massage and clean my face. I'm able to use it like a sponge wipe it off my face and see that my makeup is coming off with it.

  26. There are head band/ wrist band sets that are made of elastic towel material. They help a lot. I hve the sensory thing too.

  27. If you have a bathtub, I’ve started washing my face over that, with my elbows above my head so gravity works with me and the water can’t run down my arms.

  28. needing to wash my face is enough to just make me want to take a shower all together to avoid this! but also those little fluffy headband things help to not get water in your hair

  29. They make velcro headbands in a towelish material. Tie your hair back and put the headband to cover your hairline. Also they make towel material scrunchies to put on your wrists while washing your face.

  30. I'd recommend a headband to keep your hair out of the way. I have a cheap plastic one that I've kept for the purpose, but I've seen other people online with soft terry cloth ones that absorb the water that would get into your hair. I don't splash water on my face—i feel like I make more of a mess than anything doing this— but instead I use a soft washcloth.

  31. Use a wash cloth. I'm Asian and this is how my family has been washing our faces. Get the wash cloth nice and wet, wring out as much water as possible in the sink, and then bring the wash cloth to your face. I also hate having my sleeves wet and using a wringed out wash cloth prevents water from dripping down my arms.

  32. I use a Korean wash cloth. It holds less water so it doesn’t drip as much. It also rinses out easier so I can just wipe the soap off.

  33. I usually just wash my face in the shower so this advice may be out of date, but back when I worked in the beauty industry and got gratis all the time, my absolute fave was the cleansing balm from Eve Lom (Fair warning, it's expensive.). Only water needed is to dampen the muslin cloth. It's an awesome clean, great for dry skin, it's actually a phenomenal make up remover too. And it's soothing. It always felt like I was doing a nice thing for myself when I used it.

  34. I use an astringent on a cotton ball. Like clarifying tonic. It's usually at the drug store and blue liquid. A few brands sell it in the facial wash area. There is regular or oily skin. And I just put some on a big cotton ball and wipe my face at night. I shower in the morning and rinse my face, I don't wash it. I hate washing my face too. Sometimes I use moisturizer or exfoliate with a wet towel, depending on the weather and my skin. It's kind of oily and then I have a few dry spots. Clean and Clear or Neutrogena, sells it. I have a clinique one.

  35. Maybe it’s just me but apparently I blow air from my nose when rinsing my face and the water gets everywhere. My partner pointed it out to me and I’d never realized. It feels weird to hold my breath when rinsing but it’s definitely more contained

  36. Sweat bands for your wrists were a game changer for me. Also Makeup Remover (it’s a brand) wipes - instead of having to put water on your face you can wet the towel and wipe your face, sooo much less water everywhere. I use a headband towel thing and put my hair up in a loose ponytail with the Kitsch satin hair ties so my hair doesn’t kink 😁

  37. If your skin is dry and sensitive, you might like the Avene toleraine cleansing lotion. You just rub it into your skin and wipe it off gently with a damp cloth. I have found it works very nicely in winter when my skin is dry.

  38. Cleansing balm, oil cleanser, or cold cream. Apply to dry face, wet and wring out a washcloth with warm water, wipe the cleanser off. Done.

  39. I wear fabric headbands (not the metal or firm, i just like this better) and honestly lately have started wearing my noise cancelling headphones as well, I’m not so worried about getting it on there, and I keep my face very low and be gentle so I don’t splash as much.

  40. One of those headbands that keep your hair back for face washing. You can also get one of those silicone sponge things and use it to wet your face and then scrub around your face wash. You can then take a washcloth, wet it and wring it out and wipe off the face wash.

  41. I have the same sensory issues with water getting everywhere so I use cleansing wipes morning/evening to start my skincare routine unless I’m showering, then I use a real cleanser in the shower.

  42. Definitely don’t use the Clarisonic. It’s way too harsh for facial skin. I would also avoid wipes because they just smear stuff around your face and don’t clean effectively. If you’re feeling too overwhelmed or uncomfortable to use water, micellar water is a better substitute (not ideal for everyday cleansing bc it can leave residue). I agree with everyone else who’s suggested a wrung-out washcloth. Get like 15 or 20 of them and use a new one every/other day so you don’t have to constantly worry about extra laundry.

  43. There are lots of great gentle cleansers for people with frier skin. Cera Ve do one that I use. I use a muslin cloth, get it wet but wring it out and wipe away the cleanser. Usually do a second 'rinse' with the cloth to get it totally clean. I don't get drips.

  44. Towel material headbands are great for keeping your hair out of your face, and for keeping it dry while washing.

  45. I've got curly hair, so I put a bonnet on my head while I'm washing my face to keep my hair contained. Of course, that has an elasticated band, so might come with its own sensory issues... but for me, it's okay for my 5-minute skin routine lol

  46. This bothers me so much too! I finally realized why I didn't like washing my face so now I do it while I'm in the shower because it doesn't matter since I'm already wet. I also have some of those face swipe things for when I just can't handle washing it at other times.

  47. I am addicted to face wipes. I like the Kirkland brand. I was my face throughly in the shower, but otherwise I use face wipes.

  48. Do you need to wash your face at night? I never do. I saw a dermatologist in my teens who told me the best thing for my skin was as little as possible as long as possible. Washing with soap and water strips your face of oils.

  49. If you don’t mind buying bottles of liquid, you could look into micellar water. I use the one from the Bioderma Sensibio line, and I have some reusable bamboo terry pads that I use to apply it that I wash in the laundry machine in a wash bag. I wash my face with ordinary gel cleanser in the shower, but otherwise I mostly use the micellar water.

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