US Supreme Court justice promising to not overturn Roe v. Wade (abortion rights) during their appointment hearings.

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  2. I mean, it was obvious to me that “Roe is an important precedent” and “I will not overturn Roe” are very much not the same statement. Was this not obvious to literally everybody else?

  3. It's doesn't matter, you know? Because if she had promised to overturn Roe, Republicans still would have confirmed her. It's not like that Susan Collins really cared. All she wanted was an excuse.

  4. No kidding. This was trotted out when the leak happened and everyone went nuts then too. Does anyone bother watching the video?

  5. These are my mutually exclusive. The Supreme Court has always been able to overturn precedent, and anyone who understood that would not take what the nominees in this video say as a lie

  6. We beat the Confederate in the Civil War, this isn’t part 2 it is a new war, Civil War: The Theocracy Chronicle

  7. It’s almost like they had a pre written response. Federal society if a Trojan horse. And these judges are simply fulfilling their end of the deal

  8. Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation are pulling more strings than any amount of average Americans could ever hope to.

  9. With this ruling they've practically invalidated the Supreme Court as a third pillar of the republic. Oh, I know they don't care that they've done that, but it's true.

  10. In this instance, as noted above, they did not specifically say that they would not overturn Roe v. Wade. Whichever way you view the court or this current ruling, it would be be disingenuous to say these nominees committed perjury in their Senate hearings based on this question.

  11. The hearings are not mandatory. Over the years, especially after the invention of TV, the hearings became part of the process so politicians can have their sound bites and be part of the media shit show.

  12. Why would anyone be surprised? It’s just like the politicians that get elected. They make promises and word things to what they want you to believe. Once they get voted in they don’t give a shit. Democrats and republicans are both the same in the broken system.

  13. This bot is spreading misinformation. They did not say "no at the time". As a judge, your job is to interpret the existing law. Making assumptions and promises about the law is certainly not their job, and they didn't do anything like that. Clickbait post with fake news.

  14. We can scream and yell all day about this, but the fact is 53% of white women voted for Donald Trump over Hillary. Donald Trump then put these justices in place.

  15. This what I am saying. If white women keep voting to have their rights taken away, what am I suppose to do?

  16. I think you mean 53% of white women who voted* , because turnout was about 59%. So about 31% of white women voted for Trump, 28% voted for Hillary and 41% didn’t vote.

  17. That's fine and dandy, but it doesn't really help the 47% of women that did not vote for him. I don't support this.

  18. EXACTLY!!! This is THE issue. For those women upset by Roe being overturned, many have been voting against their own interests for decades for people (Reagan, Bush, Bush II, Trump) with overturning Roe on their agenda. The same thing has happened in congress. You keep electing people who want to take away rights you care about, don't be surprised when you lose those rights.

  19. Susan is like 200 years old. She knows she needs a nap. Democrats need new blood, their party is fucking ancient and we are now feeling the negative effects in spades.

  20. "I don't have an agenda" translates into "good fucking luck proving I have an agenda and you can't complain because I never promised anything except I don't have an agenda."

  21. Is this the bar for honesty for a supreme court justice? Someone we are required to call "your honor". Saying there was not technically a lie is a distraction. These people have no honesty or honor.

  22. Watch carefully, They said it is established precedent. they never said they would not overturn it. They very carefully danced around their actual belief, that it should be overturned.

  23. I notice what never gets shared is when Obama completely ignored his statement of making codifying Roe v. Wade his top priority. Drag them all, not just the ones they tell you to.

  24. Even if they did state they wouldn’t overturn it, are justices legally locked into answers they gave during hearing regarding future decisions?

  25. I thought I was taking crazy pills lol. Yeah there's nothing contradictory about this at all. They gave super diplomatic answers, which is what should be expected of any potential Supreme Court Justice.

  26. It is expected that supreme court nominees are above using double speak to hide their plans to put their religious beliefs into law. Badgering them about the subject is not normally done. You can say it is not a lie and you can also say they specifically worded it that way to mislead. Which is a lie of a worse stripe.

  27. If you didn’t notice, not a single one of these justices said that Roe shouldn’t be overturned.

  28. This is largely (not entirely) the fault of Mitch McConnell - he dishonored the American people - not that he cares - by going against his idea of waiting to bring in a Supreme Court justice until the next president takes over. He went against the last wishes of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who herself requested that she not be replaced until the next president took over. McConnell set this up with his own greed and corruption.

  29. Uh let's not let RBG off the hook. She retires instead of grandstanding, we get Merrick Garland and the fight becomes real instead of the 6-3 rimjob with braces it always is.

  30. OK, so explain this to me, what is greedy and corrupt about the leader of the Senate majority confirming a Supreme Court Justice and what is proper and Constitutional about a Justice dictating how and when they are replaced to the Senate when they had ample opportunity to retire under their desired circumstances?

  31. Can you point to me where it says that the senate majority must abide by the wishes of a dying Supreme Court justice?

  32. This is what I’ve been saying-any one of those guys in power, especially the ones born into privilege, power or have had multiple sexual accusations thrown at them, have absolutely had to have paid for their share of abortions. Bc a condom was definitely an infringement on their rights.

  33. These are the people that could oversee a Trump V Biden case when the house refuses to certify in 2024.

  34. I bet SCOTUS will now do everything they can to make sure we all have healthcare and better economic stability, since they care soooooo much about human life. 🤨

  35. Its all about controlling women and nothing about pro life. Pro Life would be enlightenment, free condoms and destigmatization.

  36. Pretty sure first world country just means USA and its allies during the cold war. Soviet countries are second world. Unaffiliated are third. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here.

  37. this is the funniest shit I’ve read all day. you should tell this to people living without clean drinking water, electricity, and internet access

  38. All these people saying that the U.S is not a first world country anymore are hilarious and expected coming from Reddit

  39. These "judges" don't even believe their own bullshit. They also "hate gun control" but are protected by and from people with guns day and night lol.

  40. Your comment about them "hating gun control" implies that the court is against limiting guns. Your comment about them being protected by guns would also imply that the court is against limiting guns. Why do you think there is a contradiction there?

  41. Well they didnt actually get asked that and respond no. So this doesn't really fit this sub. But I guess american politics needs to be show horned into every sub today

  42. They all do. They're all terrible. They just finally have the supermajority on the bench to stop pretending they had a semblance of human decency and decorum.

  43. None of them promised to not overturn it. They acknowledged the fact that it is precedent. However, thank God that Supreme Court precedent can be overturned (brown vs. board of education)

  44. So they said what was necessary, to get a lifetime appointment. The fact they asked that question so many times shows it was in the air.

  45. They lied. It's as simple as that. My fear for the women of this country is matched only the basic fear for this country. The Supreme Court is peopled with immoral zealous liars. I guess we should not be surprised as those are the characteristics of the people who appointed them.

  46. Country of corrupt hypocrites, color me surprised lol... Its almost fun watching dumb religious nuts try and run a system.

  47. If you pay attention to what they’re saying in those interviews, they very carefully stated facts about the issue, not their opinions on the issue. The last guy said he would not overturn a decision if asked to do so but said nothing about willfully overturning it.

  48. None of these statements equate to “I will not overturn roe v wade” lmao. Justices are not supposed to have bias, thus this question is set up to see if they would answer with a bias.

  49. No agenda versus a case being brought before them. Worst case is like Biden saying I am not going to take your guns until he was elected of course. So much one sided tribal BS on this site.

  50. Most everyone knew that she had an agenda, and that she was being put on the court for said agenda, especially the people who supported her and who would lie about why. This isn’t really surprising.

  51. They’re fundamentalist Christians who don’t adhere to Thou Shalt not Lie. Women need to boycott goods. The economy is all we can effect at this point. And never vote for forced-birth candidates. Women need to have sit-out of economy. Only buy from progressive companies whose owners CEOs are pro-choice. Research.

  52. Isn't that only for the president? I don't know much about the American political system. Live in the land of maple syrup.

  53. Obama should have appointed a Justice and the fact he wasn't able to is a huge middle finger to the constitution. No new member of the Supreme Court should be able to say what is constitutional while their own presence in that seat is unconstitutional. Marbury v Madison, the first Supreme Court case literally deal with the subject of appointing Judges at the end of a Presidential term and basically defined the Supreme Court's role. Not only is the constitution in shreds, but also the Supreme Courts own history.

  54. Religion fused with nationalism is the problem. The anti-abortioners are not particularly observant of their own religion, but they'll support any religious doctrine that imposes rules and restrictions on other people (hence so many straight men that are incredibly doctrinaire about abortion and homosexuality).

  55. If they are the worst then why do you even visit their sub? Are you trying to purposefully upset yourself over the opinions of others?

  56. Shouldnt this Supreme Court woman be at home spitting out a family of 14, run ragged by dishes, clothes, food and cleaning? Perhaps a little backhand from the husband if she asked to take an hour break.

  57. They lied to get in, got in, and then did what they were planning to do all along. Infuriating yes, but not really an aged like milk thing.

  58. We knew they were lying their asses off. Hell, let's not forget that Kavanaugh said every sexual term he used was a drinking game. If only someone had printouts from Urban Dictionary ready to have him read in that event. When you're such a piece of shit that being an alcoholic is your cover story, maybe you shouldn't be appointed to the highest court in the nation. Just a thought.

  59. They said exactly what was needed to get a lifetime appointment, at which time nothing they said was of real consequence.

  60. They didn’t make it illegal, nor did they mandate what you could or could not do to your body. They simply said abortion was not a constitutionally protected action, therefore not the purview of the SCOTUS, and remanded that responsibility to the elected officials at the state level.

  61. I didnt hear a single one of the say that it was impervious to being overturned let alone promise to not overturn it. This is a reach at best.

  62. The fact that it’s been overturned doesn’t make them liars. They had no agenda. But when a case gets pushed all the way up to them, they have a duty to revisit it. Even RGB felt that Roe was not a correctly decided case, even though she believed abortion was a right. That doesn’t make it a constitutional right. When there is no support for a right in the constitution, it is up to the states to decide on the matter. Overturning Roe was the right decision from a legal, constitutional standpoint.

  63. These articles basically don't matter. Outside of making people clutch their pearls about politicians lying to get what they want, it doesn't tell us anything new. It's done and here's the story:

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