Alberta diabetes cases worsening as pandemic drags on, say clinics

  1. the stat that you get 40% increased chance of diabetes after a serious bout of Covid is insane, the health ramifications from this will last decades (and unlike Covid won’t be whined away with ‘personal freedom’ excuses)

  2. I was relatively healthy when I got H1N1 in 2010. It knocked me flat for three weeks, then I was weak as a kitten for three months after that. A couple months later, i was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 42, and I've been struggling to control it ever since. No medication has been able to get me to normal numbers in all that time.

  3. People who get a serious bout of COVID are more likely to be at risk for diabetes to begin with (morbidly obese, older, unhealthy).

  4. Yep, I took part in the “consultation” that the UCP said they were going to do after public pressure. What a joke that was.

  5. Poverty as a a really big impact on peoples lives. That influences in what they eat and substances they use. Ending poverty would result in a lot of benefits to society

  6. If it's T2 then it's the lockdowns. They encourage less physical activity and people have become noticeably fatter. Keeping gyms locked up longer than most businesses around Canada was nonsense. But old news.

  7. Poverty as a big impact on peoples health outcomes. Governments should ensure everyone has enough income to eat nutritious meals and ahve time to exercise. Of course none of them would do that, they don't care about most people.

  8. Yep. Covid is a vascular disease that increases coagulation problems. It can hit you anywhere. My daughter tipped me to the Diabetes thing more than a year ago. Just anecdotal I know, but she had 3 friends - young, slim, healthy, no family history - abruptly come down with diabetes after Covid.

  9. Diabetes is a real money maker for doctors. They earn a lot of warm weather vacations from the pharmaceutical companies. It's in their interest to say that everyone is diabetic.

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