How do I get a chip?

  1. Just an FYI, my home group only hands out yearly chips on the last Friday of the month for people celebrating anniversaries during that particular month. Some groups give them out whenever. Mine does it this way so that they can coordinate cakes and stuff and people make a special effort to go to that meeting.

  2. I understand not wanting to share, but I’m sure there’d be some uncomfortable newcomers who’d benefit greatly from even seeing someone take a 5 year chip. I just took a year last week and hopefully inspired some people to stick around, or at the very least, not take a drink that day. Congratulations! I hope you get your chip

  3. Yes! I really don't like taking my coin in front of everyone - it makes me nervous and self-conscious. But my AA friends and bf always remind me that it's more about the newcomers in the room that benefits from seeing people reach these milestones, and that helps me a lot. I DO remember being new and feeling amazed when I saw people getting chips for 6 months, 2 years, 10 years! It gave me the confidence I really needed back then.

  4. Personally, I say go to a meeting. You are free to socialize as much or as little as you want to. If called on to speak just say “I’m here to listen”. There’s no pressure. 5 years is a wonderful accomplishment. It deserves to be celebrated.

  5. An AA (Alano) club meeting is probably going to be your best bet. I suggest calling your local club and asking them how to proceed, as things vary from area to area and meeting to meeting. If you don't have any clubs nearby, call your nearest AA central office and ask them. 5 is huge - congratulations - almost!

  6. AA is all about growth and change to me. Try going to some in person meetings. Start slow. You don't have to speak to anyone, but it sure could be good for you. There are "birthday meetings" in some parts of the USA/various AA groups where everyone celebrating an anniversary that month can receive a coin. This may sound harsh, but if I had a sponsee who had 5 years sober and was still "dangerously antisocial"(pg 21 of the BB) I would really be on him/her to get to in person meetings and begin to break the old antisocial habits and overcome the anxiety. Just my $.02.

  7. go to an AA meeting, when they hand out the chips, get the year(s) chip when they offer it. if you want a medallion with the actual number on it you can find one on amazon

  8. Go to online meetings. It’s 24/7. You can sit back and just listen as well as share if you’de like. It’s been a life saver. Good luck 👍

  9. My better half buys them for me on Amazon. They are a little bit fancier than the ones I get at meetings. Congrats on 5 years

  10. Grats on 5 years, but… It’s pretty rude to show up just to receive a chip. Buy one on Amazon if you’re not close with a group. So many peeps come by during birthdays and never see them otherwise. We all roll our eyes and clap.

  11. Some meetings hand them out. And they can be all different different, plastic, aluminum, key chains. Sometimes sponsors will give their sponsee one.

  12. Do you have a sponsor? They can pick one up for you at the celebration meeting. But you (or a friend, family member, or loved one) can also order them online from Amazon, etc. I get my standard gold coins every year at my celebration meetings, buy my boyfriend and I also buy each other "pretty" and/or personalized coins every year on our anniversaries. (Congratulations on 5!)

  13. Central Office has a store.go online and order it. Sober Speak on I Heart radio is really great speakers.Im am sure John will send you one.

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