What happens June 3rd?

  1. Executive order concerning Chinese military companies, their stock to be banned from US market…. Therefore worthless as collateral.

  2. June 1 is earnings, June 2 is stock holder mtg. June 3 is Friday, the day that Chinese bonds cannot be used for collateral. **edit found some info

  3. Just to clarify the June 1 and 2 above is for GME. Also, the ex dividend date should come out one of these three days as well.

  4. You know what happens June 3rd? You’re gonna get so much Ass!!! I’m not talking Ass you get at your local shit hole Applebees on a Friday night im talking like late 90s boy band Ass..Ass just flying at ya from all Fkn directions on June 3rd..

  5. June 3rd is a potential catalyst. There's no guarantee because of course there isn't, but given these floraphiles (hedge fuckers, get it?) are basically balanced on the edge of a monofilament knife, and what's happening next week Friday is a pretty serious thing, it wouldn't surprise me to see margins called and hedge funds fold.

  6. June 3rd = The end of Brandon's 365-day suspension of a ban that Trump placed on CCP companies that were previously used as "easy liquidity" collateral by HFs. Without that collateral, they will have to cover shorted positions or find cash to maintain liquidity.

  7. What liquidity? Haven’t you heard, MSM stated this week, they have no liquidity cause we won’t sell.

  8. So it's official! Amber Heard will cause the squeeze tomorrow at 200pm and the price will go to exactly $420.69. I am 100% certain!

  9. Chinese bonds can’t be used as assets anymore…the noose tightens…also GMEs earnings/split announcement is on the 1st AH and 2nd respectively

  10. June 3, something big ! Ab order that was signed by Donald Trump and delayed by Biden is finally coming into play it basically taken all the hedge funds collateral away from them that's tied up into anything foreign and we all know now that they're collateral and foreign bonds especially Russia and China are f****** huge as of June 3rd they are taking all that away from them they can no longer use that as collateral

  11. It’s a Friday…. So, I go to work, then to the Y for a quick shpritz, pick up the kids from their activities, grab some dinner and sit down for a beer and some DDD or Lottery Dream House….

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