Does Citadel control the entire US market?

  1. Citadel is in a very unique position with all their facets giving them a huge amount of tentacles all over every aspect of the market.

  2. Most of it. Plus they run a giant fund that trades off everything they see, and secret hidden exchanges too. It's broke as fuck

  3. Did you know that oddly (and I'm sure it's unrelated 🙄) China has been quietly buying up millions of dollars worth of farmland and land in general across numerous states?

  4. Yes. This whole experience has showed me my fears are true. The government is not for the people but for the 1%. Whatever they have to do to keep the general public a complicit slave. They will do.

  5. Wholesalers control the flow of market traffic (order flow) so in a way, yes they control it. To give you an idea, just Citadel and Virtu control some absurd % of all market volume.

  6. Fighting to beat citadel is like fighting a war but only one side has access to intelligence and the other side is blindfolded.

  7. No Vanguard and Blackrock have their hands in everything. There's a good documentary, but I don't remember the name. If I do I will edit. Citadel is nothing comparatively.

  8. So I wanted to create this post on the premise that it is actually unclear for me personally. Without sharing my opinion as i wanted to give you guys the floor on this, I hear Citadel quite a bit and absolutely understand why they would be brought up. But I also hear names like Blackrock. Just check the chat and look at the different kinds of answers. Many of which include our fascist Kenny G, but you read various other propositions. Maybe that’s a hint that the answer to this isn’t so clear.

  9. Citadel probably does and would be considered puppets of the powers that be. It seems every single entity, organization, corporation, government body has been hijacked. The Fed, this current Government, the markets, msm, tech, and the list goes on have come out the shadows the last few decades and are blatantly clocking in over time in seek of destruction. Wild time to be alive. Were going to be so rich and I hope there are some brilliant courageous minds out there ready for battle when the resources are there.

  10. Yeah well if you played poker and the banker got to play and see all the cards each hand would you let him play for you? Lol DUHHH they cheat no wonder they make so much and have so many clients.

  11. Ill think the best in what you just said and reference you to the very comments on this post. If you actually read other’s input, you’ll see varying comments. Now please stop insulting me for asking a simple question and not even sharing my own opinion. Thanks

  12. Yes, they control the entire market and can move it at all but have chosen to lose billions in certain quarters. How stupid are you?

  13. That’s a bit much. I never shared an opinion dude. I’m just asking a question to a forum. I didn’t know it was wrong to ask questions

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