APE Was/Is a Disaster

  1. Look through this dickheads negative post history, cant decide on when he/she actually bought shares. What was it OP? Feb '20 or Jan '21? ... at least get a story and write it down or something if you'll have trouble with shillin'

  2. Because I've posted elsewhere telling people to cool it on calling out FUD and shills... I do want to say that posts like THIS are FUD. If they included some type of discussion perhaps i'd even entertain it, but this is purely designed to turn people off of AMC APE rather than discuss AMC APE, so I've got no problem with people calling this out.

  3. Idk but I'd like to see the share count from ape. You know the whole point of splitting it? It's kind of trading like a stock split

  4. This is the second post with one year club members from back in the day they were Shills looks like they reactivated their accounts to try to separate us again we know we're getting closer now thanks again for the verification.

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